Story of the Moon

by Moonlit Oasis




Cold, helpless,
Alone, scared.
There's no pony...

Silence, quiet,
No more sound.
Nothing moves,
Or stirs the ground.

Barren landscape,
Tainted air.
Tension rising,
Hard to bear.

Days go by,
Years follow.
Each one empty.
Each one hallow.

Inner turmoil,
Conflict from,
Sister harmed,
When vengeance come.

Time to ponder,
Time to think.
Sorrow rises,
Anger sinks.

Reflect, regret,
Self confess.
Finding faults.
Wanting less.

Shedding tears,
Seeking light.
Having none,
Endless Night.

Slowly waiting,
Mental strain.
Just enough...
To go insane.