• Published 13th Oct 2014
  • 386 Views, 6 Comments

Story of the Moon - Moonlit Oasis

A collection of poems telling about Luna's past life, present life, and time spent on the moon.

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Return of Harmony

Return of Harmony


Residing deep within the moon,
Lives the darkest mare.
Face imprinted as a rune,
Unseen as maiden fair.
Her prison she'll escape from soon,
And taint the peaceful air.

Though her pain was high and shrill,
The hope she'd not refuse,
Boldly lived inside her still,
Refusing to transfuse.
Pushing back her darker will,
Allowing her to choose.

The time she needed hadn't come,
Within the very start.
Her darker side had still owned some,
Inside her tainted heart.
Yet friendship grew around her from,
Light she'd once torn apart.

She held strong in her legacy,
Though banished to the dark.
And in the end she did break free,
When friendship hit its mark.
When elements of harmony,
Ignited with the spark.

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