• Published 13th Oct 2014
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Story of the Moon - Moonlit Oasis

A collection of poems telling about Luna's past life, present life, and time spent on the moon.

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Dreamwalking - Scootaloo

Dreamwalking - Scootaloo


Scootaloo, you try so hard,
And yet you cannot fly.
It's always been your dream to go,
Soaring through the sky.

You hold on to the hope,
That one day your wings will grow.
So you can rise above them all,
And stop watching from below.

You look a little down,
And I can understand.
Instead of soaring in the clouds,
You're living on the land.

Well I am here to tell you,
Don't wallow in despair.
To be a special pony,
You don't need to fly in air.

Ignore all the labels,
What counts is what's inside.
A super special something,
That nopony's denied.

You've got many other talents,
And so do all your friends.
Just practice what your good at,
And touch up the loose ends.

I know you've heard this,
But I'll tell you anyway.
A cutie marks within you,
What you love to do each day.

I fear your dream is ending,
But before I leave,
Please take my words to heart;
There's so much you can achieve.

Author's Note:

I'm going to do a few more poems like this, Luna helping other ponies w/ their problems via dreamwalking. They will all be labeled "Dreamwalking - (Insert pony name here)".
Also, i'm sure some of you looked at the title and immediately thought of the headless horsemen dream. Well, you may have noticed this is not that. I have something else planned for it...

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