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After his fifth year, Harry Potter tries to come to terms with what happened in the Department of Mysteries. He decided that he needs to do something with his life, other than wallow in grief and self-pity. And when one is in great need The Room of Requirement provides the best solution... Or so Harry thought at the beginning of his journey through Old Equestria, but maybe just once the wish fulfilled, will turn out to be a curse.

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Just caught sight of this and read it start to finish, couldn't have stopped if had needed to it was that engrossing, not so sure about where it's going but I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Just needed to say, Thanks for Writing!

Nice story you've got going here. Probably a new favorite. Continue.:pinkiehappy:

oh this is intersting...harry potter..as.....YES just...YES:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Are you transferring this from the one on (fanfic.net?) or is this your own take or a rewrite the only reason I ask is this premise is extremely similar to a fanfic I was reading on their a couple of days ago which had 11 chapters in it and the same premise and name?

This deserves far more views than it has. Its so amazingly well written and interesting!

Nice to see this is active again! I caught up on fanfiction a while back so ill be tracking this while you get it caught up so I can read the new stuff later on.


The cult, which has no legal standing and is not condoned by the princesses actively prevents the guard from carrying out their duties to arrest a known criminal, and they don't suffer any repercussions?

Sounds legit. [/sarcasm]

This is in my top 10 favorite stories, keep up the good work.

This story is the shiz, mooar.

didn't someone else on fanfiction.net have a story like this same story name and everything

6107840 That someone would be me. I'm just moving it here for now with new chapters "soon" to follow... yeah, "when it's ready" kind of soon.

Yeah so that happened... By the way, do not expect me to write full out clop scenes.

God Damnit!

That story by Harry Leferts (and it's sequel) has got me wanting to read harry potter crossovers! This one seems fairly promising, what with no glaring punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors in this first chapter! I hope this story turns out to be a good one!

"Somber Blackmane" is kinda terrible for a name. It doesn't flow; a mouthfull, you might say.

Please, Please, Please, PLEASE don't let this fanfic die, I love it and so do many other fans of this story do from what it looks like, at least put it up for adoption then if you don't want to continue the story.

Dude seems to have left the site, so there's no point reading an abandoned story.

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