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Zecora lives on her own in the Everfree forest, after finding an injured pegasus pony alone in the forest, she does the right thing and takes her to her home to heal. While initially hesitant to open up to her, the pegasus mare eventually begins to share her past with her. Revealing more than the zebra shaman bargained for.

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And we're going to see every bit of it from her warped perspective, aren't we? It's an odd way to work the G1 characters into the rest of the continuity but it'll be worth reading.

To live forever and see the places you call home wither away :fluttercry:

Good thing I know to expect a less than pleasant backstory for most of these characters; it makes as much sense that Zecora's past is on the unpleasant side almost as much as it does that Surprise wasn't always completely insane. She started out as a sort of winged version of Pinkie before Zephyr/Overdrive got hold of her.


Wanna bet that grief at watching everypony she'd ever met die and then some is what's making her insane?

Great, now my hate for Surprise is turning into Sympathy :pinkiecrazy:


I'm a real bastard that way, aren't I? :pinkiehappy:

Okay.....we're paralleling the life of a refugee who merely wants a better life for herself with the Start of Darkness of an assassin. Neither of the endings that play out in my head are all that pleasant....not that THAT'S a problem. Either Surprise claims another victim or having the voice in her head finally go away will make her yearn for death.

woah woah wooooooah

Also a good writer that way; she used to be an ordinary pony before some jerk with an agenda got his hooves on her. After that, she turned from nobody to nightmare.


Oh, I wouldn't be quite so sure about that. Zephyr/Overdrive/Order picked her for a reason. :pinkiecrazy:

.....You were right about this chapter being conflicting
I was freaking ROOTING for Surprise to stab Firefly :pinkiecrazy:

Watching the growing bond of friendship between Zecora and Cherries Jubilee doesn't as such warm my heart as it makes me assume that Surprise will be ordered to remove a certain obstacle to Overdrive's plans; granted, he longer exists as such to give her the order to kill Cherries Jubilee but since she's outside time, that doesn't mean very much at all.


That reason, I take it, is being crazier than a crack-house rat.

Ah....I'm beginning to see why it is that Zecora talks in rhyme; it's a holdover from transferring from Afrikaneigh (Afrikaans) to Equine (English). As for Maelstrom/Nightmare/Chaos, he sure took the eradication of the G1 ponies in stride; he's as nasty and childish as Zephyr/Overdrive/Order is.

Daaayum, the fact that Surprise was able to instantly go apeshit on her home town proves she felt isolated from them :fluttercry:

I am both sad :fluttercry::applecry: for Zecora and sort of in an odd way relieved that heartache and the loss of a good friend are the only bad things that have happened to her in Equestria; granted, she's in for a lot of shunning by panicky idiots blathering codswallop about evil enchantresses because she kept her pain bottled up and didn't want to risk making friends only to lose them again but at least she ain't a crazy pony in thrall to one of four children playing a repulsive game.

I'm all up for Surprise being an immortal killer


Up until the end of this chapter, of course; there's a reason aside from the loss of a friend that she's the sort of gruff figure that we met in Bridle Gossip and we're about to see what that unpleasant reason is.

Surprise story: So instead of actually trying to talk this over with her mom, Celestia jumps the gun and outright kills her? :facehoof:

Zecora story: :rainbowlaugh:

Great....super! Celestia/Sun doesn't do anything like reasoning with her mother, she just brainwashes Luna/Moon into killing her. :flutterrage:

As for Zecora, I can relate to her and Octavia finding a drunk not so funny; were Vinyl sober, their mood would be more sunny. :pinkiehappy:

Finally up to date. ...and Scratch is going to have some explaining to do once she gets home amd Zecora recognizes her. :derpyderp2:

Oh! Here's a good one! What if Octavia hasn't cut ties with Scratch in this timeline, and thinks her charge is dead? Can you imagin a sober and blind Vinal Scratch crashing her own funeral? "Reports of my death have been greatly exagurated! Reports of the death of DJ Pon3, however..." :trollestia:

And also on the subject of the new timeline, is Dream Valley still around? Do Pinkie and Suprise share a common ancester? Does Equestria have nucler power plants, or did they change over to... Heh... Solar Power? :trollestia:


Well, I will answer one thing, Pinkie Pie and Surprise are in no way related whatsoever. It's impossible, because the three mane races (see what I did there?) cannot interbreed with each other, because they're three different species. If unicorns and pegasi could interbreed for example, we'd see a lot more alicorns running around. Alicorns are impossible creatures, unnatural forms taken by those in authority to establish that they have authority.

My view on this isn't exactly the most popular one, but it is the one that scientifically makes the most sense.

Well duh, Miss Riversong. I was speculating. Starting up a conversation with the other readers, as it were. And it looks like said speculation could go eather way right now. I'm really, REALLY rooting for the Samual Clemins (sp?) (Mark Twain) reunion between Octavia and Scratch. Touching, yet bittersweet. Especially if Octavia was still in love with Scratch, while Scratch is now in an exclusive relationship with a working mother. :pinkiesad2:

...also, I REALLY hope Derpy and Ditty aren't around when Zecora DOES kick Scratch in the face. Becouse I realy, REALLY want to see Zecora kick Scratch in the face. Does that make me a bad person? :scootangel:

And once again, I have nothing to add on the Suprise side of this. Maybe next update. :trixieshiftright:

I ment the "Riversong" jab in jest, but upon rereading it, I seem to come off annoyed. Please take it with a grain of salt. :twilightblush:


Vinyl Scratch and Zecora will be meeting again, and there will be kicking. :pinkiehappy:

I prefer to think of them as different breeds rather than different species, personally, but that is in relation with the show. Your story, your rules. Also, since Faust said the Princesses hold traits from all three breeds of Pony, my personal head canon makes a distinction between Alicorns and Winged Unicorns. One needs all three to use the term. I also like to think that Fluttershy has Earth Pony ancestery as well, if only as a nod to G1, and an explnation for her weak flying and choice of profetion. :yay:

That rule also comes into play when talking about a postal worker of the Pegasus race and her Unicorn foster child. That being said, I'm a lot more worried about what Zephyr was going to do to Aithir that put the fear of Faust in him than I am about who's related to whom.

So now that we're up to speed on why Zecora calls the Everfree Forest home and where Monty and Trixie's ancestors figure into things, it's almost time to wrap things up.

Ah....interesting to see Emerald's death from her murderer's perspective. Also frightening.

So that's how she came to Everfree :rainbowderp:



.....or was it "The Long Road Home" :rainbowhuh:


It was the Long Road Home.

Everfree Plains Ballistic Research and Development Facility, is technically the true name of EPMB, the protectcolts weren't inaccurate when they said that. EPMB stands for the Everfree Plains Ballistic Research and Development Facility.

EPMB was formerly known as the Everfree Plains Missile Base, but had it's name changed, but when the name changed, they stuck to the EPMB acronym because that's what everyone knew.

It's like how CERN is Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire. Originally named Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, but when the name changed, the acronym stuck.

So I see that this story had updated and thought "oh cool, mabe I'll look at an ending chapter to see if they endings good!" I then read the stuff above....I'll be clicking the back button, ok?


You hopped right into the middle of a series mate, not my problem your not understanding. Because I'm going to say it now, I don't write for the random passerby. I write for Apocalypse Pony, DreadedCandiru2, DoctorWhooves, Starcat5, Colour Coded Chaos, Oblivion2K, ect. I write for those who've been reading from the beginning, or at least heeded the chronology notes.

As Surprise heads off to find the chain knife that may or may not have survived the wibble-wobble bomb, we lead into the next installment of our story. Given what we saw in the epilogue of the previous series, it seems to me that we're going to see some of Derpy's backstory.

Cool, I was mentioned by an author! And yes, I've been reading from the beginning, as much as I hated reading through the whole "end of the world" section, I've stuck with it.

Glad we're finally back to present time, even though the flashback was necessary to explain some details, I'm glad to see us making some progress again.

Kinda disappointed that Surprise left. I was hoping that perhaps she would open up to zecora and start explaining some things about herself, and maybe, just maybe, get some semblance of her sanity back. Of course, that would be some very obvious fan-service. It had to be written like it's written now. You're doing great Wheller, can't wait to see the next series.


That was originally how I was going to do it, but then I realised that it couldn't work that way. Surprise is a murderer, if she were to talk to Zecora about it, she'd have to take action against her.

So you're right, it had to go this way.

I was hoping Surprise would let her guard down and confide in Zecora, but lets be real, that's not happening :pinkiecrazy:


As it stands now, Zecora thinks of Surprise as that Pegasus pony she found in the woods who wouldn't talk and left before she could get her to open up....this is a good thing because the only thing Surprise would WANT to open up is Zecora's thoracic cavity.

Wahoo! A shot out from the author her(?)self! :twilightblush: *Twilight Prance*

Sorry, man. It's your choice of Avatar that's throwing me. I understand WHY you chose it, of course, but it still throws me. :pinkiesad2:


It's my little pony mate. All the characters are female.

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