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Scoot's brother is found by the wondering CMC. What her brother is may shock them...

First chapter: Intro

Second chapter: How this came to be.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 29 )

well this is intresting and let me guess jeff the killer

Needs work on length and details, but otherwise, more please!

3264403 hmmm interestin' this will be on my read later list...among 103 other storys..fack.


they will have one heck of a time introducing him to every-pony... 0_0 what the what?

But cliffhangers are good for some stories :applecry: This is one of those stories :fluttershysad:

Nice story, I will keep an eye on it

Jeff the Killer...wow. I like this story! Continue!

I say they should call the royal guard. They just heard a confession to a murder.:twilightoops:

More please I love it so much:heart::heart::heart:

Well, I can say this is the best story I've read about Scootaloo. :scootangel:

I'm in LOVE with this story! :raritystarry: (Mainly because i'm a fan of the jeff the killer universe and the MLP universe :scootangel:)

I consider myself a mostly impartial judge, however I am currently sleep deprived. This story lacks a few major things, such as basic grammar checks and proof reading. The story flow also has much to be desired for.

The biggest culprit is the complete lack of logic while missing a random tag. It does not matter what scenario it is, no one willingly runs of with someone who murders their parents. It doesn't matter if they beat her to within an inch of her life, she still wouldn't have gone with them. There's also the issue of him murdering an entire street of ponies, pulling a scouter out of his *** and the cmc being completely fine with it.

All in all, with these faults, I cannot up vote this story, but at least I still have the decency to tell you why I've down voted.

Question, how is Jeff there because in Equistria the humans never existed, HOW DID HE GET THERE?!


Light or night? Tis the brothers eternal plight. As the brothers of them bothe i feal the need to help without cost.

(*good or bad? Its the battle of my brohers mind. As the eldes i must help with rent and other costs.)
anyway i hope jeffie will not go too to phyco when he meets dumbbell and his group.

The only flaw besides it being short is that there are a LOT of grammar issues in both chapters.
But other than that, not too bad!

For some odd reason, I kind of like the idea of Jeff being her big brother... I'm such a weird girl right now for liking that idea :derpyderp1:

Other then grammer, length, and the lack of "Random" tag I love this!
The thought of Jeff, a remorseless psychotic killer, showing sympathy for an abused filly is just... wow!
I mean I totally can't imagine it actually happening, yet at the same time... I can't help but enjoy it.
Similar to my story "Redemption of a Monster" but not... I don't think so anyway?
Did Jeff give up killing when he, more or less, adopted Scootaloo? Personally I don't think so but whatever eh?
I really do hope you either expand more on this or make a full-fledged story based on it!

4641453 Because why the the hell not... He's Jeff the killer!!! He can do anything like surviving and fighting slender man

3558728 Aww well your no fun at all! :pinkiesad2:


i'm not even gonna ask how these two are related

5355066 we shall revive the creepy pasta Fandom with the pony fandom. Light meets dark, innocence meets death. I love it:pinkiecrazy:

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