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This is the story of Steve, a simple miner, who was stranded in Equestria with nothing but his pick.

This is the story of Skye, an enchantress who was stranded in Equestria with nothing but a silver dagger.

This is the story of Josh, a creative, abstract and sometimes erotic builder who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but blocks.

This is the story of Jake, a demigod who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but useless powers.

This is the story of Herobrine, who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but regret.

This is the story of five ponies who rise up against a beings that threaten the balance.

This is the story... of Minecraft.

Okay, so there is now a rule (there has been for a while) against posting multiple chapters as different stories. So, I will continue this one, and change the tags as needed.

Also here. I spent a while on it.
I got this idea off of a cool Minecraft server - Brohoof.com.

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Nice idea.


3005764 I really dont know what that means

That is funny but so... Mmmmmmh, like :applejackconfused: sad??? :fluttershyouch: because your story is awesome :rainbowdetermined2: and crystalheart2000 dont appreciate it

Wait... So the Minecraftians replace the mane 6 (not including Twilight), yet Pinkie is still here?
We have the new and old mane 6 here I would assume?
Also, great work, can't wait for the next update!

3019215 it's going to be like the Lunaverse, where the old characters are still here, they're just not the main characters.

I've been wanting to read your work for a while, and I just found this story. Also, Did you change your name recently?:rainbowhuh::derpyderp2:

3438857 yeah, only for Halloween though. I still need to change it back.

3701576 Skye. I hate SDM and all his anti-squid and budder.

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"Welcome home, nephew."

Twilight was stunned. I turn to her. "Nice tiara."

Twilight just faints.

Why did it stop there? it was hilarious! :heart:

Hay bales... The most foul, useless block in existence. Melons shall defeat the Hay Bales. (I do this alot, don't mind me)

4142209 This was set the version before the horse update was officially released. Therefore, there are no hay bales.

Goddamnit, this is old.


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