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I hate real bugs but apparently I seem to love fictional ones.


This is the story of Steve, a simple miner, who was stranded in Equestria with nothing but his pick.

This is the story of Skye, an enchantress who was stranded in Equestria with nothing but a silver dagger.

This is the story of Josh, a creative, abstract and sometimes erotic builder who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but blocks.

This is the story of Jake, a demigod who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but useless powers.

This is the story of Herobrine, who is stranded in Equestria with nothing but regret.

This is the story of five ponies who rise up against a beings that threaten the balance.

This is the story... of Minecraft.

Okay, so there is now a rule (there has been for a while) against posting multiple chapters as different stories. So, I will continue this one, and change the tags as needed.

Also here. I spent a while on it.
I got this idea off of a cool Minecraft server - Brohoof.com.

Chapters (2)

Pinkie Pie, having got her hooves on some ununpentium, spreads it around Ponyville, forcing everypony to laugh. And she went totally insane while doing it.

Main story for the Pinkieverse.

The Narrator's voice is in SILVER
Pinkie's 4th Wall Voice is in PINK

The OTHER tag means everypony in Ponyville.

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"If you are so eager to re-enter the physical world, Richtofen. I will grant you that wish!"

Richtofen was torn from the MPD by Maxis, and put back in a physical body. Thats not as bad as death, right? Unfortunately for Richtofen, Maxis has a cruel sense of humor. Richtofen is now stuck in an equine body known as a pony, and if thats not bad enough, these other ponies know nothing of death and violence! And they want to be friends with him! These ponies seem friendly though, maybe he can manipulate them into getting a few artifacts...

(Note: Full Maxis conversation can be found here. No, you can't play zombies with me.)

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"Fate can be very cruel."

Dawn is a unicorn that has been harrased and bullied her whole life, all because she dosen't have a cutie mark.

But, a young Pegasus named Wind Waker becomes friends with her and brings hope to her. But little does the red Pegasus know that Dawn has more feelings than he does with her

Dawn belongs to me, Wind belongs to Theater. Not bleh.

Cover Art by Sakura. Badly edited by me.

(Note: I know, this was on theatercritics account, but I reposted it to somewhere with alot less of a bad reputation. Also, it's hardly a collab anymore. And yes, gawk at my badly edited cover picture. I got a bit lazy...)

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