• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Mine Little Pony - Enderstorm

This is story about Steve, Jake, Josh, Skye, and Herobrine taken from their home and seperated across Equestria, a magical land full of ponies and circles.

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Friendship is Magic




I can hear some echoing feminine voice.

"The night shall last for-- OUCH!"

I feel like I just got shot out of a cannon.

I look up to see a giant black horse with a horn and wings glaring down at me with round turquoise eyes.

"Well, it looks like I'll be taking this one earth pony with the NERVE to attack me host-" She never got to finish her sentance. Jake went flying through the air and crashed into her, sending her stumbling backwards and nearly toppling her over.

"J-Jake?" I manage to croak out. Everythings really blurry.

I hear another 'SHOONK' sound and Josh lands between me and Jake.

I hear two more 'SHOONK' sounds and Skye and someone else crash on top of me. I can't see, and i just got the wind knocked out of me.

The big horse lady just looks more confused than anything right now.

I can feel myself floating, and then I go flying into the crowd.



"Is everyone alright?" I ask, slowly getting up. Everything is still blurry.

I can see a purple shape moving toward me.

"Is everypony alright here?" It asks.

I just decide to ignore that 'pony' bit.

"Yeah, but I can't see." I tell her, by the sound of it.

Suddenly I can see clearly and the first thing I see is a purple unicorn with a little dinosaur on her back.

And I can't resist laughing.

"J-Josh!" I struggle to say.

"Yeah?" Responds a blue horse.

I look around. Sure enough, I'm suurounded by horses.

"Ok, I know Notch said Horse Update, but this is ridiculous!"

"I think you should take a good, long look at yourself, Stevie." Says a white.. pegasus, I think it's called.

I look down, and two circular hooves greet me.

"B-but... WHAT THE F... f... f... buck?" For some reason I couldn't bring myself to say it.

"I know, I was annoyed too. And apparently it's eternal night here. My weather powers don't work." Says Jake, a green horse.

Suddenly the purple unicorn speaks up. "Also, we're ponies, not horses, thank you very much!" She gasped. "Oh no! I forgot! I have to stop Nightmare Moon!"

She starts to run off but I step on her tail. "Well, you helped us, so we should help you!"

"Besides, it's better when we work together!" Skye adds.

"Yeah, come on! Explain."

She stops, even though she can't go anywhere, and sighs.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's personal student. She sent me here to check up on preperations for the Summer Sun Celebration." She was interrupted when the dinosaur on her back spoke up.

"And, to make some friends, which I would say you've made at least four!"

Josh whispers to me. "Did that lizard just talk?"

Twilight started to speak again before getting cut off by Skye.

"Hey, where did Herobrine go?"

Me and Josh shudder.

"I think he ran off into that forest after that crazy black pony with the sky coming out of her head. Or something." Jake nonchalantly answers.

"T-that forest?" Twilight shakily asks, pointng out the window to the only forest in sight. I just had to facehoof.

"It's the only bloody one, isn't it?" Jake asks, slightly annoyed.

"That's the Everfree Forest!"

"And?" I ask.

Twilight looks at me as though I'm an idiot for not knowing the dangers.

"Can't be worse than the Nether." Josh says. I nod in response.

"Let's go look for him already!" Skye impatiently yells.


I bump into 3 little fillies. One of them says in a very high pitched voice. "Who are you?"

The yellow one speaks up next. "Ah've never seen you before."

"I'm an adventurer!" I boast. Jake scoffs.

The orange one speaks last. "Do you have any stories?"

I think for a moment. "As a matter of fact, I do."

I whip out my guitar I always keep with me and start to strum it.

"Gather round, kiddos. I'm going to tell you the story of Herobrine!"

I was walking through the country,
mining my own business
looking for some roses and some grass
When I saw a ghastly figure, with glowing white eyes
Oh boy, I ran so fast.

It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
I locked away my diamonds and I threw away the key
It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (it's Herobrine)
Hes notch's dead brother
and hes coming for me.

So I hid in my house
I was minding my own business
Hoping he would never find me
How wrong was I there when he appeared at my window?
Now I'm covered in pee...

It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (it's Herobrine)
Hes eyes are as white as diamonds
and his tee is like the sea
It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (it's Herobrine)
Hes notch's dead brother
and hes following me.

1.6 days later, I read the patch paper
to find there was no more herobrine
oh boy I was glad and not at all sad
to finally see him go.

It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (it's Herobrine)
I tell you that hes real
you gotta believe me!
It's Herobrine (It's Herobrine)
It's Herobrine (it's Herobrine)
Hes coming for me, its Herobrine... Ughhh...

All 3 of the fillies were looking at me with wide eyes. I was shaking with fear at the memory of Herobrine. So why did I just play that song?

The orange filly spoke first. "Coooool! Hey, where did you learn to play that with hooves?"

I froze up. How did I play that without hands?

Twilight mutters under her breath. "How honest, he didn't answer me when I asked him..."

"Hey, is it just me or did your arse just make it's own tattoo?" Josh observes. Come to think of it, my arse did sting for a moment.

"Oh, I didn't realise before! None of you have cutie marks!" Twilight was cut off by the orange filly.

"You don't need to rub it in..."

Twilight ignored her. "And you just got one! A guitar and a... thing..." Twilight seems ecstatic about it, so it must be good. Or at least, considered good.

"A guitar and a diamond pickaxe." Skye explains to Twilight, or rather deadpans. She dosen't say it in a flat tone, but it kind of is an obvious thing.


I hiss at the shadows.

"Where is that bitch?"

"I'm honestly suprised you were able to defeat everything I've sent at you. But I think you should go and panic with the rest of the town like a good little pony.




These new wings itch. And I don't have anythng sharp to scratch them with.

"YOU IN HERE CREEP?" Steve is still yelling out.

"Quiet! We don't want to attract any--"


"--monsters." Twilight finished.

"I'm ready for anything." I say, as I pull out the dagger that was concealed under my wing.

A manticore leaps out of the bushes. Yes, I know it's a manticore from that time Jake thought it would be funny if we played with Mo Creatures.

It looks at me. Oh no...

It tries to swipe me, and I dodge it but fail to notice it's other paw.

Josh leaps in front of me at the last second and the manticore swipes him instead of me. He goes flying into a tree with an audible crash. The manticore looks at Twilight and is about to pounce her when it glows white and turns into a pile of ash. Behind it is that tan unicorn with blinding white eyes.

"You're here!" I run over to hug him but a cloud of purple smoke knocks me back. The smoke keeps swirling around until it forms a pony.

"Nightmare Moon!" Twilight prepares to charge her when Steve steps on her tail.

"So this is the group of ponies who think they can stop me? Don't make me laugh!"

"We will get the Elements of Harmony and stop you, Nightmare Moon!" Twilight yells at her.

She levitated up five stones. Two of them had a picture on it.

"Oh, you mean these? You'll never get them!" And with that, she swirled around into the purple smoke and zipped past a river, tearing off a bit of some poor sea serpents moustache. Actually, that probably didn't happen.

Jake ran over to Josh's unconscious body and started spawning melons and cramming them down his throat while Twilight stared in awe and disgust. But mainly awe.

"I've never seen a pegasus use conjuration magic before!" Twilight observed.

She walked over to Herobrine and started in introduce herself. "My name is Twilight Sparkle. What's your name?" He just stared blankly in response.

"He can't talk." I told her.

The lizard-thing on her back suddenly woke up and screamed at the white-eyed stallion in front of him.

"W-what is that, T-Twilight?"

"A pony, Spike." Twilight deadpanned. "Anyway, I think I have a spell..."

While Twilight was deep in concentation I motioned for the lizard-thing to climb up on my back.

"So, what's your name?"


"And what are you?"

"I'm a dragon! Twilight hatched me a few years ago!" He boasted.

"You don't look like a dragon. You look more like a dinosaur."

"I am a dragon!" He snorted angrily, a small trickle of green fire escaping his mouth and landing harmfully on my coat. I just stare at him.

"Hello, cousin." Says a deep voice behind me. Strange, there were only four males here before. Two of them busy, One of them unconcsious, and the other...

I wheel around and cup my forehooves around the stallion behind me.

Steve runs out of a hole screaming. Three dogs chase after him.

"Wait, pony!" One says. Wait, what?

"Did that dog just talk?" Asks a now conscious Josh.

"STEVIE!" I try to get his attention.

One of the dogs turns our way.

"More ponies... You will dig gems for us! In the m-- OOOOooooOOOOOwwwwwWWWWW!"

That dog ended up with a dagger in it's knee.

"Let's run." I suggested. Not that it was a good idea, because more dogs came out of the bushes.

I could see what Jake was thinking.

"I'll give myself to you, if you let my friends go."

The dogs considered this for a moment. "Ok. Come with us, pony."

"Jake!" Steve handed Jake a wooden pick, just enough to dig out of the tunnel.

"Let's go." I say, and we head to the river. Twilight was reluctant, but we all knew what was going to happen.


"I sense gems this way."

I remember where the river is. All I need to do is tunnel to the water and sink these mutts.

I tap on the wall. Sure enough, it's about three metres thick. And, I can hear water.

"This way." I grab the pick out and start hitting the wall. After about five minutes of digging I can see a trickle of water.

I hold my breath and break that last bit of stone.

"WATER!! Stupid ponyyyy...."

I swim to the rapidly sinking surface as fast as I can.

"Hey, where did that river go?" Asks Twilight.

"In the mutt's cave." I say, startling Twillight.

"This is a pretty dark part of the forest."

Good work Steve. We totally couldn't see the bloody fog.

"Twillight, these trees look scary." Spike complains.

He's right, I guess. They're all gnarled up in the shape of faces.

"Hey, they look funny!" Skye started giggling.

"Yeah, you're right!" Steve starts lauging aswell.

"What are you..." A tree exploded. "...doing?" Twilight was stunned.

"Just laugh!" Said Skye in that silly voice.

I chuckled at Skye, and the tree behind me exploded.

"Well, that was... odd. To put it lightly."



"Do you hear that?" I ask my group.

There's something green...

"BUCK! C-CREEPER!" Steve yells and tries to run away before Twilight stepping on his tail.

I decide to step up. "What do you want, child?"

"He he. Come with me!" It says.

It turns and walks away and I consider It for a moment. "No."

It freezes and turns back to me. "What did you just say?" It says angrily.

Skye throws her dagger in the creeper's mouth.

It swirls around into a purple mist, then takes off into the window of the castle we arrived at.

"I could hunker in this bunker." Steve comments, probably on how nicely crumbled it looks.

Twilight wheels around. "Excuse me?" She glares at him.

Skye spoke up. "He'll only hunker in the finest of bunkers. In other words, he think's it's a nice place.

"Well, well, well. It looks like you six actually made it. Too bad you'll never get the Elements of Harmony!" Nightmare Moon grabs the five stones and is about to smash them when I dash forward and smash into her.

"Catch!" I call over my shoulder, tossing the stones to Twilight.

"You FOAL!" She fired a laser beam at the stones, shattering them at Twilight's feet.

Twilight didn't even flinch.


"You thought you destroyed the Elements of Harmony. But the real ones are right here!"

Steve who proved how honest he was when he admitted his life fear in front of three fillies. Some shards surrounded him. "What the buck?"

Josh proved how kind he was when he threw himself in front of Skye to protect her from a manticore. Some shards surrounded him. "Cool!"

Jake proved how generous he was when he gave himself up to the Diamond Dogs. Some shards surrounded him. "So that's what those mutts were called!"

Skye proved how important laughter is when facing danger. Some shards surrounded her. "Why don't I get a cool speech?"

And Herobrine proved how loyal he is when some.. green.. thing.. wanted to seperate him from us. Some shards surrounded him. He simply grunted as he was lifted into the air.

"And the sixth Element. MAGIC!" And with that, a rainbow shot up, twirled around, and launched itself into NIghtmare Moon.



"Nghh... W-what happened?" I ask nobody in particular.

"You saved my sister, Steve." Said a smooth voice to my right. When the shellshock was over, I turned to see a tall white pony with wings and a horn.

Twilight gasps and bows. "Princess Celestia!"

"Princess Celestia?" I ask skeptically. I remember Notch mentioning that before.

She chuckles. "Yes, Steve. That is indeed my name."

There's one thing I need to ask her. "How do you know my name?"

"I believe you know my sons Notch and Herobrine."

"S-sons? But that would make you my... You're my Aunt..."

"Welcome home, nephew."

Twilight was stunned. I turn to her. "Nice tiara."

Twilight just faints.

"S-sister?" A weak voice asks.

"Lu-lu. Are you ok?"

"I'm so sorry, sister." The blue pony cried into Celestia's shoulder.

"Skye! Guess what?" I ask my sister, who is just waking up.

"What?" She asks.

"We're royalty." I say as nonchalantly as possible, which is quite difficult.

She just squeals in delight.


"Citisens of Ponyville! It is with great pleasure that I announce my sister, son, niece and nephew returning home to Equestria."

Everypony cheered. Everypony except Twilight. Celestia leaned over. "What's wrong, my faithful student?"

"I made some new friends, and now I'll never see them again because they have to move back to Canterlot with you."

"My faithful student. Who ever said they would be returning to Canterlot with me? I want you to teach them all about Equestria, and I want you to send me weekly reports on what you have learned on the magic of friendship."

"Y-you mean it?"

"Of course, my faithful student. What good are friends if they aren't there with you?"

"Sooo, I don't get to move in to a big castle?" Asks Skye.

"I'm afraid not, the nobles would have my horn if I introduced too much new family at once."

A pink mare suddenly popped out of nowhere. "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!"

Author's Note:

Twilight and Herobrine are unicorns.
Steve and Josh are earth ponies.
Skye and Jake are pegasi.


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Nice idea.

3002507 glad you like it :ajbemused:

3005764 I really dont know what that means

That is funny but so... Mmmmmmh, like :applejackconfused: sad??? :fluttershyouch: because your story is awesome :rainbowdetermined2: and crystalheart2000 dont appreciate it

3011227 no. i'm just stupid :derpyderp1:

Wait... So the Minecraftians replace the mane 6 (not including Twilight), yet Pinkie is still here?
We have the new and old mane 6 here I would assume?
Also, great work, can't wait for the next update!

3019215 it's going to be like the Lunaverse, where the old characters are still here, they're just not the main characters.

I've been wanting to read your work for a while, and I just found this story. Also, Did you change your name recently?:rainbowhuh::derpyderp2:

3438857 yeah, only for Halloween though. I still need to change it back.

3701576 Skye. I hate SDM and all his anti-squid and budder.

Comment posted by the monkey ninja deleted Jan 27th, 2015
Comment posted by Enderstorm deleted Jan 27th, 2015

"Welcome home, nephew."

Twilight was stunned. I turn to her. "Nice tiara."

Twilight just faints.

Why did it stop there? it was hilarious! :heart:

4142209 This was set the version before the horse update was officially released. Therefore, there are no hay bales.

"The night shall last for -- OUCH!"

Critical hit!

Goddamnit, this is old.


I want more MORE!

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