• Published 6th Aug 2013
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Mine Little Pony - Enderstorm

This is story about Steve, Jake, Josh, Skye, and Herobrine taken from their home and seperated across Equestria, a magical land full of ponies and circles.

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Rain. Just rain. Never stops.

"Ok, I'm toggling downfall!" Jake announces.

Or, maybe it does. Rarely. Except on special occasions.

And today is a special day, after all! Notch selected our town, the humble village of Thundervale, resting on Storm Hill, to be the place he announces the new update. People will flock all the way from Blockholm to see. That's why we have to make sure that this place is perfect.

Now, he might be my cousin, but that dosen't change the fact he's practically a god! Besides, he can't select a town because his family lives there. It has to be unbiased.

"Steve!" Jake calls out. "I can't keep turning the rain off forever! Build a roof over the stage!"

"Hey, I'm not the builder! Anyway, couldn't you just use a repeater clock with a command block?" I ask.

"Nah, the repeater clock lags bad enough with the two of us around. Add that to the thousands showing up for the reveal..."

"Yeah, yeah. Go grab Josh then. I'll get us some cobble and quartz."

Josh materialises in front of me.

"You called?"

"Yeah, we need a roof over the stage. Unless someone just flies up and WorldEdits some glass in, which would be easier." I say, glaring at Jake, who just shrugs.

Skye, my sister and the town enchantress, descended behind us.

"What's going on boys?" She tries to ask but is unheard from all 3 of us arguing.

"Fine... I'll-" I start to say, turning around and bumping into Skye. "Oh, sorry Skye. Didn't see you there."

"You don't say.... Anyway, I've got your enchanted pickaxes. Went through alot of books to get just Efficiency." Skye hands us the picks and we head down into the town mine.


Sometimes I wish those two wouldn't have such high expectactions of me. Just because I'm the admin of this town dosen't mean I'm a bloody god. My little brother Josh and his 'BFF' Steve just drive me insane sometimes.

"Bloody Notch, how deep did you make this mine, Steve?" I ask, astonished at how fast he is at mining. We only started this mine two bloody days ago.

"Well, it might have been alot shallower but you insisted putting this town on the tallest mountain you could see." Steve deadpans. "Plus, I love mining!"

"Well, I wanted room to expand underground! Oh look, w-we're here!"

Steve takes us round a corner to another set of stairs.

"Oh for crying out--"

Steve sticks a fist in my mouth. "Careful. Endermen thought they'd go right ahead and make the rocks real loose. Don't want to suffocate, do you?"

I spit his fist out and kept walking. I hear a rattle and see an arrow come out of nowhere and hit Skye.

"Dammit, does anyone have a Night Vision potion?" Josh asks.

"No. And I may have forgotton to mention there's a skeleton dungeon up ahead." Steve helpfully explains.

"Well ain't that just bloody brilliant!" I exclaim.

"I know!" Yells Skye. The roof starts to rumble. "Just cave in the dungeon."

"When did you get so smart, sis?" Steve asks.

Josh just starts yelling incoherently. I feel a quick sting.


I look up. There's little red drops dripping from the ceiling.

"Guys! Stop yelling! There's lava above--"


At the last second Skye whips out a bucket of water and splashes it everywhere.


"Ok, so now we're trapped underground. With lava above us. Jake, can you TP us out?" I ask?

Jake screws his eyes shut for a minute.

"Forgot to set a waypoint."


Josh and Skye facepalm. I bang my head upon a nearby block. I can almost see it glow.

Wait a minute...

Glow? I punch the block again. Sure enough, it glows a soft yellow colour.

I whip out my pickaxe and start hitting the block.

When it breaks, everything goes all swirly, like I'm in a Nether Portal.

The next thing I know we're all back up on the surface outside the stage in Thundervale.

"Hey," Says Jake. "I think Notch is getting here soon."

I'm still a little disoriented, but manage to reply anyway. "Well, s-shouldn't we set up?"

I can hear note blocks in the distance.

"I think he's here. Or coming, at least." Jake remarks.

"Oh, ya think?"

"Shut up, Stevie." Skye slaps me.

As she does so I flash red, and proceed to explode into cobblestone.


So... I just killed my brother.

You're probably thinking I should be sad or guilty or something.

But really?

I don't really care. He'll be back soon.

Steve wants to teleport to you.

Told you.

Steve appears in front of me.

"Forgot to mention I had half a heart." He says.

"Hey, shouldn't we go to the stage?" Josh asks.

Jake is staring into space before I hear a 'POOMF' sound and we reappear on the stage.

"Nice!" I congratulate him. "New command?"

Jake nods.

"Stand back, Notch is nearly here." He pauses for a minute. "Make sure 'he' can't escape."

'He' meaning Herobrine, Steve's and my cousin, as well as Notch's brother. I have him sealed up in a bedrock room with some Iron Golems guarding him.

I nod and run off to my shop, which has the Teleport Pad to the room.

I grab my silver dagger I named 'Athame' and head onto the pad.

My screen goes brown and then i'm in the chamber.

I don't really like keeping my own cousin locked away down here.

I wouldn't have to, if it wasn't for that enderman. One swipe, and he started bleeding. At first it was normal, red particles. Over time it started turning into a thick purple liquid. His eyes lost all colour. He looked terrified, and then he started attacking me.

I know he couldn't help it, and I'm still trying to get him to talk to me. I have faith in him, but the others don't.

After he started haunting Steve, he kind of lost trust.

He nearly killed Josh.

Jake just hates him for the sake of hating him.

"Hi, there... cuz."

He just stares blankly in response.

"How would you feel about seeing your brother?"

I got a slow nod in response. This is good!

"Ok, just follow me."


I hope my sis isn't showing sympathy for that creep again.

I guess I do kinda feel bad. He's my cousin, after all. And he never hurt me directly.

"Hey, cousin!" I say as I walk up to Notch.

He waves at me. Jake grabs me by the shoulder and points in the direction of Skye's enchanting shop.

"We've got a problem." He says, pointing to Herobrine.

Josh pushes his way through the croud.

"Josh! Go stall them!"

Gee, that's the first time I've ever heard Jake use any authority in his voice.

I walk over to the billboard control panel and press the button.

Minecraft 1.6.1
The Horse Update
+Added Horses
+Added Donkeys and Mules
+Added Horse Armour
+Added Leads
+Added Carpets
+Added Hardened Clay and Stained Clay
+Added Block of Coal
+Added Name Tags
+Added Hay Bales
*Texture Packs are now 'resource packs' that can hold sound
*Food Meter is drained when healed by full food meter
*You can't destroy blocks with a sword in Creative Mode

The crowd starts cheering. I see Herobrine charge at Notch, then I felt as though I had died on hardcore.


My brother only uses a firm, loud voice when there is a problem. And this is a problem.

"Hey, Skye!" I call out.

She looks at me with a suprised look on her face. "Oh, uhhh... H-hey Josh!"

Herobrine just looks at me with a blank expression.

I flinch as though he was going to try to rip my heart out again. This was a bad move on my part, because now he could see Notch. He ran past me and toward Notch.

"C'mon! Let's catch him!" I say, getting up and bolting after him.

Skye grabs her dagger out and charges after him aswell.

All of a sudden there was a white explosion and I couldn't feel anything.

Author's Note:

Steve is the town miner. Friends with Josh. Brother to Skye. Normally very forgetfull.
Josh is the town builder. Friends with Steve. Brother to Jake. Has a crush on Skye.
Skye is the town enchantress. Sister to Steve.
Jake is the town admin. Brother to Josh.
Herobrine is the town creep. Read the story about him.

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