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"Fate can be very cruel."

Dawn is a unicorn that has been harrased and bullied her whole life, all because she dosen't have a cutie mark.

But, a young Pegasus named Wind Waker becomes friends with her and brings hope to her. But little does the red Pegasus know that Dawn has more feelings than he does with her

Dawn belongs to me, Wind belongs to Theater. Not bleh.

Cover Art by Sakura. Badly edited by me.

(Note: I know, this was on theatercritics account, but I reposted it to somewhere with alot less of a bad reputation. Also, it's hardly a collab anymore. And yes, gawk at my badly edited cover picture. I got a bit lazy...)

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Yep, Theater asked me to write the clop for him, though I turned him down -- or rather, ignored him.

Very nice. Although, even if you could write clop, you shouldn't put it here. Relationships don't usually work that fast.

2836703 well, tell that to theater. he wanted it there, but i said no. its my story now anyway

2836710I didn't mean no insult by it. I think its a great story so far.

You killed me... deep inside...

2938286 now now, take your time. if you have that many incomplete stories, I understand that you need to finish them. :twilightsmile:

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