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Pinkie Pie, having got her hooves on some ununpentium, spreads it around Ponyville, forcing everypony to laugh. And she went totally insane while doing it.

Main story for the Pinkieverse.

The Narrator's voice is in SILVER
Pinkie's 4th Wall Voice is in PINK

The OTHER tag means everypony in Ponyville.

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Okay. When I read the title, I expected zombies. Maybe it was because I play too much CoD.
I read this anyways, and was not disappointed. Also, maybe ununpentium might do this to people in real life, that'd be kinda funny.

That picture of Pinkie you slipped in chilled my innards!

Loved the Narrator's friendship with Pinkie :pinkiehappy::heart:

Anypony else wanna cupcake...:pinkiecrazy:

not my cup of tea. sorry

2922161 meh. everyone has their tastes.

Wat r u doin'?
The Fourth Wall...
It's not... You don't...




I expected Richtofen and zombies. :rainbowkiss:

2932605 i have another story for that



Yeah, I noticed that.

How did you make the element necklace?

What did I just read? :twilightoops:

...I don't know, but i'm liking it! :yay:

2962104 you read my story. and you liked it.

i have to say this story got me laughing :rainbowwild: never really read pinkie pie stories that often but i like the way this was plotted, as far as one shot fics go this is not bad at all. :pinkiehappy:

Can I write a story,where my OC, who travels dimensions with Vinyl, ends up in the Pinkieverse?

3177388 sure. just make sure pinkie is fucking insane. :pinkiecrazy:

Don't worry. By the time Vi and Shadowsarrive, Pinkie's trying to spread the rocks through the entire world and Luna has gone into hiding.
Plus, this'll be a version of Pinkamena Shadows has never met. He's used to edgy, killer-type Pinkamenas.

Wha da fak did I just read?:rainbowhuh::facehoof:

5020365 You know I can't read your mail, right?

5109891 Dem magic ROCKS!

5110226 Aww Yeaa! #SMILEROCKS

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