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Ethanol, Elements, and Estrogen - KiltedKey

What happens when you Seth Rogen the Mane Six, give them alcohol, weed, make them randy, and love struck? Have Rainbow wanting a lover, Twilight to lose her virginity, Rarity plan the personal lives of everyone, and nearly no moral compass? This.

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Chapter Twenty: Fluttering Sparkling Apple Pies

Author's Note:

Part one of the redone finale. Confused? If you are a new reader, keep on reading the story. If you are an old reader, skip to the end of the final chapter for what's up. Or just keep on reading for more reasons why I'm an awful person.


Applejack and Pinkie Pie were used to this incredibly normal event, and Invictus had again returned to a high end pub once the Monday morning had begun anew. Applejack prided herself on her instinct to wake up during the early rising of the morning sun, and Pinkie herself wasn't far behind.

They had both decided to cut themselves a bit of slack for not being up early at all, and they weren't in a caring mood about either the sun or waking up in general.

Both of them had simply let their manes go; Applejack was content to let her wild wheat colored mane roll down her shoulders and back in a disheveled mess, and the gel in Pinkie’s hair had dried up and turned it into a catacomb of spires, bubbly blobs, and a mash of every hairstyle she had ever had. Neither of them were currently concerned about how they looked to the public.

A large pot of coffee brewed at the center of their table. They barely glanced at the growing flow of ponies seeking early morning pub food. Applejack was content to drink her third cup of coffee to counter the slowness of her mind, attempting to forget about the day before. She was thankful she didn’t drink too much alcohol that night, and that Earth pony biology granted an excellent boost to nearly all of her internal organs, including her kidneys.

She had smoked far more than she had in perhaps all of her past engagements combined. Perhaps ‘royal’ weed was not supposed to have side effects, but maybe in her dosage, it just did.

Normally she’d consider herself just a bit cranky after a long night of partying, beer, and a bit of cannabis. A mild hangover and blurry pot blues made her only slightly agitated. Currently she was a bit more inclined to give an annoying pony a good bit of country vulgarities instead of a discontent grunt.

But there was a massive problem that made her even more annoyed, and it made her far more along the lines of pissed.

“I can’t freakin’ believe I didn’t get any last night,” she growled. “My modesty was nice an’ all last night, but son of a bitch this mornin’ stinks more than a donkey with dysentery. I'm pent up, strung up, horny, hungover, tired, an' just... pissed!”

“Tell me about it,” Pinkie rumbled in fatigue, her muzzle resting on the table top. Mixing far too many different kinds of alcohol for her own good, and her own repressed sexual urges remaining unfulfilled, had made the famously bouncy mare a tired and potentially ticking firebomb of emotions. Her hangover was one of the worst that she had ever had in her entire life, and nopony, not even her, felt like dancing and bursting out into a musical number with the thrumming in her head and her eyes not enjoying being functional eyes.

“I mean... it just isn’t fair," Pinkie whimpered, peeking up at Applejack. She rested her muzzle on her arms, her eyes bloodshot. "Why do we have to be the ones who don’t need a lot of sleep? I want to sleep so I can stop the voices in my head and not have to think about my... crotch."

Applejack nodded her head. "Amen, sister."

"Celestia, I smoked too much last night.” Pinkie whined like a neglected dog, dragging her muzzle across the wooden table. "Way, way, way too much. And drank too much. Can't forget about that. Woo..."

“Yeah, I’m swearin’ off the dope and stickin’ to alcohol,” Applejack grumbled, gulping down her caffeine like water. She stared at her coffee as if it was solution to all of her woes. Currently, it was. “Though I’ll pass on that for several years too. Or... maybe a month. Or until Rainbow makes me want to break her wings and make her eat them.”

Pinkie’s eyes drifted upward to look at Applejack's. She blinked for several moments to digest the sentence that hung in the air. “That’s… that’s kinda mean. Like... seriously, you should never say that kinda mean. There’s you meanness, and then Rainbow meanness, and then Twilight-thinks-you-should-stop-talking meanness, and then not funny meanness. Kinda the last, Applejack.”

“I don’t give a buck right now,” Applejack groaned, rubbing her forehead. "I'm tired 'n-"

"Well you should," Pinkie snapped, slamming her forehoof onto the table. "It's not funny. At all."

Applejack's ears wilted. "I... ya know I'd never do it. I just… I just need my crop rotated, damn it, and Twi’ just… just had to teleport and knock herself out. She could've had me carry her, and we could've done somethin' light."

She snorted. "I... I can't believe I'm mad at her for not gettin' me off. I sound... stupid. I'm sorry, Pinkie."

"It's okay, Applejack." Pinkie sighed deeply. "Look at me. It's not like I'm not turning into you. Or Rainbow. Or Rarity. Or Twilight."

"What's... that supposed to mean?"

"Getting rid of my anger problems through yelling randomly instead of talking about them." She smiled softly. "I've never done it before, but maybe hungover and horny me does that."

Applejack exhaled sharply through her nose, letting the pressured air escape from her lungs. “I’m just... ticked. Ticked more than I can remember. Epona be thankful I just don’t got the energy to beat it out of the next pony who tries to say somethin’ stupid. I-”

Her posture slouched as she stared above Pinkie's head, curling her thick golden tail haphazardly around her side. Free of the tail wrap to keep it in check, it hung limply around her. “I… I think I now know what Twilight feels like when somethin’ retarded happens.” Her olive eyes opened wide in sudden clarity. “For her to have this much stress on her? I… I can’t think of a single word to describe how she puts up with it. A-a-all I can say, is that she is stronger than all of us combined. She… she needs me.”

“Equestria to Applejack." Pinkie waved her hoof in front of Applejack's muzzle, watching her eyes snap into focus to look into Pinkie's own. "You are having Post Pot Philosophical Ponderings, and I have absolutely no idea how you got to what you are talking about. Now simma down now, relax, and let’s… let’s not try to think too hard?"

"Erm... me sayin' somethin' stupid, then how I look like an idiot from sayin' it, and how Twilight has to deal with us bein' fools by sayin' stupid things. Makes sense to me."

Pinkie blinked, sitting up more rigidly as she eyed Applejack. She opened her mouth to comment, but words failed her as her brain caught up with the present.

For the first time in ages she had absolutely no idea what a pony had talked about when the thoughts connecting the subject were slightly disjointed. Such thoughts were her specialty, and for a pony - Applejack of all of them - to leave her speechless and confused was a monument to her hangover and post high fatigue.

Pinkie Pie leaned forward to pour herself a cup of coffee. It was her own turn to rub at her temples, closing her eyes to keep the throbbing in her head down at failing to be herself.

"Pinkie, are ya alright?" Appejack said.

"No," she said flatly. "And that's why I'm going to drink this coffee, because I'm ashamed of myself for my ADHD failing me."

Applejack raised an eyebrow at her. “I thought you don’t drink coffee? Rarity and I are really the only drinkers.”

“I started five seconds ago,” Pinkie grumbled, suckling on the drink in a physics and biologically normal manner. “It’ll keep me from passing out, maybe make me get my trunk bouncing again, and it could make me think less about my hangover, or wanting to suddenly start crying."

"That's coffee for most ponies, Pinks, so don't ya worry about drinkin' it for those reasons." Pinkie choked at the bitter flavor in her muzzle, Applejack chuckling to herself as she poured her fourth cup of coffee. "Don't ya die on me now. We might need each other in case we both need to cry together. You'll get used to the taste."

"Why would a pony ever drink this?" Pinkie gagged, pulling down another sip. "Why am I even drinking this?"

"Caffeine. Well... us Earth ponies don't really need much to get going, but I push myself harder than most. Ya get used to likin' the flavor, but if I have to pull a Twilight I'm gonna admit it's that chemical that keeps us hooked to it. Once you start drinkin' it as much as I do, ya really can't stop unless ya have a cravin' to go nuts on a pony for the next few days if you don't have it."

Pinkie stared at the coffee she brought to her lips. The drink that tasted awful and apparently had addicting qualities. The drinks only advantages being its moderately decent scent and its ability to make ponies focus at the task at hoof.

She took another sip of coffee, sealing her future fate as a coffee consuming pony.

"So what do ya think the chances of Rarity reservin' up to five rooms right next to each other are?" Applejack said. "I think she did it on purpose. I know she wanted Twi' 'n Rainbow to have a room together, and I guess she wanted some extras for the rest of us, but for them all to be connected like that? Strange if you ask me."

Pinkie shrugged. “Meh, she most likely thought Twilight and Rainbow would get a room together, and then the four of us would want our own.” She shivered at the bitter taste in her mouth, taking another gulp of coffee. "I'm glad we had extra rooms though, because... heh... it would have been very messy if Fluttershy and Twilight weren't goners and we had to share a room. Although when I think about it, I'm not sure if it would have been a good or bad kind of messy if that had happened. I'd say both."

“You can say that again," Applejack laughed. "If I didn't nose ya 'n Fluttershy out of the room it would've turned into that."

Pinkie swallowed, averting her gaze in an attempt to divert attention to the blush going across her muzzle. “W-w-w-ell... uhh... we ‘bumped’ into the wrong room from being so drunk last night. We didn't mean to do anything naughty. Sorta. Maybe?"

A snide smirk appeared over the corners of Applejack’s lips. “That’s because I shooed you two off before ya decided to fondle Twi' 'n I. I didn’t want anypony to bother Twilight since she was knocked out cold, even if she would've most likely loved it. I want her to remember her first time. And well… I’m not exactly keen on seein’ or hearin’ two of my friends gettin’ at it.”

Pinkie dragged her snout across the table once more, her forehooves scratching and half swimming over its surface. "And that didn't happen, otherwise I wouldn't be so grouchy right now. So Fluttershy and me got into some hooving and grooving when we got in our rooms-"

"-since you two were drunkin' enough to just keep on goin'-"

"-and it looked like it was totally going to happen. And then Fluttershy... passed out. Kind of like Twilight did.”

"Lightweights." Applejack leaned forward, ruffling a hoof through Pinkie's already messy mane. "It ain't their or our fault, but it sucks no matter how you look at it."

“And when I woke up in the middle of the night, Fluttershy was gone from my room and in yours, and you were with me.”

Pinkie's eyes looked upward to look at Applejack’s, fear trickling over the corners of her blue orbs. “What were you doing in my room leaning into me in the middle of the night? A-a-applejack? Y-y-you didn't-”

Reagan’s rectum I would never do that to anypony!”

Applejack fell off of her chair, collapsing onto the floor with a groan as her snout received a sudden shock of a hard object to the back of her muzzle. Having a hard knock to the back of the muzzle wasn't high on the pleasure scale, and being hungover only made the blinding light and dizziness that followed worse. "Buckin' damn it, my head!"

Leaping over the table and barely preventing herself from slamming snout first into the ground, Pinkie stood over Applejack, rubbing a hoof through Applejack's chest. "Applejack!? Are you okay? I-"

"Please don't yell," Applejack groaned, her eyes closed in an attempt to stop the white dancing stars doing a jig in her eyes. “I just didn’t want ya to wake up alone, so I just laid beside you is all, Pinkie."

"Oh," Pinkie said, her forehoof idly scratching into Applejack's coat. "If that's the case, then thanks, Applejack. I really enjoyed that!"

"And can ya move yer forehoof up to my head and rub there? I have a feelin' ya have a magic touch like Rarity has."

Pinkie Pie shrugged her shoulders, her hoof moving upward toward Applejack's forehead. Slowly she pressed down, twirling the tip of her hoof in a circular pattern. "Better?"

Applejack shivered as if cold water had been thrown in her face. "Goodness, girl, that feels unbelievable. Please don't stop. I'm begging ya ta not stop."

Pinkie's eyes looked around at the ponies glancing at her. They thought nothing of her massaging Applejack's forehead, or the small moan that escaped from her muzzle at the headache cleansing massage Pinkie was giving her.

She felt slightly uncomfortable with the way Applejack was squirming in delight, despite being requested to do it. She didn't want to visualize squirming of any sort.

It got worse.

"Mmm... I had to escape the noises that Rainbow and Rarity were makin’ last night.” Applejack rumbled softly.

“You’re going to tell me about it, even though I don’t want to hear it.” Pinkie whimpered like a dog pleading for food, her ears folding by her muzzle.

“Eeeeyup,” Applejack smiled, curling her forehooves toward her chest. “I can’t be the only one who knows that they hit notes I didn’t even know their vocal chords could make."

"Dash can do that," Pinkie grumbled.

"I’m glad it was twenty minutes before they passed out, cause if it was five minutes more I would’ve broken down the wall and forced their snouts between my thighs until they choked.”


It all made sense to Pinkie now.

She looked down at Applejack, her blue eyes faintly glowing at the parting sunlight that passed through her mind much like what Applejack had felt earlier.

Turning her snout to the side, Applejack flicked an ear at Pinkie. "Uhh... Pinks? I guess to some carnivore or fruitbat I look mighty tasty with all of my muscles-"

“Muscles,” Pinkie said flatly. “Applejack: Will you have sex with me?”

Applejack's eyes rapidly blinked at the question directed at her, her mind blank despite the caffeine that was going through her body.

“Okay,” Pinkie said, waving a forehoof dismissively, “I know we would make the worst couple-”

“You and Rarity.”

Pinkie fell over onto her side at the reply, letting out a deep laugh several octaves lower and far more powerful than any Applejack had ever heard coming from her mouth. Tears poured down Pinkie’s cheeks as she rolled around on the ground in incoherent bliss.

Applejack snorted as she sat on her hindquarters, prodding Pinkie as she rolled about. It only made the trundle of tittering squeals that poured from Pinkie's muzzle louder. "That is kinda silly thinkin' about it, isn't it?"

"Oh goodness, the thought of me and Rarity together." Pinkie wiped away the tears that dripped down her snout. "Okay, maybe Rainbow and her will work. I just... give me a moment. I needed that."

"Take your time." Applejack ruffled a hoof messily through Pinkie's mane. "Ya helped me, and the least I can do is help ya."

“So what I was trying to say before you almost killed me through laughing, is that since we're both needing our cookies stuffed and we didn't get any last night, we should totally do each other. And then try not to think about it afterwards." Pinkie shrugged. "I'm kinda hungover and not really thinking right now, but I don't think much anyways!”

“I’m up for it.”

“So feel free to ignore me if I sound silly or even stupid, but I just think it’ll make us relax and maybe make us feel normal-say what!?

Pinkie’s voice cracked so hoarsely she swore she cut her vocal chords. Thankfully, they healed very quickly.

Despite a part of Applejack's mind screaming at her for even considering the possibility of having sex with Pinkie Pie baring a life or death situation, and even more so in her currently unstable state of mind, she shrugged. She shrugged both to herself and her ethical code. It was an anal bastard sometimes, and vice city was looking right in front of her. In all it's puffy and fluffy glory.

“I've got four cups of coffee in me," she began, leaning on the table. "I got myself a bouncin’ pink pony who is offerin’ a long, hard, fun time. I got pent up juices that need to be squirted, and a complete lack of self control until who knows when. So why the hay not, before I decide to ride the nearest door knob. Rather fondle and ride a livin’ pony."

A rumble deeper and more lustful than she had ever done in her entire life escaped from Applejack's lips. And she didn’t care that she did it. Repressed for too long, her loins - the most honest of loins - knew when they couldn't hold back their flood gates. "And oh sweet mercy you’re the only pony I can think of that’ll keep up with me other than Rainbow.”

“Wait... you really mean it, don't you?" Pinkie asked. "I... wow. I don't know what to say to that."

Applejack slowly stroked the tip of Pinkie's muzzle, fluttering her eyelashes in a manner that Rarity would have fainted at seeing. “Just say yes, Pinkie, and you’ll see what I’ll do to you and your 'pie'. And do it before I have a breakdown, and my breakdowns usually involve me running away or beatin' a tree. And I can't do either at the moment, so I might as well beat... a... cake. Crap. Daddy's genes failed me there.”

Pinkie gasped scandalously, unable to hide the glowing blush going over her cheeks. “But Miss Fruit, we’re so different. But I must say yes-gah!”

Before her mind could register the impact, Pinkie was pressed against a wall, forced to stand on her hind legs as Applejack looked at her with the most sultry, dominant grin Pinkie had ever seen. In any other context she would have felt very, very uncomfortable.

She did feel uncomfortable. Applejack's rape face was one that she wasn't up for seeing again.

Pinkie squeed nervously, as if she was caught wearing a skirt to a metal concert, attempting to halt the wide grin that spread across Applejack's muzzle.

Applejack stared down at her prey, forcing the front of both of their coats together. Her grin wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Pinkie Pie wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

“H-i-i-i, Jackie.” Pinkie squeaked, her eyes looking away from Applejack's to study the wild waterfall of blond that rolled down her shoulders. "Beautiful mane you have."

Without her unanimous consent, her forehooves squeezed onto the thickly muscled flank cheeks of Applejack's. They screamed of a raw power and torque that made Pinkie both envious and scared of what they could do, and why she had suddenly decided to molest Applejack's withers. "You are hotter without the hat! Wait. I need to find-”

“Rainbow said yer're a switch that leans on a bottom. Which is fine by me.” Applejack nickered darkly at Pinkie, licking her ear as she dragged a forehoof through her fluffy back. “Cause I’m a natural top. Now why don’t ya go scoot that fine fanny of yours back into the room, and we’ll see how long you’ll last.”

“O-O-okay,” Pinkie whimpered. “Dear Pinkie Journal. Entry 246: You are really good at arousing ponies. Maybe you should not do that to powerful mages, athletes, and rodeo mares. Pick less threatening ponies.”

“I expect at least five rounds with ya." Applejack dragged a hoof across Pinkie's cheek, lifting up her muzzle to stare Pinkie down with her emerald eyes. “And you offered, girl. Not me. Unless... you were just kiddin’ around? If that's the case, I apologize, and you shouldn't flirt with a needy friend. I owe you more cider than you can-"

“Oh no I totally wasn’t kidding-no shut up me-”

Applejack’s hoof slid noticeably lower down Pinkie's stomach. “Eeeyup, I think you can’t back out of this now, little filly."

“Four rounds, and you let me curl up in your lap afterwards?” Pinkie gulped down a baseball sized wad of saliva down her throat.

Applejack, for the second time in her entire life, squeed. “Deal.”

What awoke Twilight from her deep sleep - that was also made worse by a thankfully small hangover - was something she never wanted to hear.


There were several things in life she never wanted to hear. The sounds softly thudding through the walls around her and into her ears were very high up on that list.

Extremely so.

She was relatively positive Applejack, Pinkie, Rainbow, and Rarity were having sex.

Very, very, very loud sex.

She made an addendum to her thoughts: She was one hundred percent positive from the sonic resonances that her four friends were having very, very, very loud sex.

"Damn it," she whined tiredly. "Couldn't you have done this in the middle of the night? It has to be morning by now."

At least she had a wonderfully warm and sweet pillow and half blanket around her.

Fluttershy was half curled up around her, resting her muzzle on Twilight's rump as Twilight laid lazily over Fluttershy's back. She had to admit to herself that she was stupidly comfortable with Fluttershy around her, and it was only that slight comfort that Fluttershy gave her that made the vibrations from the rooms around her slightly bearable.


Fluttershy hummed drunkenly at Twilight's words, her eyes slowly opening in case she needed to void her stomach from the sudden injection of light.

Whatever grogginess that was in Fluttershy's eyes melted as her ears perked up to listen to what Twilight wished she had never heard and could not purge from her mind, no matter how hard she tried.

Twilight was thankful she didn't have the better hearing of the Pegasi, for the shiver that went down Fluttershy's neck captured the essence of Twilight's hatred for the sounds tapping on the walls around her. She would have attempted suicide if she could hear the amplified noises that were ringing in Fluttershy's ear drums.


"Yes." Twilight's horn crackled to life, cursing the very existence of her soul as she channeled her magic to silence the sounds around her.

Twilight's proven mana reserves and abilities to shuffle through spell matrices were in the top one hundred of all non-divine creatures in Ungulia. All three hundred million of them. And she was climbing up that list every year. It didn't do anything to make her fatigued, horny, hungry, hungover, edgy, barely awake self cast the spell any more quickly than she would have liked.

She thought about that thought.

She was lying astronomically to herself.

Her abilities made casting a sound canceling spell vastly easier, and it would have made most spellcasters faint at the sheer thought of doing it in her current state.

Casting the spell only made her even more fatigued, horny, hungry, hungover, and inclined to shatter the clinical definition of PMS.

It did wake her up a bit though, and it did remind her of how incredibly talented she was. She did however make a note to learn ways to save drunken mana drain. It could come in handy in the future.

The silence of nothing but herself and Fluttershy's breathing was bliss.

"Yes," she said. "They are enjoying themselves, aren't they, Fluttershy? I'm just peachy that I have to listen to this right now, aren't you?"

The expressions on Fluttershy's face changed rapidly, unsure if it wanted to cry, puke, scream, or go back to sleep.

It settled on an expression that Twilight rarely saw.

It settled on anger.

Twilight loved it.

"No!" Fluttershy's eyes glowed as she stomped a forehoof onto Twilight's tailbone. "It's not fair."

Twilight did not love that. "Oww!"

"Sorry," Fluttershy mumbled, "but I'm not sorry for what everypony has done to us tonight. It's not fair."

She rolled off of Twilight, laying down on her side as her eyes glowed brightly. "We've been neglected, teased, played with, and had to deal with everyponies'... stupidness. We've had to deal with them being drunk, yelling at each other, yelling at us, and all of this fighting. It never ends, Twilight. It, never, ends. And I'm tired of it!"

Steam poured from her muzzle as she gritted her teeth, her tail lashing behind her. "I just wanted us to have a relaxing, loving, and fun day, and they just keep on going, and going, and going. No matter what they do, they just keep on fighting when we just want to enjoy ourselves. Oh, 'they' enjoy themselves, but at making us feel so uncomfortable that... that... I just don't even know what!"

Twilight nodded. "Exactly! You and I are the only ponies left who have had any sort of decency today, Fluttershy. You've been with me this whole time trying to keep me calmed down as I have had to deal with the stress of what they are causing me. You've been the only pony, as always, to be laid back and just accept what the rest of us do. Do you have any idea how refreshing that is to me? That I rarely have to worry about you?"

"And I understand why you are so tense and have your moments, Twilight." Fluttershy smiled gently. "I really do. I'm sure Applejack does as well, but always know that I am here for you if you need somepony to talk to when the rest of the girls are just themselves."

Fluttershy and Twilight looked at each other, understanding and united anger against their friends swirling in their eyes. They ignored how much food they had eaten last night, the amount of alcohol they had consumed, the sound bubble that kept the noises out, the hangover twirling through their heads, and their own pent up desires that their friends were getting out of their systems in the two rooms beside them.

"Would you like to make out with me and forget about the girls?" Twilight said. "I just don't want to think about the four of them anymore, and I only want to think about you this morning. Applejack's made out with enough ponies today. Including... myself. So if you don't mind, and I'm not trying to use you as a pony of last resort, but..."

"But my breath smells of... umm... everything, including a bit of Pinkie Pie." Fluttershy scoffed at the bed. "And I don't feel offended, Twilight."

"She is such a good kisser," Twilight chuckled. "You'd think she'd be a mess, but despite all of the saliva she puts into it, she really can dig into parts of your mouth you didn't even know existed."

Fluttershy shivered, her wings twitching by the sides of her body. "It's really wonderful, and Rarity is as good as you would think she would be. Very... talented."

Twilight snorted. "Haven't kissed her, and have no intentions on starting. Also, if Rainbow's kissing is anything to go by her ability to please a pony in the hay, she absolutely lives up to what she brags about."

"Oh those were very fun times in Flight School." Fluttershy giggled loudly, burying her muzzle into Twilight's neck. "I know she talks about it a lot, Twilight, but she really is that talented. What she can do with her wings. I... oh my gosh."

Twilight pulled Fluttershy on top of her, her forehooves caressing down her smooth fur and soft body. "I don't mind, Fluttershy." She pressed her nose into Fluttershy's, her cheeks red. "I kind of enjoy your warmth, and perhaps you haven't seen what a bit of magic can do that wings simply can't, if you are up for it."

With her body adjusting herself on top of Twilight's, Fluttershy looked down at her, briefly contemplating her current situation.

She stopped contemplating. It had done enough damage to her brain.

Twilight mentally agreed.

"Do you?" Fluttershy said softly, her wings sagging beside her body. Her pink mane was in disarray, but she didn't care. "Because I like it too. You've always been very pretty, Twilight, and cute. Did you know that?"

"I can say the same about you, Fluttershy." Twilight rumbled deeply, her forehooves stroking up and down the curves of Fluttershy's back. "As long as you don't mind me saying it. But I already did, and I don't take it back. How about we all just admit we all sort of eye each other secretly and just get that bit of information out there."

Fluttershy leaned down to nibble at Twilight's neck, grinning darkly at the hiss of pleasure that escaped from Twilight's muzzle. "How about we do and yell at our friends later for abandoning us when we needed them. After we have some fun. Just you, and me, and yelling at our friends. I'd really enjoy that." She could not help but smirk. Smirk in a manner that made Twilight very, very proud.

Twilight smirked back, inhaling through her nose as she smelled Fluttershy's neck. "I'd like that, and I'd like to see you take out that anger that you've been repressing for so long, Fluttershy. It feels really good to let it all out." Her forehooves squeezed Fluttershy's rump, a quiet, nickering moan escaping from Fluttershy's mouth. "I just hope Spike is doing okay."

"He'll be fine," Fluttershy cooed, her forehooves tracing through Twilight's mane. "He's thirteen now. He can take care of himself, just like I'm about to take care of you."

"Bring it," Twilight growled lustfully, dragging her tongue across Fluttershy's cheek.

Fluttershy squeed.

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