• Published 16th Jul 2013
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Ethanol, Elements, and Estrogen - KiltedKey

What happens when you Seth Rogen the Mane Six, give them alcohol, weed, make them randy, and love struck? Have Rainbow wanting a lover, Twilight to lose her virginity, Rarity plan the personal lives of everyone, and nearly no moral compass? This.

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Chapter Eighteen: It's Time To D-d-d-d-d-d-duel!

Author’s Note: The following chapter contains music. A shock for D.D.R right? I have provided a link for you, and the scene was written to be read with the music, although it is not required.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash were both mares of dramatic entrances if the event called for such a thing. Having the limelight stolen when they were half drunk wasn’t exactly an easy way to get into their hearts. They had spent minutes planning a grandiose entrance, and Twilight and Applejack had to steal it from them. It was unfair!

The last thing Rarity and Rainbow had heard and seen was the announcer drumming up the crowd for their glorious entrance. It was cut short by Applejack screaming about her impending death, and the clear crackle and light of Twilight's signature magic exploding beside the stage in a roar of chain lightning.

They had been betrayed by Twilight and Applejack, and they were not amused that their limelight had been taken from them. It was only made worse by them being drunk, horny, and pent up enough to fuel that rage twofold.

"You have to be friggin kidding me!" Rainbow cried, bursting from her side of the crowd. "You ruined my entrance, Twilight. You freaking ruined it. Way to not stay around and see me destroy Rarity half drunk. A plus on the moral support, guys. A, bucking, plus."

Rarity rampaged through her former fans, leaping onto the stage with a thick growl escaping from her lips. "We had this whole thing planned out, and they just had to ruin it, didn't they, Rainbow Dash? The nerve of them! All of that planning gone out the window again. It's like it's an epidemic in which everypony must ruin our entrances when they can, and make us look like fools."

She slammed her forehoof loudly onto the gaming pad. "I will not tolerate that anymore! I have had enough of looking like a pop star gone wild."

"What buzz kills," Rainbow snorted, hovering beside Rarity. "All of those moves and things I wanted to say. And now I can't say them! This sucks."

"Truly it does." Rarity vibrated her lips in contempt. "And I feel sorry for all of the ponies who did not get to see our proper entrance. We are sorry, everypony, that our two... 'friends' ruined it."

The crowd agreed with Rarity and Rainbow, booing Twilight's and Applejack's disappearance and hurting their free entertainment.

"Wait a minute, everypony!"

Pinkie twirled through the air like an 80's action hero, landing beside Rarity. "Twilight was-woah-hah..."

She dry heaved, leaning into Rarity for support as she choked on her own breath. "Okay... I'm not doing that again after that much drinking. I... I feel sick."

Rainbow landed beside Pinkie, wrapping a wing gently around her friend as she held Pinkie to her side. "Are you okay, Pinks? Maybe you should find a room to chill in. I think the two beers, sake, vodka, tequila, and whatever else you drank isn't a good mix. I think it's getting to you."

"I can't leave you two," Pinkie hiccuped. "I... I have to watch you... you two-"

Her mouth closed, her cheeks bulging as Rainbow prepared to hold Pinkie in preparation for her vomiting on the stage. It was the least she could do for Pinkie, considering she actually stayed around to watch her and Rarity dance. Unlike Twilight and Applejack.

Instead, Pinkie belched in what could only be described as a heroic burp of the ages, sending out a fog horn of air and sound from her mouth that echoed the club to the very core.

She aptly received a roar of applause from the audience as Rainbow leaned into her, crying in hysterics. Rarity backed away from Pinkie to protect her damaged ear drums from the bass shaking in her head.

"Much better, until about ten minutes from now." Pinkie whinnied, shaking her husky rump behind herself excitedly. "As I was saying. Listen here, everypony! I know where Twilight and Applejack went. What happens when two drunk ponies go into a room together?"

"They score!" Rainbow cheered. The audience yelled loudly with her, only causing the ringing in Rarity's ears to become worse as she loudly swore to herself to dull the pain. "Twilight's gonna totally lose her virginity. Take that, Rarity."

She stabbed a forehoof into Rarity's chest. "I got my plan to work," she sang. "I outsmarted you, Rarity. "Take, that. I knew that Twilight and Applejack were meant to be together."

"Piss off, you Pegasus penis piston," Rarity spat, digging her forehooves into Rainbow's chest. "I worked hard for everything tonight, and if I may be blunt - which I will be - my plans have gone to complete and utter shite thanks to you and everypony else. Sod off."

“And she would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for us meddling Elements.” Pinkie nodded. “She swears a lot drunk and with no money in her bank account, Rainbow. I think it’s kinda hot. It could be me being drunk too though.”

"She is hot when she swears," Rainbow whickered seductively, her tail swishing excitedly behind her. "I think I have a thing for smart girls swearing. Did ya know your accent gets stronger when you are drunk or angry, Rares? It's like you really were born in the Braytish Isles!"

Rarity snarled at Rainbow. "Buck off."

"Oh man you are gonna make me squirt if you keep on doing that."

“You wanking winged wench.” Rarity neighed, snapping her jaws at Rainbow. "I, will, destroy you!"

The crowd around the stage had started to chant as Rarity hissed at Rainbow, preparing for them to skip the dancing and go straight for a cat fight in the middle of the club. It was entertainment enough. They weren't picky about it.

Stop, fighting!”

Fluttershy hovered over the stage to the disappointment of the crowd, folding her forehooves on her hips as she stared down Rarity, Pinkie, and Rainbow. "I can't believe what my friends have turned into when they are drunk and needing a good mating."

"But you made out with me!" Pinkie cried. "My tongue still hurts because of that. Ouchie."

"That's not important right now, Pinkie."


Fluttershy's aqua eyes glowed like a stormy ocean as she stared down Pinkie, her gaze moving over toward Rainbow and Rarity. She was content with the whimpers of fear that escaped from their lips.

"You two should be ashamed of yourselves," Fluttershy said. "I thought that we would have a wonderful night laughing, snuggling, and having a nice time playing with each other, but you two have just been so... so mean to each other. You've crossed the line too many times tonight. I feel awful bringing my best cannabis tonight and you all just keep on fighting, drinking, and calling each other names like you always do."

"But... umm... we were pretty chill at Bayston," Rainbow squeaked. "We-"

"Did I give you permission to speak, Rainbow?"

Rainbow covered her muzzle with her wings. "No, ma'am."

Fluttershy huffed loudly, her eyes scanning over the room to the complete silence of the club. The music had died swiftly, and not a sound was heard, other than the faint breathing of all of the living creatures - and perhaps unliving objects - waiting for her next move or command.

"Now you two are going to dance, have a good time, get all of this out of you, and make everypony happy. And then you are going to go to a room, and I don't care what you do, as long as you aren't grouchy and mean tomorrow morning. You're going to be the loving, beautiful, sweet mares I call my best friends when we wake up. Got it?"

Rainbow looked between Rarity and Fluttershy, her ears folded by the sides of her muzzle. "I... it's true, isn't it, Rarity? We've been awful to each other this whole time, and it's got out of control. Way out of control. I... I think we're just too horny, drunk, and pent up for our own good, you know? We're just way too tense from everything that's happened today."

"I'm so sorry, darlings," Rarity sniffled. "I never knew we hurt you like that, Fluttershy. And you're so right, Rainbow Dash, we have been bloody awful to each other today and have taken our anger out on everypony around us. We've just repressed our sex drives for so long that it's just exploded in emotional outbursts like we are all in permanent estrus."

"Not gonna lie," Pinkie said, "you two have been really mean to each other. Floppy horse penises to each other. Booping, and smearing, and squirting-"

"Subject change," Rarity sang. "Last thing I want to think about is a stallionhood."

Fluttershy slowly dragged her forehooves up and down Rarity's and Rainbow's backs. "It's okay. Look at how much fun we've all had, outside of the fighting. You two just need to spend some time together and stop fighting. It's... umm... really damn annoying, and the crowd wants you two to do something."

"If it means Fluttershy just swore then it had to have been pretty bad," Rainbow chuckled.

“Now dance, before the alcohol makes you two unable to walk. Besides, if you all don’t dance...”

Fluttershy yanked up Rainbow's and Rarity's tails high into the air, exposing their crotches and forcing - although a most welcome forcing - an intimate anatomy lesson for the hundreds of ponies in the club to see. “We don’t get to see these things shake. So get shaking, and let’s see your marehoods move!

She screamed at the top of her lungs, shaking the ceiling and sending an uproar of applause from the audience.

Rarity and Rainbow stared at her, their tails locked in place as they looked at Fluttershy in slack jawed shock.

Pinkie Pie jumped into the crowd without a care in the universe, throwing her forehooves into the air with a pounding vigor glowing in her bright blue eyes. "You just got punked by Fluttershy! Greatest, drunk, punking, ever! Get on with the dancing!"

Yes, get on with it!” Invictus boomed with nearly a thousand voices hollering themselves raw in cheers, hoots, neighs, and hoof stomps.

If only they were paying more attention they would have noticed Fluttershy passing a playful wink to Pinkie as she landed beside her. She nuzzled sweetly into Pinkie's side, giving her lips a quick kiss as she looked at her, the alcohol and adrenaline high flowing through her body.

She teasingly rubbed her pink tail across Pinkie's curly coat and cutie mark, fluttering her eyelashes. “You, me, later tonight, Pinkie?”

“My calendar is full of important things," Pinkie pondered, stroking her chin. "And this is very random, since you were hitting on Twilight, and you and I have almost nothing in common."

"Does it matter?" Fluttershy giggled. "I'm really drunk and excited right now."

"Excellent point," Pinkie said. "But I have lots of things I need to do tomorrow. Like lots of peeing in the middle of the night, and sleeping, and maybe some vomiting, and wondering if I want to do this again next month."

"Is... that a no?" Fluttershy's ears folded.

Pinkie rocked on her hooves. “But... I think I can slip in fondling a Pegasususus somewhere in there. Even-mmmph!”

Fluttershy and Pinkie's muzzles rubbed together as Fluttershy inserted her tongue into Pinkie's mouth without bothering to ask her, which was a running trend with the kissing of the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie's squeal of surprise was replaced by a feminine moan as she gave into the wet tongue inside of her mouth once more, continuing the kiss they had recently shared.

“If you think Rainbow’s wings are soft, wait until you feel mine,” Fluttershy nickered seductively.

“Challenge accepted,” Pinkie growled lustfully, smacking Fluttershy's side.

Rainbow and Rarity closed their lips as they slowly looked at the crowd around them, their two best friends making out, and each other. Their cheeks were as bright red as Applejack's cutie mark, and it was an apt response considering that their nethers were exposed to the public in more than a casual or teasing manner that they normally did to several hundred sexually active ponies.

"Uhh... what just happened?" Rainbow's wings dug into her sides painfully as she looked over Rarity's face for answers.

"I... I do believe Fluttershy just lifted up our tails for the public to see and has now inspired a crowd of ponies to fantasize about us in more ways than I want them to. I must admit, it was a good way to get our attention and get us to shut up and stop fighting."

Rarity swallowed down the ball of saliva in her throat, the action repeated by Rainbow as the announcer was barely overheard by the chanting of the crowd. They were thankful for that, considering a personal opinion on their withers was being blasted over the loud speakers.

"W-w-well... uhh... ponies do that about us anyways," Rainbow chuckled meekly. "And it's because they're jealous they don't look as good as we do. I mean... look at us. We're balling."

"Don't ever say 'balling' again," Rarity said. "Although if I must be honest... yes... our hindquarters are as attractive as we think they are, no?"

Rainbow scoffed at the game pad. "Sorry, it's from when I dated Vinyl Scratch. But you've got a really nice curve on your flank you know? Really brings out the female body in a way most mares just can't do. The yoga helps. It's like... sleek. And the grey compliments the white."

The glow on Rarity's face turned into a sheet of crimson. She looked at Dash shyly with her azure eyes. “W-w-why Rainbow, I don’t know what to say! Thank you for one, you nasty little thing. Be glad I’m half drunk, otherwise I'd slap you for that."

"I dunno," Rainbow smirked, "you like it when your butt is complimented."

"Oh shut up," Rarity chuckled. "I’d be lying to myself though if you aren’t the pinnacle of the mare body in motion. Streamlined, toned; you have a gait that is won from your years of fitness and I simply can not replicate that, even if I tried.” She scoffed at her pad in return. “Besides, I... think the cobalt fur you have between your cheeks is a lovely contrast, too.”

Rainbow looked away, her cheeks ruby as she smiled at Rarity. “T-t-thanks,” she squeaked. “I... I can’t believe we just complimented our runways without kicking each other there.”

“Let’s not think about it, Dashie dear." Rarity pat Rainbow gently on the shoulder. "Now lets pick a song before the audience decides to use us as sex objects. I shall keep my gloryhole fantasies to myself, thank you very much.”

Rarity pulled back the minor curls she had from her spa makeover with a tug of her magic. She looked at Rainbow with a confident grin, giving her a playful wink. "I don't want my mane to get in the way of my eyes, no?"

Rainbow tightened her ponytail, glancing at the longer berserk strands of her colored mane. They waved in a rolling ocean of reflected light from the glow of the arcade machines and strobe lights staring down at her. “Y-y-yeah,” Dash chuckled. “Same here. And hey, as much of a fantasy being used that way might be for me, I don’t want to be loose for the rest of my life.”

Rarity sighed tiredly, unable to hide a smirk from appearing on the corner of her muzzle. “Has anyone ever told you how much of a pervert you are? And how cute you are stuttering like that? It would be like Applejack stuttering.”

“No comment on the stuttering, but Nathan Fillyon, Ben Neighflek, Robert Downhay Jr., Leonardo Dicoltpio, and Matt Whinnymon all appear at your front door. Would you say no to letting them take turns with you?”

Rainbow smirked as Rarity's expression turned into her infamous, Twilight like stare of scorn. Her smiling only grew as Rarity's expression remained unchanged. “I don’t hear you saying no. I wouldn’t say no.”

“Choose a bloody song,” Rarity mumbled. She faintly grinned despite her pathetic attempt not to.

"Told you," Rainbow snorted. "I'll count that as two and a half wins for me tonight."

“I choose you, Rainbow!" Pinkie cried from the crowd, cupping a forehoof to her muzzle. "You can kick Rarity's butt. I've got twenty bits on you, so you better not lose. Peer pressure, peer pressure, ra, ra, ra!”

“Thirty on Rarity!” Fluttershy called.

The house is now accepting bets on this match. Vote quickly, as you have only two minutes to decide!

"Let's just get this over with," Rarity grumbled. "The sooner we do this, the sooner we can move on from tonight and void ourselves of everything in the morning and tomorrow afternoon."

Rainbow nodded gently, tapping her forehoof rapidly over the arrow keys. “We’ll do expert. Insane is too technical, and we want to give them a show, right?"

"Agreed, and we might as well, considering I am not leaping at seeing Fluttershy's angry side anytime soon. I've seen it once before, and that was one time too many."

"Boy can she get pissy when she snaps. Dragonforce?”"

“I’ll kill you if you choose that,” Rarity sneered. “It's an advantage to you, considering you listen to that racket. Don’t tell me you cheat after the Running of the Leaves?”

Rainbow raised an eyebrow. "'Racket'? Are you seventy now?"

"Oh shut up."

"Love ya too, Rares, and I only cheat at taking pot shots at Applejack's butt." Rainbow giggled quietly. "She's a hot sister to me, but I don't wanna do her unless the world is ending. I have to make sure she's up for breeding before she gets hitched though. It's my job as her... uhh... sister... friend... thing."

“Your ethical standards are questionable when we aren't in peril.”

“PSY?” Rainbow asked.

Rarity bit her bottom lip, her face turning a glowing pink as she flicked her tail behind herself, uncoiling the last remaining curls. "I... erm... may have been caught dancing to that and singing it at the top of my lungs earlier today with Fluttershy."

"You... you're serious? Hah! Nice."

"Celestia, I want to punch you in the muzzle right now."

"So... we’re not doing country.”

Heavens no.”


“Too heavy.”


“Another time.”

“Drum and Bass! It’s natural for a club and D.D.R anyways.” Dash tilted her head toward Rarity, flicking her tail. “Anything wrong with that?”

"Well other than that you apparently dated a mare who specializes in that field, so it is very likely that you listen to it too, no?"

Rainbow turned toward Rarity, rolling her eyes. "It's freakin D.D.R. Drum and Bass and Pop is like... the core of what it is."

Rarity licked her lips. “Fine, mare, I will give you an unfair advantage, you little wrench."

"Woah woah, I only just got into Pendulum and I've never danced to it."

"If it’s too heavy, I’m still killing you.”

“Ouch." Rainbow Dash pouted softly, folding her ears. "Can I at least clop to Soarin’ before I die?"

"No," Rarity said, rolling her shoulders. "The last thing I want to smell is your musk right now. I-"

“Rarity, relax. Focus your chi.”

Rarity's forehoof hung in the air at Rainbow's words. She slowly tilted her snout to the side. The calmness of Rainbow's voice, the serene care of it, caught her off guard. “What-”

“Focus, your chi. I do martial arts, and you do yoga, but we both use chi. Sure, we’re kinda drunk, and high, but we can do this. Focus, your chi.”

Rainbow's lungs and stomach moved up and down as she let out a smooth exhale of air from her mouth. The feathers on her wings gently spread open. “Take that ether we have inside of us and bring it to your hooves. Let your horn channel it, and relax. Focus. Block out everything else. Who cares if Pinkie and Fluttershy are screaming at us, or ponies are checking us out. Focus. Have fun. If they want to see us move, they’ll see us like nopony has ever seen us before. We can do this.”

Rarity silently nodded, extending her stance as she pulled air into her lungs. She felt the well known trickle of sweet mana spin down her horn, spine, and tickle through her body. Her icy eyes glowed brightly, reflecting back the timer on the screen in front of her counting down the seconds. Her eyes glanced at the pinkish red suns of Rainbow’s who caught her own at the same time.

They both nodded in silent agreement.

They were in their own trance and world. Their grudges had melted away, the alcohol wiggling and dueling with the magic inside of their souls and bodies. The earthquake that was the crowd melted away, becoming a faint, barely heard hum in their ears.

The clock counted down.




The first drop of sound pulled them into the harmony of the music, and the singing made their old world melt away. With each gentle tap of the piano their hooves stepped on the arrows underneath, perfectly timing the introduction. As they moved they eyed each other quickly, the lyrics twirling in their ears and reflecting off of Rarity's and Rainbow's eyes. They smiled at each other.

Was Applejack right about Rarity? Rainbow thought. Would Rarity balance out my fear of failure? Of not being good enough? Of opening up my heart?

Was Twilight right about Rainbow? Rarity thought. Would Rainbow show me how to enjoy the unplanned and unknown? Of letting loose and living freely?

Rainbow would fight till her last breathe for anypony in peril: How protective would she be of a lover who held her heart? Rarity could imagine.

Rarity gave up being a millionaire and fame to stay with her friends and keep her creative integrity: What beautiful pattern would she sew if someone captured her heart and nurtured her woes? Rainbow could imagine.

Through the catacombs of Tartarus, Rarity knew Rainbow would give it all to pull a friend from the brink of despair.

Through the blinding light and fear of a friends' self doubt, Rainbow knew Rarity would tell them and show them how beauty they were.

The beat picked up, and their hooves spread and shifted on each press, their eyes focused on the glowing arrows on their screens. The cheering of the crowd was dull. It was taken and shoved away. There was only one thing that was important. One thing that resonated.


The pounding bass and synthesizer was matched step in step with four pairs of hooves blurring together, striking the pads underneath them with electric passion. The held vocal note and furious beat was challenged by the hoovesteps of the heavenly sky and misty pearl colored mares scoring hit after hit of trained precision. Chromatic and royal purple manes shook and danced as one, lost to the heart throbbing and soul channeling pulse.

Dash and Rarity glanced at each other once more, content to look at the determined peace on each other’s muzzles. They couldn’t help but feel a smile crack at the corners of their lips, and they kept that secret only to themselves.

The moment the note was released, Rarity and Rainbow did an instinctive twirl with a small jump into the air, knowing that they were in tune with a song they didn’t know, and yet their hearts knew it all along.

They were two different mares from two different walks of life and backgrounds colliding as a physical force of dexterity and body showing spirit. They just let themselves go. Their essences were put on display by the explosion of their flowing bodies throwing themselves about to the music. The smiles on Rainbow's and Rarity's muzzles grew with every passing second, and they let themselves go to the music. Life and everything else wasn’t important right now.

They were.

The clarion call note called to them yet again, and they matched its song with the battle chant of their legs, the brightly colored lights and dots in front of them breaking away to every streak of their targeted impact.

They couldn’t hear it, but the shouting from the mob was deafening; all of the energy radiating from Rainbow's and Rarity's bodies cascading over everypony near them. It was infectious. It was encapsulating. It was divine.

And all they did was dance.

Their tails and frames swayed to the movement of the crowd and the sound vibrating around them, and all they wanted to do was smile and soar. And so they did.

They fed that fire.

Their movements became more improvised, disregarding all of that last bit of rigidity inside of them, their contest, and even their perfect scores. It wasn’t important anymore, not even to the ponies around them, compared to the way the Rarity and Rainbow's hooves moved. They fed the drive to let each other loose and fly free.

The glancing they did at each other grew with each passing second, echoed by the clopping of their hooves. Their expressions softened, the alcohol warming their cheeks in addition to the sweat dripping down their swaying manes and necks. They were with each other as they danced together. One body, one force, one journey to a momentary utopia. Two mares, so different, were so alike at this moment in time.

Rainbow Dash held out a forehoof as the symbols thrummed their exit. Will you come with me, Rarity? her mind called.

Rarity responded by pressing into the forehoof, twirling herself and Rainbow around by the momentum. She rolled over Rainbow until they both were at their rival's pad. I will, Rainbow Dash.

Booming silence filled the lack of the bass during the songs calm, their hooves prodding the slow arrows trundling in front of them. It was a mystical vibration of music that mellowed them out as reddish pink and water blue eyes looked at each other, peering at each other’s hearts. There was so much there, so much unknown, so much to be learned.

But could they do it? It was an impossible mountain. A laughing concept only minutes ago. Could they duel their competing lives and live with it? So much conflict, so much-

“Give it a try,” Rainbow whispered under her breath.

“Give it a try,” Rarity whispered back.

Let me show you what it’s like to live in the moment, and just let go, Rarity.

Let me show you what it’s like to love yourself, and show that love you’re afraid to show others, Rainbow.

There’s nothing to hide.

There’s nothing to hide.

Their hooves stomped together, twirling through keystrokes and the build up with clockwork timing, dancing the notes of their partners.

Will you come with me, Rainbow? Rarity smiled lovingly at her.

Through Hades and back, Rarity. Let’s dance.

They crouched and leaped into the air together, twirling over each other to land back on their own machines. Their hooves locked into place, melding into the music as if they were born to dance to it. Two manes and tails flailed with their bodies in motion, teasingly giving a tickling rub of the tips of their blue and white coats as they thrummed as one spirit. Their vision was a casual glance at their screens, for it was more important to look into the depths of each other’s eyes and laughing smiles. They were in this playful duel of hooves together, and despite what had happened earlier that day, the duel was about to become a more interesting battle soon after.

And it might turn into something greater.

It would.

The music ended not just to the faint ringing in Rarity's and Rainbow's ears, nor the panting huffs of their lungs and throbbing hearts coming to terms with what they had just did; it ended to the complete silence of the entire arena around them.

It was completely quiet in Invictus, for the first time in history.

Rarity and Rainbow looked at each other. They looked at their wheezing, sweat drenched, tongue hanging forms.

And all they could do was chuckle in amusement.

“That... was different,” Rarity gasped. “Did... did we just do that? I think we did.”

“We absolutely... just did.” Rainbow wheezed, her stance widening to allow her frame to support her body. “And you won too, and I tried my best.”

“And I did too, I... what?”

Rarity's eyes glanced at the score.

She had won by merely a hundred points out of nearly half a million. “I... won.”

“Yeah, I just said that," Rainbow chuckled. "So you get a prize. What’ll it be? I’m your model for a day? I’m forced to try brussel sprouts? Go to an opera?”

Rarity shook her wet mane, glancing at the shoulder hanging hair as she pushed it out of her eyes. “Very possible, no, and that would be funny.” The smile on her muzzle grew. “Ah ha, I know exactly what I’m going to ask for.”

“Oh great,” Dash snorted playfully, “what’ll-”

Rarity's muzzle pressed into the blue one beside it. She tilted her snout to the side to press a kiss into Rainbow's lips. Her right forehoof hugged around Dash's shoulder, stroking through the thick bundles of Rainbow's mane as she suckled onto her lips.

Dash’s frame and posture melted as her hair was stroked.

She kissed back.

Her left wing extended to stroke across Rarity's cutie mark, scratching across her coat before flicking across her purple damp mane.

Their muzzles rubbed teasingly together, lips parting to nip and let the faint crackles of their kissing echo in their ears. It wasn’t the powerhouse that the kiss leading to the dance off was: It was a sensual, tongue tasting test. And by the way their tails flicked and stroked through each other, it was wonderful.

Invictus, as one, called out in a scream of raw joy.

Rarity broke the kiss slowly, letting the small slits of her eyes look into the glowing radiance of Rainbow's. “That, was my prize. And it made up for every, single, little thing that went wrong today.”

Rainbow didn’t care that her face was on fire; that she smelled of sweat around Rarity; that she was faintly panting from the massage of Rarity's tongue dancing a duet with her own.

All she cared about was the present. Her past problems were in the past. Maybe they would stay that way.

“Well... I gotta admit,” Rainbow whispered, her eyes glowing playfully, “that it wasn’t quite bad as brussel sprouts. I’d put it up there with baked beans. I love beans though.”

“Oh you silly mare,” Rarity giggled, licking the tip of Rainbow's nose, “I don’t think you know how cute you are in your own Rainbowish, sarcastic ways. But there is a second, bonus prize I might receive from you if I may claim it; although if I won that round is completely up to you. Mayhap it involve a bit of... 'bouncing?'”

“Yeah, I think you won the bonus prize, and even the secret door too.” Rainbow rumbled as she nipped on Rarity’s nose in return, resulting in a squeal of mock protest from Rarity's muzzle. "And you say I'm cute? This isn't the alcohol talking, but if you're like this when you cuddle, you're gonna make me die a bit on the inside."

"And I'm sure you have plenty of little things about you that involve squeaking and other adorable little antics that you have hid away over the years as well," Rarity said.

Rainbow pecked her gently on the lips. "Hush."

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were in hysterics, the hundreds of ponies around them stomping in unison at the romantic display on stage.

“I’m such a sap for romance,” Pinkie wailed, tears pouring down her cheeks as she hugged Fluttershy as if she would never hug her again. “I can’t take this, Fluttershy. I’m going to cry forever!”

“Me too,” Fluttershy sobbed, wrapping a wing around Pinkie as they cried in unison. “It’s so... so beautiful.”

You’re beautiful,” Pinkie countered, letting out a mucus repressing snort. “You... you deny it, I’ll kill you, like Rarity said. I’ll kill you dead!”

You’re killer,” Fluttershy sniffled, lapping at her friend’s tears. “You pudgy, soft, squishy poodle you. Stay here. Mama loves you. Don’t go anywhere.” She cooed affectionately into Pinkie Pie's ears.

“Don’t mention going or coming anywhere. You... you!”

“Shh,” Fluttershy whispered, licking Pinkie's forehead. “Let’s go to a private room upstairs, okay? You’ve been a good girl, and you need to be pet.”

“P-P-please pet me,” Pinkie whimpered. “I like being pet. I’m a good doggie Pinkie. Just... don’t pet my cotton candy. Or... do. I can’t decide!”

“Shh. I’ll decide, and you’ll get lots of kissie wissies, too.” Fluttershy nipped on Pinkie's nose, a flood of giggles pouring from Pinkie’s mouth. “Now Rarity did reserve up to five rooms, so how about we take one?”

“I’ll need at least three to play around with,” Pinkie pouted. "A doggie pony needs their running room."

“Sometimes a doggie needs to know what she can and can’t have,” Fluttershy said. “You’ll have to deal with one, but mama will treat you right.”

Pinkie nodded, thudding her tail on the ground obediently. “Y-y-yes, master!”

Rarity leaned into Rainbow as they walked from their game pad to the private suites of the club, the hollers of approval from the hundreds of ponies around them echoing in their ears. Fatigue was suckling them dry. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their legs could barely move or hold up their own weight. The long and arduous day was finally coming to an end.

They pushed open the door to their room, glancing at each other as small feral nickers of lustful desire escaped from their muzzles in a silent, playful tease. Despite the alcohol settling in their stomachs and the fatigue pulling them toward slumber, sleep could wait.

Rainbow tilted her muzzle to lick at Rarity's lower lip teasingly, her nostrils gently flaring. Her magenta eyes were small, glowing slits of teasing arousal, her tail smacking into the door frame, unable to hide her desire.

"Oh you bloody flirting bitch," Rarity growled as she shoved the door open, pushing Rainbow into the room. All that was heard was Rainbow's loud squeak as her attempts to be dominant and charming were thwarted by the high pitched chirp escaping from her lips.

Pinkie and Fluttershy pressed into one another, hiccuping, giggling, and talking incoherently as they nosed themselves into the room two doors down from their two friends. Rarity and Rainbow were very clearly going to have loud sex, and hearing them moan in ecstasy wasn’t high on the life goals of either Fluttershy's or Pinkie's. They had both already heard Rainbow Dash several dozen times, and she had quite the pair of lungs on her.

Alcohol did a wonderful amount of things to the body of a pony, or any living creature for that matter. It was the third most consumed drink in the world, and for rightful reasons. It had its place in history as a savior during famine. It helped move society along, and it was a thriving industry all on its own.

It also made Pinkie and Fluttershy unable to coherently hear, nor care, about the two occupants in the room they entered. Sliding, bumping, and teasing each other with little kisses, they pushed themselves inside, shut the door, and simply let the world pass them by.

They had entered the room Twilight and Applejack had teleported in.

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