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HAhahahaha.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:....oh you rotten bastard you:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:.....

I see what you did there:ajsmug:

2875576 As soon as i saw that i busted out laughing. You sir deserve a moustache :moustache:

2875576 8============D :pinkiegasp:
Only one ball? :3

2875576 8============D :pinkiegasp:
Only one ball? :3

2875576>>2972139>> You guys are HALIAROUS :pinkiehappy:

The lul'z were audible. Fun fic you got here. :pinkiesmile:

XD I loved every minute of reading that XD an awesome fic

After reading the first few paragraphs I caught sense of a few things; autism, euphoria, cancer and self-insert.
Now, continuing on with the reading.

>Physically you are here, sitting alone, all alone.
The author starts off with a hard self-reminder that she's not real.

>Opening the drawer you find your iPod Touch as well as your headphones. You quietly get dressed as you put on your white t-shirt and normal blue jeans. Sucks you don't have your signature leather jacket that you always wore.
All that's missing is fedora.

>“Sorry dude, no freak shows allowed,” he simply states.

>Your body reacts by falling backwards from the excess weight.
'Excuse me, I seemed to have lost my sides. Have you come across either of them?'

>You suddenly come to the realization that she was now sitting on your lap, you don’t seem to be phased by her actions either.
Like a true autist.

>“It’s ok.” Secretly you wouldn’t have mind so much if you both were in a room, alone, and maybe with less clothes on, maybe with some classy music, and maybe….
One day you'll surely get your Pinkie Pie tulpa to wear a strap-on.

>“Uh yeah, so what are you doing here?” you ask with a guilty smile, trying to hide your sexual thoughts from her.
Author really wants the P.

>“Hey guys, this was the help that was supposed to help me, help them help you guys help enjoy the party,” she says with an annoyed tune as she pointed at you then the crowd inside then at the bouncers. The two guards seem to have slinked back into their position as they obeyed Pinkie's orders.
>Mistress Pinkie and her bitches.

>“Sorry, miss Pie. Please go right on in.” The frightened guard says as he opened the doors wide for you both. Stunned by Pinkie’s actions, you feel your body drag inside. You look inside. The lights seem to sync up perfectly with the music, flashing at every beat and click that the music provided. Ponies around you suddenly start to smother your personal space as they bump into you. Before long, you find yourself at the bar, still feeling Pinkie’s hand on your wrist.
>Racist bouncers
>The only racists in Ponyville

>“Here we are,” she says as you find yourself inside one of the biggest clubs you’ve ever been in. You’ve been in some pretty nice looking clubs before as a DeeJay, but this takes the cake.
>Being a stoner DeeJay who writes My Little Pony fanfics about fucking a pink pony.

>skimming through the endless shit
And yup; it's shit.

>“I love you too.”
Y-You too.

>Author's Note
>First name. Sean
>Last name. Unknown.
>Age. Uknown.
>Birth place
>Planet Reach
>Soon to be Authour of.

>Diagnosis: Severely autistic
>Cure: Shrekening


i1.ytimg.com/vi/C1d-Hso2Jq4/hqdefault.jpg?feature=og :rainbowhuh:

You were close, I prefer the term creatively psychotic.:pinkiecrazy:


But to clarify, this was just for fun. I had an idea, I went with idea, I created idea into a format that could be shared with multiple people. :twilightsmile:

I could care less about the negativity that comes with writing. I do because I can. :pinkiehappy:


I can see why you don't like it, but then again it wasn't made for you. I made it because it's something I enjoy doing. The fact that people actually read my stuff is something so spectacular, it makes writing all the more better.:twilightsmile:

Have a good day.

Cheerio :moustache:

you find the battery surprisingly at half percent
Um. Half a percent is 0.5 percent. I assume you meant halfway dead? Maybe replace that with 'half power' or 'fifty percent'.

This is awesome!

You have made a good impression on me about Anthro clopfics, as this is the first one I have read.

Great job! Great read!

:pinkiegasp: It felt like I was actually there! But then reality snapped me back into it...:flutterrage:

I really liked how u put in pinkies jumpy mood into this and made it feel like the reader was there its very creative and I enjoyed reading it great job keep up the good work

0/10 no garfield or wincest :applejackconfused::eeyup:

I never thought I would see so many different metaphors for 'penis' in a single clopfic....

I got the chapter title reference and if you actually split this into two chapters the next one would be "We're up all night to get lucky."

Comment posted by That Forerunner deleted Jan 25th, 2015

"her right arm peals"

Homophones, damn it!

As for me, I quite enjoyed this! In the end, you get to enjoy a relationship with a delicious pink pony, and what a damn good way to spend your days. With the knowledge that no matter how shitty your day goes, you will come home to a mare that will cheer you right up.

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