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I like my Ipod more than fucking.

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This escalated too quickly, pacing is too fast.

Duly noted. I'll start working on my pacing. Thanks for the critique.

Quite the gem, I'd say. Something good to read to wind down after work, or laughing my ass off for hearing 'Fsteak' for the first time ever.


I second 6415484 , actually.

Here, this is what I've notice is best with clop length: 5,000 words.

Roughly 2k build up to 3k act, or some variant of that. Works pretty good from what I could see.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Great story, not too short not too long, and an EXCELLENT author name

Definitely a change of pace compared to others I've read! It wasn't necessarily filled with lust but actual love from start to finish. Keep up the great work!

I know this is supposed to be a clopfic, but sometimes i still think it is a bit weird how often every character already is in the mood for sex, or at least it is what it looks like for me. I mean since it has some kind of reason for Pinkie to be there, i didn´t thought, or i hoped she wouldn´t just giving him a meanfull look.

However it is a nice story so far, but i always like it if they really have a reason to start anything. I mean did she already liked him?, or is this just a thank you? I know i probably shouldn´t ask for a real story here, but i am still curious.

Well this time i expected it to be a bit different, than what i read usually, but it was not bad, one of the better clopfics i had read.
I maybe still like such things with a good story, but it was really not bad.

Yeah, always being in the mood for sex at such a convenient time is very unrealistic and makes the character look like a slut or has trouble containing his/her libido. There must be a premise for that, if not then don't pull that nonsense.

~ wat no sequel when they have kid ( foal ) ?
Disappointed ...

I'm not good at thinking of ways to continue a one-shot without being too unoriginal. If I can think of something I'll continue this.

Contains: [Sex] [Pinkie wearing nothing but panties and an apron]

Kinda ironic since she's wearing a bra in the pic. Just sayin.

a short story but by god its a good one


Did the story just read that pinkie is pregnant??!!:rainbowderp:

OOOOOOOOOOHHHH MY FUCKING GOD I'm so confused!!!:facehoof:

Still a good story though! :rainbowkiss: [British Accent] Will there be anotha mate?:duck:

This is a good story, but there is one minor issue.

"Tomorrow will have a high of 75 and a low of 63 with a 65% chance of rain." The meteorologist said, pointing to the cloud cover near your town. You let out a frustrated sigh. W

If this a town in Equestria this would be wrong. The weather is strictly controlled and everyone gets the months weather schedule. So the weather service knows, not only the days that it will rain, but also the exact times the rains will start and stop.

and some are there only there to party

Extra "there"

You cock and eyebrow

Shouldn't it be "cock an eyebrow"
but otherwise, great job! Yay for Pinkie Pie ships!!! :yay:

7716506 But my friend, I didn't write this in the anthro Equestria universe... well I sorta did. But nonetheless, I like the idea of flying horses NOT controlling weather

Gotta love Pinkie. Love your story!

That was a cute and sex first part of this story.

Eh a little rushed, but I still like it.

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