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When a spell gone wrong with Twilight results in Apple Bloom suddenly swapping genders, the young filly (who is now a colt) finds herself with difficulties adjusting to her (his) new body. She (he) wants to be transformed back as quickly as possible. But Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are beginning to like her (him) this way.

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I like this Redon version of the story.

“Well just yesterday I thought that I had perfected the aging spell."

How would an aging spell switch a person's physical sex?

Other than that, this chapter was very good. The pacing was solid, the reaction between the characters was believable, and the way they interacted was very good. I enjoyed the first story, so I'll stick around to see how this re-write turns out.

man, twilight got off easy! if i had found out that she experimented on my little sibling without even telling them what she was doing, i'd have kicked her ass up to Canterlot, and demanded she be held accountable for her deplorable actions. i doubt Celestia taught her to do things like that.

And it was that moment that my shear stupidity manifested itself into the palm of my hand and formed a strong attraction towards my face. This attraction was too much for me to hold back and sent my stupid energy holding palm straight into my face with so much force that my face could not stop it and my hand went directly through my face. I have invented a new form of stupid that is so low on the grand chart of intelligence that it should be illegal. Princess Celestia send me to the moon right now for I have broken so many laws with my stupidity that "Equestria's Dumbest Criminals" are making their grand movie about me.

How, after I had two people read this and I read it over myself TWICE did something like THAT slip by? Let it be fixed right at this moment and let you sir for pointing this out gain ten Mustache Spikes

I completely forgot about this story's existence :rainbowhuh: But I'm glad it's being restarted. Let's see what you will cook up this time :twilightsmile:

It was brightly lit because he didn’t bother to turn the lamp on;

I think you meant dimly.

and stealing the fruits that lied within it as well

"that lay within"

("lied" is the past tense for "to lie" as knowingly presenting false statements as true. "lay" is the past tense of "to lie" in the sense of resting on top of something else.)


"Star Swirl" or "Starswirl" (both have been used in official media)

nopony in the last recorded centaury has successfully performed a gender swapping spell. Well nopony besides Trixie that is; but she was using an evil artifact so that doesn’t count.

You didn't correct far enough when you changed "aging". Unless my memory is failing me, Trixie did do the aging spell, but Twilight faked the gender spell to outdo her.

Those points aside, I definitely like this version more so far. (And as someone with an interest in gender bending, that's not mere idle praise.)

Well, I'm surprised it took me this long to read this, and that you restarted this story I did feel weird about before (can't remember why, maybe with how Scootaloo and Sweetie tried to keep Apple Bloom from going back to the gender she'd prefer to be), but glad to see it being continued, even if it's starting over now!

Just jumped right in at the beginning and Spike seems to get the short end of the stick of proper treatment in this chapter, but he's not really the focus, just saying though. And of course, nerd Twilight with her fascination at what she did, rather than listening to what her friend was trying to say (reminds me of the incident with Fluttershy being ignored in Dragonshy :facehoof:).

And though I don't remember how the original tale went, with how the others discovered AB was now a colt, I have a feeling it's gonna get awkward... though hopefully different later, if you don't have Discord by their (Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle) asking try again to interfere with Twilight working towards making Apple Bloom stay a colt permanently; which'll ultimately fail, knowing those three? And Twilight likely not being one to give up.

Anyway, decent first chapter and I hope to see more updates to this when you can do it! :heart:

Enjoyable i hope to see you continue it

I just reread this story it is still funny! I really hope you do an update soon :yay:

Sounds like a clop I did an audio read of some time ago :twilight sheepish:

Why is this always happening... :facehoof: if you're not going to finish the story don't start it.

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