• Published 30th Jun 2013
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Welcome to the club~ - WebHead69

Rainbow Dash feels that she's not being appreciated for her talents...and neither does Thunderlane.

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Good story but the last 3 chapters basically killed off all my enjoyment of it. :applecry::fluttercry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair:


You're hard to please I've noticed. :rainbowlaugh:

But I understand if you didn't enjoy the end~

3643498 Depends on the story, the setting, the characters and my current mood. Just really didn't like Spitfire in this story and the things she pulled.

There's always one with a problem with tiny errors in every chapter :facehoof:


Nice knowing that someone else appreciates female dom~

Well, finally finished this. Had the tab open for twelve hours today because parents decided to pester me. Overall... a pretty good story. Knew Dash was going to rim Thunderlane, which still grosses the unholy fuck out of me. Now... what else is there for me to say? Hmmm, ah, the concept is something I love to death, because pegasi are my favorites and you really used all of my favorites (just add Fleetfoot and Lightning). Now, there are but two things that need a moderate bit of work. The sensuality and descriptions of the clop was rather lacking in my eyes. Finally, the errors in the story were abundant. You've got some good potential, but it's always a good idea to have a pre-reader and editor give the story a once over. I wish you the best of luck in your future writings! Keep up the great work!


Enjoyable. That's all i'm going to say. I've got nothing bad to say but imma stop there

can ou make an anthro soarinXrainbowXspitfireXfleetfoot oneshop clop?

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