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You can make this a proper sequel by taking the six digit code in the url of the previous story, and put it in the story prequel box of this one. Then people who followed the last story should be told about this one in their feeds.


Ah good point. Thank you for reminding me.

I didn't get all the way through yet, but wasn't Spike already in a harem with the Mane Six?


Yes and no. That comes from the previous story A Different Kind of Greed...

Even though Spike did sex up all the mares, not to mention Twilight getting a double dose of Spike :twilightblush:, Spike orginally wanted to stay exclusive to Rarity because he though it would be in poor taste to actually declare his love for the fashionista and at the same time he pretty much cheated on Rarity already with the other mares. Rarity countered that with even though she's flattered and accepted his feelings, she gave him the opportunity to be in a open relationship, or long story short, Rarity may be Spike's main girl, but he can fool around with the other mares with little issue.

At least that's what I picked up from it.

Ugh, yet another story where Spike fucks Twilight Velvet and Cadence and adds both too his harem? :applecry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2:

WebHead69. You're a beautiful bastard and I love you.

7174735 I second this.

7175099 Okay, Reread. Spike is with Rarity officially. Whether or not he's still doing the other five remain to be seen. Apparently, Applejack found someone else. I guess will have to wait and see.

Okay, interesting start. I suspect Spike will make it to the castle next chapter and Spike will be sexing it up with the princesses. Maybe some of the castle staff?

It's a good start but I have to say the grammar is a bit off.

Oh come oooon! Get to the juicy part where Celestia seduces Spike and bangs his brains out already! :trollestia:

When do you think next chapter will arrive?


Maybe tomorrow; Work has been crazy lately and my roommate is sick so I am helping him out as well.

Hope Spike get to be with Fluer or Moondancer if possible Celestia

The cunt actually had the gall to say she still loves her husband? Pretty sure she doesn't love him in the first place if she's gonna fuck Spike just because she hasn't gotten laid in a while.

“After all, we can’t all continue to blame past mistakes, right?”

What if Rarity asks "What is that supposed to mean?" Then Spike is really screwed.

Goodness me, I shouldn’t have asked… No matter; I am not going to see this to the end, she thought.

Don't you mean she is going to see this to the end?

7175140 I skipped the entire clop scene.:pinkiesick: Looks like you were right.:ajsleepy: I was so hoping that wasn't going to be the case.:facehoof: PLEASE don't like him get Cadance as well.:fluttershysad:

I don't think he done it with Starlight.

At first I was actually pissed with how Velvet and her husband weren't sexually active for so long. I thought that this would be a continuous thing for her and would be added to Spike's hoard. But the fact that it was only a one time thing and that she's learning from the experience to better her relationship more than makes up for it. Nice work.

7194791 If you had read to the end, you would've seen Velvet say that this was just going to be a one time thing for her. She's not joining Spike's hoard at all, nor is she going to keep cheating on her husband. She's even going to try and rekindle the passion between her and Night. Trust me things will be fine, and I'm sure Cadence won't be added either. If anything it'll probably be a favor, or it could be a three way with Shining involved.

Now that was an awesome chapter. The build up, the tension and the climax(giggidy) was executed wonderfully.

7195100 And that is one time too many. I strongly dislike fic where one spouse cheats on the other...unless it's an open marriage and that much is stated.

Nice chapter, with soft-threesome!!

It's getting really hot in here!!
(。・_・。) (・∀・ )

Spike has swag indeed. Curious what Tia and Luna are up to. Looks like Cadance wants in on the fun.

This is quite the hot sex scene. Really liked how Spike and Mint interacted. Hope the next one comes soon.

I have not been able to read any of the sex scenes so far. I don't like the idea of Spike having sex with married women. Or OCs I know nothing about. I'll probably will read the ones involving Celestia and Luna, but until then I will more than likely skip every clop scene. Hell, if it don't happen soon, I may stop following this story.

Is Cadence really going to betray her vows, her husband, and her little Flurry Heart for a rut?!

Maybe Spike should go see DL Ember for a one-on-one private session.

Spike continued to move and in out of Cadence,

Wrong Pony.

Also, is it this "Spike Sexes Everypony Up" story (well, series now) where dragons have some sort of pharamonal coitus synchronization thing that matches his partner's orgasm to his own, or am I thinking of a different story? Sorry, they all start to blend together after a while.


Ah thanks for pointing out my error.

Also, that synchronization was because of Cadence's magic and not Spike.

I am guessing that Celestia had a big old orgy with Luna and the guards, explaining why they couldn't be found before.

Liking this story so far glad the update came soon hope the other comes out soon too.

Who knew dragon sperm was an aphrodisiac.:D

7237019 Actually, if you recall for the last story, Celestia said Luna was going to be punished for what she tried to do to Spike in his dreams. That's probably why when Luna heard that Celestia was the one that invited Spike, she hauled ass to probably try and find someplace to hide.

Oh yeah. Then was that Celestia watching from behind the scenes?

7237873 What scene? It was pretty straight-forward. Celestia came in and dragged Luna away.

I heard that male Dragons have 'double dragons'.

Another dragon? Or perhaps...dragoness?

Is Spike about to see or do Ember, I hope?

Celestia, have you been sexually tormenting your sister again?:trollestia:

While I love this story, I really hate when stories have celestia like this. The one that know exactly what's up, but manipulates everyone, like the bit about mint and her attitude about it, and the stuff between her and Luna, I just had the urge to punch her right in the snout.

I mean the only time I'm fine with this is in the stories I know she's gonna get a for of comeuppance for it.

I apologize for the rant I know it's your story and you write it however you want, I just wanted you to know my only real issue with the story.


Well, I actually agree with you; I've noticed a consistent trait of Celestia being in control of the situation and the mastermind behind a few things. However, I assure you that you're going to be surprised with how things go for her.

Oh this better be Ember! XD

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