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i am best barbeque. put your hamburgers on me.

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My entry to the Variety is the Spice of Life challenge over in the Intelligent Shipping Discussion group, which was about Main 6 x Main 6 shipping with prompts.

Chapter order is the order I wrote them in; it's marked as Complete because I probably won't write the other 10. Though when inspiration strikes I'll add them here.

An Apology and A Night are Teen for alcohol references. The rest is Everyone.

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28th May 2013
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28th May 2013

There really isn't enough AppleShy on this site.

How exactly did Rainbow Dash get used three times, yet Rarity wasn't used at all?


I was wondering how long it would be before someone would mention that :P In all seriousness, I only noticed Rarity wasn't there after I did like, the 5 of them already. You could say it's a reflection of how much I like each character, though that's not true. I just didn't get any inspiration at all for one with Rarity.

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