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Rainbow Dash has always been a solo performance, but after she sees Applejack drifting during the Running of the Leaves, she wants to learn that too. Meanwhile, Applejack develops new feelings for her friend.

Borrows elements from Cars; Cars-ified ponies, if you want. Written for the AppleDash contest #2. Preread/edited by Sharp Spark.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

I like the world you have created here.:twilightsmile:
But I think AJ should be a Mustang GT and Dash a Mclaren MP4, but that is just my personal opinion.:twilightsheepish:
Maybe Mac could be a Dodge Ram? Twilight a Mitsuoka Orochi? Rarity a Jaguar? Pinkie Pie a Honda Civic? Fluttershy a Tesla Roadster? Apple Bloom a Ford Focus Rallycar? Scootaloo a modern Fiat 500 rallycar? Sweetie Belle a Golf?:applejackconfused:

You have created quite a universe with this shipping fic.:moustache:

2844491 And Granny Smith is a Mercedes-Benz SSK.

very interesting story you created here. Kind of threw me off guard for a moment. I was thinking more like Fast and the Furious with driver. Not like Disneys Cars. But it was really good and i cant wait to see if you expand the universe anymore. If you do hopefully AJ and Dash stay together.

Now silly question. How does the whole Baby car thing work. wondered the same thing in CARS. I mean yeah i guess they get built. But how would the parents play into. Just picking parts and what not. Sorry rambled there :applejackconfused:

NO!no no no no no no no no no ,,,,,,,,, Rainbow dash is a ford GT!!! becouse ford is 'merican. and the ford is faster than a lambo and has been since 2005. might wanna change the cover picture.:facehoof:

Yeah, I just kind of wanted to avoid the whole driver thing, what with humans and personality. Plus giving the cars feelings (like in Cars; I don't know if many other movies do that) allowed me to make all these really bad puns etc. But it's all up to your interpretation of course.

Ideas for a sequel spinoff have popped up at some point, so if I feel like it, I'll definitely expand on this.

Cars-ified ponies?

That's a thing?

This is either gonna be lols or one of the most awesome things ever. I shall have to read it to find out I guess. :ajsmug:

2846712 well if you make a spin-off then ill check it out for sure

Cars....well.....I'm okay with that.
I'm really confused but hey, why not cars?
Do more....I think? :rainbowderp:

I was pleasantly surprised.
Enjoyable read.

Excellent. Not sure how you pulled it off, but it was adorable. (And oh gawds Camperlot..) :rainbowlaugh:

Borrows elements from Cars; Cars-ified ponies, if you want.

Welp, this is gonna be interesting.:pinkiehappy:

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