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I guess I’m labeling this story as mature for now, there’s a lot more explicit imagery then I would have wanted. Hey, ever look at what the monsters in Silent Hill mean I just went to town on the concept. Plus, Littlepip is a dirty pony witch was the reason why I wanted to do a Silent Hill type story with her in the first place.

A c-crossover that's crossovering two crossovers? Those of which are FO: E and silent ponyville/hill?

I don't see this ending well.

I've wondered how long it would be before someone wrote this. This is going on my must read list.


Well you’re in for a treat, this is only the first chapter after all. There will be a lot more. There are a tone of concepts I have to work with. Between using elements of Fallout: Equestria, Silent Hill's movies and games and Silent Ponyville. Adding ponified and OC characters to work off of. Each of which giving the nature of world can spawn their own monsters or even special themed otherworlds. And being really really creative person. I have lots of ways to keep the story going and fresh.

I like the way certain parts of this fic is working so far. The grotesque imagery fits in well with the Silent Hill motif and makes it sickenly haunting. I am also having fun trying to see the meaning behind each moment.

Parts of this are making me think that there is a hidden crossover in all of this. All of this sexual imagery along with sexual torture is bringing to mind of what if Clive Barker directed Silent Hill.

Silent Hill? I not read it yet, but I already love it! :rainbowwild:

I read it. and I like it! Damn, I love SH.:pinkiehappy: Would be good if some stallion rapes LP here. THAT's would be real hell for that "I don't like anything about foals" bitch. :twilightsmile: Oh, no, better minotaur, or hellhound. :scootangel:

Yay, two halves monster! I loved that things. You should slow down pace. Details are incredibly important here. Do not mind these casuals, who not like glorious SH.

Oh, I like alternative ending far more!

Yey, I finally brought in Mane/Harry Mason and got that Pipbuck subplot revealed!

Dunno why, but for me it's really looks like comedy in some parts. :derpytongue2: Maybe I played SH too much in my time. :pinkiecrazy:

YaY! Pinkie are so nice! :yay: Damn, how I hate LP... :rainbowkiss:

I think I will like this story.

Littlepip is the perfect character for inner demons, with her drunkard mom, killing with reckless abandon, and all her other internal a strifes.

I have good feelings about this.

We need BJ here as some very powerfull monster... :rainbowkiss:

Why does this have many downvotes on this story? This is the most interesting Fallout Fic I ever read.


I think some people just devote it on the concept with out reading. I've been told fans have deeps feeling about Littlepip and don't like her being used in other stories.

To have you people know it's really hard not to laugh when you try to write Bible quotes with pony puns:rainbowlaugh:

Haha! Fans have deep feeling for LP.....:rainbowlaugh:
Not every FoE fan has much feeling for LP. :ajsmug: She is childfree bitch, seems kkat too. So both of them can go and fuck themself. :rainbowdetermined2:
And story is nice. :twilightsmile:


So both of them can go and fuck themself. :rainbowdetermined2:


Oh shit, regolit has changed...

You're supposed to get attached to the main char when reading a story. Kind of an important thing to do. But to downvote something because it's using that character and trying to give said character more depth, that's crap. Now if it's butchering the character that's a different story, and I don't think this fic does that.


Maybe I played SH too much in my time

easy way to answer that, do either of the following envoke a strong reaction from you?

By Luna's sacred tail! :pinkiegasp:
Fallout: Equestria AND Silent Ponyville!?!?! :pinkiecrazy:

Despite all the spelling and grammatical errors, this was a pretty interesting read. I liked the alternate endings to each chapter, it shows that not all stories have a one track mind. Though, a word of advice, work on your story flow a bit, as well as character development. I can't tell you how many times I got confused as to which world Littlepip was in, Otherworld and "normal" world. And with character development, make sure you give them enough of a personality, as well as a good back story, that will allow the reader to relate/connect with them. Along with that, it's wise that you don't ax a main character to quickly, like Sioux Falls or Minty Love. Last bit of advice mate, clean up Chapter 11 a bit. It was WAY too confusing trying to piece together the plot and the events occurring in this chapter. Besides that, well done on this fic, it kept me interested (and slightly disturbed) to the end.


Well, I like this story for now. But chapter 2 it too fast, Pip is practically rushing through hospital without even asking why she should follow those notes. Or her reaction to Otherword "Oh fuck, Otherworld... It's killing time! :pinkiecrazy: " but I think that is right reaction in her case, after all Wasteland is messed up place.
But atmosphere is well made, and holy shit Sunderland and his "sexy" monsters are freaking angels :scootangel: compared to this!

Being a lover of Silent Hill, and starting to dig FoE, I'll have to give this a read some time.

Is this crossing over from Jake Heritagu's Silent Ponyville

If someone in the fallout universe found themselves in silent hill would they even see a difference besides slightly more isolation? I mean the world has ALREADY gone to hell and there ARE mutants roaming the world. I havent read the fic yet but this is my assumption of what would happen if somehow both of those games were REAL. silent hill monsters wouldn't be any worse than fallout monsters so this really wouldn't affect them....


The alternate ending was much better!

Comment posted by Warrior Kitten deleted May 24th, 2014

LittlePip chose the wrong ending sad faec

Dat alternate ending. The why boner has returned.

I'm confused about switching the term jizzed with jazzed. As the term is usually jazz, and the act of it is jizzing, I dunno, it's just weird to me.

So instead of Fallout rules, this goes by Silent Hill rules.

Fallout: Equestria + Silent Hill + Kingdom Hearts = :pinkiesick:

So... Where does this take place? Directly after the 1st fallout equinestria? Pls explain this to me.

Prophet Bless suddenly stops. My face plants into his rear. I could feel something squish under my muzzle.

Prophet just took a face to the balls, & treats it like nothing.

So the alternative ending here is that Lyra gets control of Pip's body? Reminds me of Silen... Dammit, of course. Pinkie's third sister in the first SHPV.

Alternative ending FOR THE WIN!

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