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(Sequel to Doctor Whoof: Time of the Hourglass)
The Doctor, after a tiring week trying to repair the TARDIS again, has decided that he needs a little vacation. After hearing that Apple Bloom is heading to Appleloosa to visit her cousin, he volunteers to accompany her. However, things arnt as peaceful in the small town as The Doctor had hoped.

Can The Doctor and Apple Bloom fight off the metal menace of the Cybermen, in pony form? How did the cyborgs get to Equestria in the first place? And will Braeburn ever fix that yelling problem he has? Find out in the third enstalment of Doctor Whoof! (Cyberpony art found on Google)
(Start from the begining with Doctor Whoof: Day of Discord )
(Continue to read the epic adventures of The Doctor in Equestria in Doctor Whoof: Battle Royal )

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 40 )

Sweet Celestia, I hated Torchwood. Thanks for bringing THAT piece of crud back up. Say, thinking about putting Bad Wolf in this story as well? It might work, actually.

P.S. There are some grammatical errors in this story. Just so you know.

I know there are grammar errors, that's how I roll.:moustache: lol, but seriously... Yeah I'm bad with grammar. It doesn't help that my word proccesor can't find them either. As for Torchwood, you may want to worry a bit. Torchwhoof (puns ahoy!) is in this story quite a bit (at least Stormbreaker is), but I'm probably going to down play it a bit. He'll have a bigger role coming up though.

As for Bad Wolf, :pinkiehappy: I'm saving all the stuff on our favorite whisk wielding aliens for another, very special story.

More like Cyberpony:trollestia:
So now we have the plot going on, whoo~ Random shipping and Scoot's mom. I don't really get the thing about RD- wait a minute... Oh Celestia, no! :fluttershbad:

397092 Ha you called the gun stick a whisk.

You have captured my interests good sir.

And I didn't even have to use my pokemon to weaken it. lol:pinkiecrazy:

GODDAMNIT TORCHWOO-ErWHOOF!!! Also, first-blocked beeyetch.

Why does Torchwood always ruin everything in every universe?

Because they always pick jerks for their first leaders, I blame Trollestia :trollestia:

Bucking Torchwhoof, I always hated that thing :twilightangry2:

Oh please don't cyberponify Little Strongheart! I'm begging you :fluttercry:

Screw Torchwhoof! I never liked Torchwood... well, the early Torchwood, that is. And that Stormbreaker... just, buck him. Buck him and his Torchwhoof! Urgh, I hate him so much :twilightangry2:

The Torchwhoof files is acceptable. They're quite fun to read, anyway.

I'll be sure to put in a few more after I get another chapter written. Hopefully, my procrastination will be less sever then it was now that I'm getting more ideas back in my head. Plus I really want to get to the next story! :twilightblush:

It sorta actually kinda makes sence with RD and scoots mom. RD always calls scoots "Squirt" and scoots idolizes her

I hate torch wood to. Can you throw in a file on pinkie pie? Im curious to know what they would put about her pinkie sence!:pinkiehappy:

!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What!?!?!.!?!?
You better make more! That last line sounded like:raritywink:
Am I right? Am I right?

I'll be making files for Derpy and Apple Bloom first (since they're The Doctor's main companions in the stories) but after that I'll do one for each of the Mane 6, Spike, and a few other ponies.

Really, I hadn't noticed. :trollestia:

That pony at the end, it can't REALLY be The Doctor. I mean, he doesn't have yellow teeth, right? I'm sure he brushes his occasionally. :rainbowhuh:

Pretty well made, actually. But please... Refrain from the Hub logo jokes. Those died off fast :derpytongue2:


I shall try. The only reason I made that one was because I love that part of the Nightmare Night episode.:heart:

Not tellin :trollestia: You'll just have to read to find out. :pinkiehappy:

Haters gonna... EXTERMINATE

Someone smack that commander and tell him what happened to earth when they tried to screw with what the doctor was trying to do.

need to see torchwood get smacked in the face by the doctor. DO IT NOW.

Oh and, "...picked up an adolescent alien genius from a parallel dimension naked Adric"
Yea just pointin that out.

Yeah... Kinda glanced over the naked part. :rainbowlaugh: Oh god, it took me a while to see what I wrote there.


Um i can deal as long as she isnt featured every chapter

She plays a big part, but she's not always going to be boasting all the time. Even the Great and Powerful Trixie should learn how to tone it down.

OMG the robots are gonna take back sweetie bell :pinkiegasp:

O_O i had absolutely no idea that torchwood was an anagram of Doctor who :rainbowderp:
but then again i absolutely suck at recognizing anagrams in the first place :pinkiesad2:

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