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(The sequel to Doctor Whoof: Day of Discord.)
Things have quieted down in Equestria since The Doctor and his companions faced Discord and Blackspine. However, their break is interupted when a strange pegasus arrives in Ponyville looking for the time colt. Even stranger, Equestria's former first hero has begun acting very out of character.

Who is this strange pony? Why is the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well acting so strangely? Find out in the second enstalment of Doctor Whoof! ( The Story continues in The Iron Horse. Also click here to read Discord in Time! A side story to my Doctor Whoof series.)

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 39 )

Yeah, another of the Doctor's adventures in Equestria!

Oh my! We get Mare-Do-Well as well!:pinkiehappy:
Aww Yeaa!
This sequel's gonna kick SO MUCH FLANK!

Well, I'll admit, I'm intrigued. Onward into the void!

Colt. Not clot.

Curse you auto-correct!!!! :flutterrage: But thanks for finding that. :pinkiehappy:

Sweet Celestia, this is getting intense! Wait, River Song's here, so that means... The Doctor doesn't have to go back:pinkiehappy:! Oh please, don't hurt Rarity! She doesn't deserve it, she really doesn't!:fluttercry:

If Mare-Do-Well harms Fluttershy, his/her soul shall burn.

Weren't 4 of the Mane 6 Mare-Do-Well, not 3?

For the record, it's "Gallifrey", not "Galiiefray".

Good story so far, but you should run it through a spell-checker, you've got a fairly large number of typos. They're spread out and not visible enough to kill the enjoyment of the story, but it does make it look sloppy. Still, good story so far, so 4/5.

Yep, but I havn't put them all in. Plus the story's not finished, so we mite see Fluttershy in costume. I'm not sure yet. :pinkiesmile:

I've noticed that. The word processor I'm using is a bit strange, I'm thinking of either looking for another one or asking someone else to read through it before I publish it. Thanks for the feed back :pinkiehappy:


Let me clarify on the first one. In the show, Pinkie is unmasked first, followed by Twilight and Applejack. But Fluttershy admits to doing the fly-by after the dam incident. So Pinkie's statement here: "...no one knows that Mare-Do-Well is actually three ponies except for us and Rainbow Dash." is false, since Mare-Do-Well was actually four ponies. That Fluttershy wasn't in costume at the time everypony confessed is irrelevant.

I understand your point, and I actually thought I said four but I must've fudge it up. Thanks for finding that, I fixed it.

Oh crud, we've got a real villain now.

Doctor! How could you?! You gained two new companions, and you sent them both packing! Well, AJ sent Apple Bloom packing, but you get the point! Shame on you, Doctor! :trixieshiftleft:

Whoa, to be concluded? Are you saying this story's ending soon? Oh man :unsuresweetie: Well, it was still an amazing chapter! Can't wait to find out what Pinkie's up to :pinkiecrazy:

.. A Torchwood reference? This could get pretty epic! I seriously can't wait for that!

cant wait till the next instalment this was a good read:pinkiehappy:

I plan on them being part of the series in certain spots, and shall try and make it as epic as possible. :moustache:

I got the prologue for the next installment up actually. Link's in the description. And thanks. :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy did the fly by, twilight fixed the dam, applejack stopped the bus, and pinkie saved the workers. Did I miss any? Rarity only mad the costumes and rainbow was the one they kept it from. So yep!:pinkiehappy:

Keeper.... Haven't I heard that name before? IDK. Good story.
You should have made her say her usual line "hello sweetie"

And then theres river....:pinkiehappy:
Lovin this story.
Pleas go on...

So does everyone already know that the doctors an alien? Im really missing that part in this story.

Well, the only ones who know are The Mane 6, the CMC's, the Apple Family, Derpy, Dinky, and the Princesses. The rest of Ponyville just think he's a hero.

how come i feel like riversong before she became good just entered the story?

And so the rage of the Doctor shall begin.

And so I learn something new about Doctor who.

They dont know but with his personality they will probably guess it soon. or maybe they do know. Ask the author

hm this is he first doctor whooves fanfic to include river in it.....im half excited and half dissapointed
excited because...welll its river :pinkiesmile: AND SHE HAS A GUN! :pinkiehappy:
dissapointed because this means no doctor derpy romance :pinkiesad2: which is one of only two mlp ships i actually enjoy reading about genuinely (the only other being octavia and vinyl)
alas i shall continue GERONIMO!!

i was reading this totally engrossed untill the rani showed up and i read your note :trixieshiftright: it was at that point i decided that i dident know enough about the doctor and that there were other time lords. so i just spent about 2hours reading up of various subjects related to but not limited to: the doctor, the rani, the monk, rassilon, the TARDIS, various short episodes, and space loops and im glad i did :scootangel:

ok so we know how ranis here but how did river get here i doubt her "pogo stick like" TT device could send her through the void to equestria

wait hold on i dont understand what happened during and after the flashback rarity jumped for the device but rani got it first and then she suddenly looking at the doctor and river just stands there NOT shooting her gun? i feel like theirs missing details that are needed in between these actions :facehoof:
EDIT: how does a TARDIS just shatter like that?

ohhh now im getting exciteeeddd :pinkiehappy: torchwood and dinky still looks adorable in a trench coat however i still dont get what happened to the rani........so what happened to rani? :moustache:

which is why it’s stuck looking like a police box (a sort of blue phone booth).

:ajbemused:wow didn't know that... yeah, you don't need to be a whovian to know what a police box is

torchwood, i prefer UNIT, their much more cooperative with the doctor, their less military and more scientific (well, from what i gather, kate stewart's reformed UNIT is less military), and they don't go using alien tech for their own weapon systems when doctor told them not to.

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