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Fluttershy has always liked Twilight as a friend but when Twilight got her wings she saw Twilight in a whole new way. It got harder to talk to her and she decides Zecora might be able to help her.

Chapters (2)

Lyra Heartstrings has been obsessed with humans ever since she was a little filly and she is striving to find a way to get to a human world to experience that alien world for herself. Her friends are worried about her behavior, especially her marefriend Bon-Bon; they have been witnessing her experiments which they are concerned that one of those would hurt somepony someday.

One day, Lyra heard a rumor that Twilight Sparkle has a portal that leads to the Human World and it mirrors Equestria and the inhabitants. She was thrilled to go there to start her new life but she is afraid that her marefriend would persuade her to not go or destroy that portal.

Instead, Lyra got herself kicked out of her own home after an experiment gone wrong. She wrote a letter to Bon-Bon saying that she will be leaving Ponyville forever and find a new home somewhere in Equestria, but in actuality, she was going towards the portal.

After Lyra found a chance to get into the portal, she was teleported to the world she desired for so long. However, when she got there she was immediately greeted by a crying human girl who said: “I thought you died…”

The first thought that Lyra thought of was “What just happened?”.

Let see where this story goes. Shall we?

Chapters (1)

The ancient and powerful Accipion Empire has conquered every nation on Equus... except one. Despite their apparent weakness, the magic of friendship has protected ponies for many years. Emperor Gaius Renault thought his kind would rule forever, that they would have ample opportunity to conquer their ancient foe.

Nature had other ideas. Beneath their claws was a force of unimaginable power, a volcano whose eruption will devastate the empire and smother their crops for years afterward. Even his most optimistic advisors agree that there is only one choice: evacuation.

Equestria might be friendly, but they are no fools. They send a pony, Starlight Glimmer, to see that the terms of the evacuation are followed, and to help the griffins integrate during their time as refugees in Equestria. But blood runs thick, and old rivalries can't just be forgotten.

The longer Starlight Glimmer watches, the more she is convinced she is witnessing the end of both nations.

Updates Mondays (though it will update for the next three days as it has just launched)

This story was commissioned on my Patreon by Vilken666. Thank you so much for making this story possible!

Coverart but Zutcha, who maintains his perfect record. Prereading by Two Bit and Sparktail (sometimes).

Chapters (1)

A lone changeling finds out why One does not escape from the Hive.

An experimental piece I entered into a Writeoff Association short story contest.

Chapters (1)

The war that is high-school is coming to an end. Two best friends, with nothing left to joint them, must learn how to say farewell.

Chapters (1)

When the Mane 6 are transported into the world filled with the Need For Speed, they are forced to work with the leader of a racing group in order to get back home. In order to do so however, they must drive to get there, and it will not be easy. What will they drive? How far will they go? How many cops will they thrash? All is to be revealed in the new action-packed racing thriller game, The Ultimate Need For Speed.

Chapters (1)

A long time ago, longer than any of us can remember, a mare brought us in. We were lost, hopeless, confused. But this mare, Mother, the mare who brings us hope, love, and equality, gave us a new life.

One where, we are all equal. Nopony is higher than another. Nopony is better than another. We are all friends, we are family, sisters and brothers.

We are all friends and family.

My Teacher and friend, tells me I am 'different'. I am 'special'. As though she knows more about me than I do.

My Teacher is full of mysteries, she is not like the others. She must be what she calls, 'important'.

And, why is it, that I sometimes long for something other than equality, if something like that exists.

I wish I could be somewhere out of Her watching eye.

Chapters (1)

In the year 2015, humans vanished off the face of the earth and those that remained were transformed into ponies, griffins, and other creatures. The others were thrown into the timestream to return as one of these creatures at a later time. Fast forward three millennia and a new society rose from the ashes, built by the returning humans and their children. The refugees of this era may not have it as bad as those in the past, but integrating into this new society still poses a great challenge.

This is a collection of stories taking place in the 'Ponies After People' universe created by Starscribe.

A special thank you to all the great people that have helped and encouraged me to follow through with this project! Y'all know who you are.

Chapters (3)

For a pegasus, losing the ability to fly is devastating. Even more so if you already had a cutie mark in flying.
Despite his lack of talent, Phoenix is pursuing a career as a Canterlot defense attorney to help the helpless. The problem is that no one at all would hire a lawyer who has no cutie mark in legal ability.
No one except the absolutely desperate.

An equine adaptation of the Ace Attorney video game series with original mysteries.

Chapters (1)

PLEASE NOTE: Strong language contained (it's rated T for a reason)
You know the drill; guy goes to convention, buys oddly specific item from merchant, and presto: new world, new people, new fuckton o’ problems. I found all three Atlamillia being sold by a merchant, so of course, I bought the lot of ‘em, for just 60 bucks. Now I’m stuck in a world full of talking technicolor horses. Should I mention I was turned to stone the minute I arrived?

This is a displaced Fanfic, I do not own anything.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Hasbro product
Dark Cloud is a SONY Entertainment and Level 5 product

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