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My name is Moving Gear, I am an unicorn stallion that used to work in inventing new technology. However, because of the peace that dominates this land, ponies don't want to change. They probably fear that new things will destroy their peace. That destroying my business, so I had to find some other work. In the meantime I found a weird material that washed on the beach. Using that material I managed to outlive my peers by replicating it and changing my body parts into exact copies made from that material. I also found a weird message hidden in the original material. I hope that someone will listen...

Chapters (1)

Colton, due to a vision. is going to try going to equestira during an eclipse. well read the rest to find out.

this is a bit of a one shot, if it gets enough attention then ill post the next chapter.

Chapters (1)

The story takes place in AU where Terrek wasn't ever there and instead, was replaced by Kevin a person that was transported there by a present left by his parents that he thought that he knew, and it started on the lowest day he had ever lived, but life gave him a life in a world less grim and murderous, giving him the chance to really begin to enjoy himself again, maybe, and what determines his journey will be the ponies he meets and maybe someone/pony else.

Another is that the story is also affected by YOU, somewhat suggested characters will be added in the next chapter max being 3 every chapter each chapter is at least 1000.

Chapters (1)

Maestro Spectrum. You think you know him. You don't. That's other "Maestro Spectrum"s. This one is different. He seems to just be a simple unicorn- Yet nobody on Mytharia can figure out where he came from, not even himself. What is the secret of his past? What will happen when he finds out? Tune in, and see it all unfold...

Chapters (1)

Nova was his name these days. Sure it wasn't the worst name in the world but let's be honest, Locus Tempus Imperium sounds way cooler and powerful. Nova spoke of a stallion with his head in the clouds while his true name spoke of a stallion that held great power.

Of course the last part of his name had he picked along with his older brother ages ago. He didn't even remeber his actual last name his parents had given him, something that bothered him a little.

If he remebered it he would write it down on a small lizard so he would always know where it was, in the freezer. He would then take out the lizard and read what was written on it with a potato he had found in a pony's throat. Lizards could fly right? So he would just throw it like a paper airplane to his sister when she needed the information. Ahhh mordern mail systems.

The world have changed a lot since Nova and his brother played in it, perhaps so much it was no longer his home.


One special foal met a strange creature many years ago. They both felt a kindred spirit and soon came to call each other brothers. However when the two brothers lost each other the foal would be lost for a long time until he would be found by the parents of the princess's own student and from there on out his jounery would rip the tapestry of destiny apart as the events around him would change from how they were once supposed to happen.

This is the story of one stallion trying to understand the world around him while the ponies he know tries in return to understand him. This is the story of Locus and his make-shift family's adventures across Euqestria.

((Sorry for the bad cover art but It's all I have for now :twilightsheepish:

Chapters (1)

In an infinite multiverse there are equally infinite stories to tell. While planeswalkers across time and space compete in epic struggles for their own ideals, the ponies of Equestria have many tales of their own to share.

A series of short stories set in the same universe as My Little Planeswalker. Possible spoilers for that story abound.

Chapters (1)

The events of this story take place during and after the episode "sonic rainboom."

Soarin's life was going great until the day of "The Young Fliers Competition," when he tried to save Rarity's life. The next day Soarin wakes up realising his wings have been transformed into girly butterfly wings. Now he has to learn to use his new wings and fight to keep his position in the Wonderbolts with the help of Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

Editor: The Abyss

Artist for the cover art: Pridark

Chapters (1)

Equestria might be a threat. Thom doesn't know, and he didn't particularly care. Then he was hired to investigate.

This is an Optimalverse story.

Cover is balthasar999's.

Chapters (1)

Starlight has had some major accomplishment since becoming Twilight's student. However, she has grown arrogant from her success that she won't see what's about to happen when an old foe returns to seek vengeance, along with two others.

Chapters (3)

"Day one: They told me I would never make it, but today is the day I prove them wrong. These will be my last words on my Home planet for a while... Au Revoir, I gotta catch that shuttle."
Join me in my first fic, a shameless self-insert space adventure inspired by Elite:Dangerous.
Made by: Me!
Proofread by: My lovely Girlfriend

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