This story is a sequel to Batmare: Birth Of The Dark Knight

(Note: If you have not read Batmare: Birth Of The Dark Knight I suggest you do so in order for the events of this fic to make sense.)

Ever since the defeat of The Joker, Batmare and Robin have become known as Equestria's greatest defenders. Thanks to them, the citizens of Equestria can sleep peacefully at night.

But when a new foe named Miss. Freeze shows up, her icy powers aren't the only problem the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder must contend with. Robin is starting to feel insecure about being a sidekick, and Batmare is begining to have doubts about her ability to make a difference.

To make matters worse, an old enemy is scheming to take revenge on a pony he blames for ruining his life. And no one is aware of it.

With things spiraling out of control left and right, do our heroes stand a chance? Or is Equestria doomed to suffer under the wrath of new super villans?

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Winter is over, the spring winds blow gently and the red poppies dance. If only Twinkle could focus on what was happening now instead of what was, and if Cake could get her little ponies to stay happy, maybe they won't see winter again. But the air grows colder, the memories bleed in. No matter how many songs you dance too or how many cups of juice you drink it seems no pony can run from their past.

This story tries to make the best of the worst ending Equestria could get in the EAW universe. it was heavily inspired by generation 3 of my little pony, as well as the indie game 'we happy few.'

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Crime, is something that is present no matter where you look. Sure there are places that seem free of its influence, but scratch below the surface and you'll see signs of crime and corruption.

Even a seemingly peaceful land such as Equestria has its secrets. For unknown to many, the world of crime has quite the influence.

Applejack is aware of this fact, but when Granny Smith reveals how it ties into the deaths of Applejack's parents, Applejack is furious.

Before long however, she decides that there's only one thing to do. Teach the world of crime a lesson. And she intends to do so using their greatest weapon, fear.

And so, Equestria's greatest, and most mysterious defender is born.

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After her fellow changelings discovered that she had a disability, they attempted to cleanse the hive by having her executed but due to sheer luck, she managed to escape from the Queens clutches. On the run, she is forced to live with among her enemies.

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This is a one shot. It is the first one I've ever written and it was done in one session.

Dark tag is for implying certain outcomes.

Alexander suddenly finds himself in the world of Equestria without any explanation at all. He finds himself as one of the Pinkie Pie clones from the episode "Too many Pinkies" and staring at paint. He dares not move as he knows what's coming if he does. With only his knowledge of MLP:FIM and the memories of the clone he now inhabits he has to find a way to stay, while keeping the real Pinkie Pie out of danger as well.

This one, is a hard one.

This idea hit me like a truck after reading "Drifting" Written by: ShadowKirby

Featured: (2015-05-14) to (2015-05-18) Thank you all! Also, this story now has a sequel, it's called "This is worse!".

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In The Future This Story May Receive Light Again, But For Now It Will Sleep

As another year passes, a host of characters are pulled from the void. All of them see themselves as heroes in their own right, but soon they will realize that this may not be the case. In this hostile dimension, they will be forced into a tournament where twenty-four will enter, but only one will exit. The stage is set, the world is watching, and everypony is prepared to declare their newest victor. Will they have what it takes to survive in this cruel and twisted world? Is playing their game truly the only way to win, or is escape not as impossible as it seems?

This story is inspired by a Hunger Games OC concept made in 2019 but with some twists to set it apart. The idea was first proposed by a creator called EvyDusk, who's no longer active. The current main ideas in this story and drafts of it are created by me, and they are improved on massively by my co-writer named Emo Rainbow.

Like any other Hunger Games Story, there will be a lot of violence, deaths, and disappointing moments as OCs are cut down and their numbers dwindle, however, for the OCs who were submitted, we'll be trying to make their moments, and this story, as interesting as it could be. Most of the OCs you'll be seeing will be competitors, but there will be some who will be on the sidelines, with other roles surrounding the tournament.

Here are all the OCs by Author:
Blaze Firestarter by Indigo Lightning Strike
"Waxbeak" by SirReal
Silver Chance by foxmaster
Odium by Heroic412227
Kirouac by NicLove
Second Wind by Amereep
Fighter Swan by Emo Rainbow
Ozone Shift by Ekhidna
Firestorm by BradyBunch
Green Scale by red reaper
Jade Dawn by Jade Dawn
Luminous Skies by Luminous Skies
Tarantula "Inkwell" Brush by amf studios
Cobalt Dust by -Bluejay-
Silent Talon by Jman796
Jason Colby by AsuFlick
Golden Gild by Connect-the-Pie
Wet Nurse, Foal-Bearer, Beatrix by Dr Sharaz Jek

This list will be added on as potentially more OCs could join. The time to submit OCs for the competition is over, but you can still submit OCs as non-competitors, such as game masters, trainers, servants, and other roles that could be useful.

If you're going to submit OCs, want to know more about our project, and other questions, please contact either me or my co writer Emo Rainbow

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Midnight's Origin Story, Definitely Will Try And Rewrite This In The Future

Midnight Blitzer. A colt born in a world full of peace. But that peace was soon to be shattered within a short amount of time. Sensing the winds of war, Midnight is sent into military school, and soon, the army, to perfect his skills and if necessary, protect Equestria from any threat that may besiege it. 

Villains come and go. From the legend of Nightmare Moon to the notorious Legion of Doom. And over the years, Midnight will try to prove himself, try to prove that he can be helpful, that he can be useful. That everything he gave up and lost wasn't for naught. 

And thus everything would come crashing down upon hearing just four words. 

"Peace In Our Time."

Arc: Calm Before The Storm (Childhood)
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Two ponies, bounty hunters both, are headed south for work in the city of New Mareleans. Ponies say there's something unnatural happening in the Bayou, but that's probably just talk, right?

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On every full moon once a pony is chosen to be an upcoming princess of Equestria. It is said that they will undergo a metamorphosis once given coronation to the throne to be the new ruler that they must complete the trials of their more vigorous instinctual side before they accidentally hurt anypony or worse. She must get her training done before time runs out.

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One night, Twilight discovers a book. Much later, Equestria is no more. A human explores a desolate land in search of answers.

No real schedule for the upcoming chapters. Chapter length will vary wildly. Cover art by Max Fieve, all credits to them.

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