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"Just like in the stories, ponies keep their princesses in the tallest towers of the castle! I can't believe how dumb they are to tell everyone! First, I'll replace that princess getting married, then I'll... do cool stuff with the love I take, and then Equestria will be mine!"

A last-minute entry for the site-wide Dialogue Only Contest
Preread by: The Sleepless Beholder
Cover Art: Do You Swat It? by Techy Cutie @PonyTechy on Twitter

Now with a Russian translations! Available at FicBook, PonyFiction, and Tabun (Everypony.ru)!
Translation by: GORynytch
Editing and Proofreading: Mordaneus, Oil in Heat (AKA Gannibal Lector), Fogelman, and Taur00

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Something causes you to wake up in the middle of the night. You're groggy, you need to use the bathroom, and you really, really want a glass of water. On your way to the kitchen, you notice that your wife is still awake.

You're not surprised.

Adagio is an adult in this story.

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Short HiE first person romance I wrote on a whim.

Dr. Florence Lim arrived in Equestria about a year and a half ago.

Ponyville wasn't really the place for her. Too many stares. So she moved to the Crystal Empire.

Chrysalis really misses Florence. She's saving up good behavior to go and visit her in the empire one day.

IMAGE SAUCE: https://www.deviantart.com/chopsticks-pony/art/Chrysalis-on-Hearts-and-Hooves-663061977

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This story is a sequel to Do As I Say...

Anon has become much more than just a friend to Celestia in the short two years he has been in Equestria. A complicated relationship will blossom and bloom through the many hardships of combining two lives so differently lived.

I hope this lives up to the expectations. It probably won't but I tried. I highly suggest reading the prequel to this if you have not, without doing so the beginning of this will make very little sense.

For those of you who care, this was really hard. Going from a work of whimsy to an actual story is difficult. I promise to finish this even if it takes a while between updates.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle's Addiction

Ever since the awkward incident with Twilight and Anon, Celestia has had an interest in Anons "sritches and pets" as he says.

Today is the day she finally tries them. She just hopes that they really are as good as Twilight has been hyping them up to be.

(Not sure who the artist is. If anyone informs me I'll credit them.)

Holy moly. Featured 1 hour after posting and achieved top of popular. 2/5 - 7/5/24

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Princess Celestia has become quite worried about her dear friend when she has started acting unlike herself. She has a hunch that the newest resident of Ponyville is to blame.

Featured on 1/5/2024 - 6/5/2024 and top of Popular. Thanks guys

There is a Russian translation about this story, Celestia's story and Luna's story on FicBook, PonyFiction and Tabun.

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This story is a sequel to The Start of a Royal Addiction

Luna has heard hushed whispers of the newest addition to Ponyville visiting her sister quite often.

Ponies talk about something called "scritches and pats." Luna isn't exactly sure what it is. But her sister and her dear friend Twilight have started acting weird. She intends to get to the bottom of this, and one way or another put an end to this apparent speading "addiction." Or perhaps be yet another victim of it?

(Cover art is credited now)

Featured 2 hours after posting. Huzzah!

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This story is a sequel to Motion

Anon and Celestia go to their first lesson in potion brewing. All the while, Anon has to juggle keeping his new interest a secret, and coming to terms with his feelings towards the mare. The big question is: when will he ask her out?

Chapters (2)

Anon gets turned into a colt that has no home and no friends or family, but he is happy. The reason he is happy he could do anything he please. And also he could make friends on the way. He could get stronger who knows?

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