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This story is a sequel to Unwell

Twilight Sparkle is not well.

After the incident in Ponyville, Twilight has been moved to the Canterlot Mental Hospital, a top of the line care facility. Rainbow Dash has moved to Canterlot as well, to be there to provide support to Twilight.

Along the way, she will learn things about Twilight that she didn’t even know she didn’t know, as well as meet important ponies from Twilight’s past.

Twilight Sparkle is not well. But there is a plan for her and she is recovering.

The thing about life is, it never quite goes according to plan.

This story is a sequel to my other story, Unwell.
As a result, it won't much sense if you don't read that one first.

Cover art by dreamingnoctis. Check out his user page here.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to And He Silently Painted A Rainbow

Hearts & Hooves Day is arriving soon, and Rainbow Dash had prepared many plans to spend time with her new and special coltfriend, Taciturn Bleach. However, a small note soon found its way onto her doorstep, and it wasn't long before she had to be whisked away to attend, much to her disbelief, a funeral: the passing of Taciturn's father.

Sure enough, Rainbow soon found herself at the grand estate of Taciturn's family, despite the colt's slight whimpers. However, behind the luxury of such a wondrous home, the mare quickly realized that there was more to his life than just paintings and his carefree attitude, and beneath the solace of his home slept the skeleton in the cupboard that Taciturn had never wanted her to find.

Every pony has its secrets, but sometimes the silent ones keep the darkest secrets...

Cover art made by me. Yay!
Sequel to And He Silently Painted A Rainbow. You might have to read that first, or you probably won't understand anything from this story.

Chapters (9)

Aphid is a changeling, stuck in a cage in a circus sideshow. Azure Blue is a colt from the Crystal Empire, the heir of a wealthy family... and looking to make a purchase.

There are some things money can't buy. A changeling's freedom should be one of them...

Cover Art Provided By Pen Mightier.

Chapters (2)

Vinyl Scratch finally gets herself a copy of the popular new game called "Equestrian Robot Combat"

A highly immersive game in which; upon donning the virtual reality helmet included with the game, the player experiences combat in a never before seen level, able to see, hear, smell and feel everything around them as if they were actually there experiencing it for themselves.

However, as evident by the game title, one does not simply run around and shoot everypony, no they run around and shoot everypony...whilst piloting massive, bipedal behemoths, armed to the teeth with seemingly limitless ways to shoot, smash, slice and blow their enemies apart.

The best part?

You don't actually get hurt!

Although as Vinyl soon discovers, just because the twenty-foot mass of metal currently firing soda can sized bullets at you won't physically hurt you, it does have a tendency to be rather...terrifying.

Tagged to Gore simply because of the (Now put on Hiatus) "Horde Mode" Chapter(s).

(This story will mostly contain different individual experiences Vinyl has whilst in-game. I'm trying to improve my writing abilities with this sort of thing. I will occasionally throw a new chapter up here whenever I feel like pumping out an action-ish one-shot that may or may not be appealing to anyone at all. Although constructive words and advice are happily accepted! )

Chapters (7)

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, in another crusade gone awry, find themselves brought to a world very much like their own.

Except that here, Cutie Marks are considered evil and an organization known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, composed entirely of blank flanks, fight to end the tyranny of the marked.

Adding to the fillies confusion and culture shock, their counterparts in this backwards world are heralded as some of the best the organization has to offer and are expected to battle alongside their fellow blank flanks.

Making things worse are the enemies they're supposed to face. What the other operatives call villains, a large chunk of them they call friends.

The three fillies must now find a way to return home and keep their sanity intact as all they have believed in is put to the most bizarre and backwards test of their young lives.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Stardust

Twilight has finally returned home from the harrowing challenge that Discord set upon her, and the residents of Ponyville and the Elements especially look forward to having their dear friend returned to them.

Twilight, however, has changed. Still suffering from her injuries, almost incapable of using magic and haunted by the memories of her time on Earth, she becomes increasingly withdrawn from those who were closest to her. Will her frustration at her current state and her friends inability to understand her experiences cost her what she valued most before Discord's bet?

(Sequel to Stardust, familiarity with this is recommended!)
(Proofread by Arzoo!)
(Coverart commission drawn by the amazing KairaAnix!)
(Crossover with XCOM: Enemy Within, though the crossover and human elements are minimal)
(Featured 4/28/2014, thanks folks!)

Chapters (1)

Light dark.

Vera Valeri is a bio-engineered consumer "My Little Pony"; a living, sentient toy. Living alone with her adoptive brother, life has been easy on her. For many others like her, it has not. When a bombing at an equinoid-rights rally upends her life, Vera finds herself without an anchor: cast out into an indifferent and unforgiving world with one chance at proving both to herself and others that she is as deserving of respect as those around her.

Unfortunately for Vera, there are many people out there who do not care for what she stands for, and some may go farther than others to see the status quo stand.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Siren Song

Bioshock meets MLP in this psychological thriller, where Celestia's new faithful student, Siren Song, must discover the truth behind the city beneath the waves.

Since arriving in Vision, Siren has done things she never thought she was capable of—all in the name of survival. But now she abandons safety to gallop back into the darkness. Determined to do the right thing in a city gone mad, Siren must face the horrors she once fled from. But all is not as it seems in the vast and dark ocean, and Siren’s greatest foe may yet lie within herself.

Book 2 of the Vision series. Sequel to Book 1: Siren Song.

Now with a TV Tropes page!

Chapters (15)

Weevil and Echo are a married changeling couple who, amongst thousands of others at a time of mass migration, have left the Changeling Kingdom in search of a better life in Equestria, the so-called 'land of love, tolerance and opportunity'. Now Equestrian citizens and living in Six Points, a diverse and deprived district in Lower Manehattan, Weevil and Echo have opened their own business and are trying their best to raise their family and simply live their lives

Of course, raising a family is never easy wherever you live, especially in this bizarre urban jungle populated by friends, enemies, and all out crazies. But through it all, Weevil keeps a level head, an unwavering dedication to his friends and family and his values, and by doing so will come out on top out of whatever this Celestia-forsaken city throws at him.


Edited by Chaodiurn and First_Down.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Stardust

When Equestria’s newest member of royalty asks for aid to be offered to her friends from abroad, the best and the brightest volunteer to serve. Captain Steel Song of the Dusk Guard are immediately mobilized to help XCOM defend their world from the enemies that besiege them. However, their first joint operation with the humans takes a turn for the worse and they quickly find themselves fighting for their lives against the full force of the monsters that threaten Earth.

(Stardust/Dusk Guard crossover)
(Coverart provided by a friend of Viking ZX!)
(While familiarity with both stories isn’t required, it is recommended)
(Many thanks to Arzoo for pre-reading!)
(All screenshots can be found at XCOM.wikia.com)
(Featured on 3/13/2013. Thanks everyone!)
(Now has it's own section on TVTropes as part of the Stardust series!)

Chapters (5)