• Published 12th Feb 2013
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Black Canvas - WritingSpirit

Rainbow Dash and her new coltfriend, Taciturn Bleach, paid a visit to his home, where she learns about Taciturn's troubling childhood

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Three Days Past: Reconciliations

She could hear them.

"Though sometimes, there are some things that are best left hidden behind these brick walls..."

Voices. Lost echoes in the darkness, whispering... warning... breaking through from the shards of silence.

The soundless respite; a road spiraling down into an abyss, was wide as it was gloomy. Light was its rarest resource, as well as color, for there was only one present in the void, questioning all those unlucky to wander in here of their ability of sight, and it was the calamity of black, growing like pests in the field of vision.

"Bringing back the past might not be the smartest thing that anypony can do, and for the sake of Taciturn, I hope you take these words to heart..."

Rainbow Dash was there, sitting on the black floor and blindly gazing around the illumination of darkness. Solitary, ravaged and broken, with hope soaring out her reach, the mare just stared into the ebony sun shining out rays of jet-black light. She couldn't see it, but she could feel the heat radiating strongly, yet all of it died around her once it flowed to the ground, enveloping the world in a qualm of cold.

Naught met her like a friend, yet strangled her like an enemy; to be torn between the clutches in the sensation of the nihilistic world, where only she exists, and she alone.

"I hope you concur that there are some rooms in this house prohibited to strangers, and for a very good reason..."


Solitary, with only the bruises and wounds to entertain her. She wanted to believe last night was a dream; that she and him danced around the ballroom, ending it with a small kiss. Yet, the ball brought only sorrow, fear and, from what she believed she was looking around her, death.

"If you fear for Taciturn's and your safety, I recommend that you'll halt whatever your curiosity has gotten yourself into, understood...?"

Warnings became rhapsodies, swirling in grains of the past as her hooves tingled and ached, prompting her to, for some reason, walk. She couldn't understand where she was going, nor she bothered to; it gave her a fickle of direction in a obscure domain, and that enough was convincing.

Forward she went, and she believed it like she believed in her love of her life. Her urge to fly was somewhat insensate, as was her emotions and heart, submerged into a pool of calmness.

"I heard he was married at that time, to a nicest, sweetest mare, those ponies say. It really was a shame back then, with his wife's passing and all. All he could turn to was his son..."

A small sound shattered the firm wall of silence, the mare realizing it to be the drip of water... no, a tear. Rainbow could feel it slithering down her cheek, leaving a wet trail behind. There wasn't sadness nor confusion; there was only emptiness, and the more she stepped forward, the more prominent it became.

Her hooves stopped suddenly, and she didn't understand why. All she knew was that she had to be here, as if fate had dragged her in a languid march across the black plains with a leash around her neck.

"Was something about her son pushing out the window. Landed fair and square with a sharp pole through her chest. Could never understand it myself. Just plain bizarre, if you ask me..."

She waited like a colt heading to the next town at the train station. She waited like a mare on her dinner date with the stallion that invited her. She waited patiently, even though she knew nothing would ever arrive in this desolate place to rescue her nor take her.

The last words ringing in her head were like words of mockery; one last warning that she chose to ignore, and paid the ultimate prices; the love of her life, and her life by itself.

"She would understand why we were doing this. Hopefully."

"But I never bothered," she finally answered, the voices receding immediately once she did so. The tears in her eyes started to drip rapidly, the sound echoing as if she was in some sort of cave. With a hiccup, she gritted her teeth, burying her face in her hooves.

"It's all my fault this happened! I was responsible for this! Tassee wouldn't be like that if it weren't for me! He would never hurt me, and I MADE HIM DO IT!!"

All her shouting was soon reduced to broken sobs, her pride and dignity washed away. There was nothing for her to look forward to anymore. She deserved nothing, and she was given a whole word of it; even generosity can be cruel.

"Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow perked her head up immediately at the familiar voice, gasping in surprise when the darkness around her fractured suddenly. Bright rays seared through the widening cracks, forcing her to shield her eyes as she was dragged deeper and deeper into the furor of light.

Her breath was left hanging, as was her mouth when she saw a figure stepping out from the glaring white. The figure's mane sparkled heavenly in a quartet of colors, her visage recognizable and respected with her wings unfurled, the feathers bursting out in its utmost glory. She wore a soft smile; one that soothed the raging whirlpool of fear and depression dragging her heart down into its darkest depths.

"Pr-Princess Celestia...!"

"No need for a bow, my little pony," she said, stopping the cyan mare midway.

"Do you know where we are?"

Rainbow shook her head no, to which she answered:

"We are in a realm where life nor death does not exist. Where everything you see, hear, smell, taste nor touch, would crinkle into fading memories. This is a land where dreams and realities collide and shatter, and where dimensions twist itself to infinity. Many ponies sought to discover it, many more sought to understand it, but only a mere few had stepped into the land themselves, for it does not exist. Now..."

The alicorn let out sigh, before asking her again:

"Do you know why you're here?"

"Is... is it because of Tassee...?"

"Not quite."

Princess Celestia's horn glowed suddenly, conjuring stills of memories depicting her and Taciturn together! From the first visit to their kiss on Hearts and Hooves day, everything they did was there! Rainbow could only cover her open mouth, her heart wrenching with a mix of glee and sadness at the gallery. There was her and Tassee cutting the ribbon, and there was them walking around the orchard when she was still confined to a wheelchair! Heck, there was even them making funny faces in Sugarcube Corner! The greatest memories, all compiled into one... she could feel tears of joy dripping down her cheeks!

"Your love for Taciturn Bleach, as shown by your time together, was strong. Powerful, even." the alicorn said.

"In such a short span of two months, your love for him rose to such a multitude that even the most powerful of magics can't bring it down. You aren't aware of it, but your subconscious was. Therefore, when the events of last night folded, his hatred and rage was so sudden that when the two opposite forces of love and hate clashed, they propelled your spirit off into another world beyond existence; the one which we are standing in right now."

"So, I'm not..." Rainbow began reluctantly with a gulp, "dead?"

"You're resting in a hospital bed as we speak."

The alicorn suddenly placed a hoof on her shoulder, her lips edging up a smile as she asked:

"You're here because fate has given you a chance: to stay here for eternity in peace and calming, or to return to the world you know, and be reunited with the one you truly love."

"But... does he still love me?"

Rainbow glanced away with uncertainty. She would never forgive herself for doing what she had done, but what about Tassee? Would he have the heart to forgive, of would he share the same thoughts as her. The cyan mare just bit her lip, though not before came Princess Celestia's answer:

"Even if he fell into the darkest depths of himself; even if his mind was twisted by hatred and rage, Taciturn Bleach will always love you for who you are deep down inside: the mare that guided him up to his hooves, the mare that supported him when he was in doubt, and the mare who never left his side in even the most dire of circumstances. Like how he was supposed to be your future, you were supposed to be his as well."

Rainbow started to smile at the alicorn's words, giving a bow.

"Thank you, your Highness. For the advice and all."

"The pleasure is mine, Rainbow Dash."

The alicorn soon trotted forward, leaving the cyan mare to gaze at her departure, watching as she disappeared into the foggy horizon. Rainbow settled herself down, patiently pondering over the alicorn's words while she felt herself fading too into the light. They were true, no doubt; both she and Taciturn loved each other very much. Maybe...

Maybe... there's still a chance.

"Please let me go back," she prayed silently, feeling herself being swallowed in the burning white.

"Please let me go back to him..."

"To Tassee..."


"She's waking up...!"

"H-huh," Rainbow mumbled softly at the whispering chatters around her, steadily opening her eyes. She started to rise from her bed, her two hooves rubbing both eyes as she tried to make sense of the many blur of colors around her.

Her surprise was met when she saw the overjoyed expressions of not only Cloudchaser, Flitter and their respective partners, but of the five of her friends as well! They were all here: Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and she could only widen her eyes in disbelief when they started laughing, all rushing to hug her and smiling with relief.

"W-When did you guys...?"

"Yesterday, of course!" Pinkie squealed happily.

"There's no way we're going to just sit around and wait!"

The remaining four of her friends nodded vigilantly, before Rarity spoke:

"Cloudchaser notified us of your condition two days ago. None of us could believe what happened to you! Why, it's barely a month since you recovered from your last injury, Rainbow Dash!"

"Well, I guess I-- wait. Two days?"

"No doubt about it, sugarcube," Applejack replied.

"Stuck in a coma for the past two days now. Ya hurt real bad, the doctor said, skull fractured and some fancy stuff like that. Heck, it's even rougher than whatcha did last time."

Rainbow just glanced down at her blanket, unsure of what to say. She knew there was only one pony who could've did that to her, her heart stinging with guilt and despair as her hoof reached up to touch her bandaged forehead and wings. She strained to sit herself up, though her back ached painfully in response, leaving her to drop back into the bed with a yelp of pain.

The rest of them just watched, biting their lips as if they were suffering through the same, hellish ordeal themselves. Her struggles, however, were halted when Twilight placed a hoof on her shoulder, the pegasus glancing up at her friend's despondent expression in surprise.

"We heard..." she muttered softly.

"About what Tassee did to you..."

"You can't blame him," the cyan mare replied gloomily, turning away and clenching the bedsheets tighter.

"It was my fault. I was the one who made him snap in the first place. You guys would know by now the reason why, right? Especially you, Twilight."

The scholarly unicorn just nodded somberly, leaving Rainbow to just stare down grudgingly at the sheets, with fresh tears already forming around the brim of her eyes. The room soon dropped into pure silence, with only a few sniffles silently filling the atmosphere.

"I'm sorry about Tassee," Cloudchaser began, trying to find the right words.

"It's just... I..."

"It's okay," Rainbow said suddenly, though still sulking underneath her sheets.

"I just... I need s-some time alone..."

"Well, you guys heard her."

Twilight's voice was enough to coax them all to move, with the remaining ponies slowly but surely huddling out of the room. Some of them, like Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Applejack, glanced back out of concern, though there was nothing they could think of to cheer their broken friend up.

"You're sure you'll be okay?" the violet mare asked, clutching on the doorknob. Rainbow just mustered up a weak smile, waving her hoof dismissively as she gave her short response:


With that, Twilight closed the door, leaving Rainbow to embrace her solemnity. As much as it was disquieting, she knew there was never a bigger lie she had ever told, especially when it involves the colt she loved. It was all making sense now: why Taciturn was sent away when he was a kid by his father, and why he was isolated. Nopony wants to nurture a killer, especially when he had his first kill when he was at a mere five years old.

Taciturn wouldn't hurt a fly, however; she knew his special condition made him the reclusive and introverted yet compassionate and gentle pony that she came to know and love! Nopony would've suspected him to fly into a rage! His mother killed three in her lifetime despite that; what's the chance that he inherited that spark of insanity from Dove herself?

"It's over..." she muttered softly, feeling her gut churn with despair.

"And it's all my fault..."

A brief knock sounded on the door, leaving Rainbow giving whichever pony the permission to enter, albeit hesitantly. Her heart stopped once she saw Doctor Martingale stepping inside, his straight lips and furrowed brows striking like an arrow into her chest.

"So it seems you have awakened," he said, letting out a gruff cough.

"Most of us thought you would never make it after such a horrible ordeal."

Rainbow just glanced away, pushing to the back of her head the many questions she have for him. With that, the doctor trotted to her side, the mare cringing a little as he unwrapped the bandage around her head, revealing a few large gashes streaking across her forehead, dried a dark red. She felt it sting a little once the severed skin was revealed into the air, which worsened when Doctor Martingale dabbed a cotton pad dripped in antiseptic upon it, making her hiss in pain.

"You're lucky you didn't suffer any infections," he said, wrinkling his snout at the strong smell of the liquid.

"Not everypony would get their head smacked by some mossy, broken, century-old tombstone."

"I-Is... is Tassee alright?"

"Physically, yes. I hope I could say the same for his mental state, however."

With a sigh, the aged stallion settled himself on a chair, his frown growing as he explained:

"We managed to restrain Taciturn last night. He was unlike himself, what with all the howling and growling he was doing, and let's not forget the violence. Strapped him against a chair until we try to find a way to snap him out of it, to which you might have to come in."

Rainbow nodded hesitantly, before popping another question, despite being reluctant to do so:

"Why did Tassee became so... aggressive suddenly? Was it because of... m-me?"

"Well, simply put it, he became violent as a means of protection."

Doctor Martingale sighed once he saw the mare's eyes bulge in disbelief, chuckling coldly at the cruel irony of it.

"It was a trait that, as you know, was inherited from his mother, Dove, though it's so much more than just a common murder. When Dove made her confession to Valente, she said that she was doing it only to protect herself. That was proven true when it was discovered that these three stallions belong to a notorious gang, and were planning to... how should I put this.... violate, her in her own shop, and then burn it, along with her, down to destroy all evidence. In other words, she killed them because she was forced to."

"Celestia..." Rainbow gasped quietly, to which the other pony nodded.

"But something must've made her snap, right?"

"Exactly. The fact that Dove lived with her abusive father for more than eight years, added with her being bullied in school, was enough to create an entirely different personality inside her. Valente soon found out that those three stallions were violent with her, and the trigger that made her snap was that one of those stallions slammed a chair on her head when she tried her best to fight back. Thus, the different entity that was born to protect her struck back, and the same personality lasted until after she and Valente had their small talk, to which they both fell in love soon after. That second identity soon disappeared when her mind was convinced that Valente was the one pony could protect her."

"So, Tassee did the same thing when his mother...?"

"It was an accident."

The answer left Rainbow completely baffled, once again prompting Doctor Martingale to explain:

"Dove was cleaning the windows of the ballroom, all the while watching Taciturn playing with his first crayons. Started out like any other day, with mother and her special son spending some quality time together in the best way that she could think of, then it happened."

"The bucket she used for cleaning fell towards Taciturn, barely hitting him on the head. Dove was about to take the bucket and mop the mess up, though that's when Taciturn pushed her out of the window. Being an Earth pony, she didn't have wings or magic to save her, and she was impaled on... you know..."

Rainbow gave a small nod. It was finally clear to her now, why Taciturn did what he did.

"So he... did all of that last night... because he thought I was... going to hurt him?"

"Exactly," the doctor replied.

"Taciturn thought that when you questioned him about what he did, he misunderstood it just like he misunderstood his mother. You've seen it before this: when you were hit by the press and he swooped in to defend you from those interviews back then, remember?"

Her cheek tingled at the mention of that. Rainbow just gave a hefty sigh, ducking back into her blanket.

"But it wasn't my fault back then," she muttered.

"Tassee was protecting me. He did it to save me. He did it because he loved me, but now... I don't even know if he loves me anymore. I broke his trust and... I'm not sure if we can ever be together again. He might be sent to some hospital to treat for his personality, and I'll just be sent home to Ponyville. Just like that and it's... over..."

The mare just cuddled up in her blanket, choking out another sob as she clenched her eyes shut tightly. Regret strangled her, its grip relentless like a vise as she cried softly underneath her blanket, crippled from guilt and disgust. All Doctor Martingale could do was stare down at her, unsure of how to help.

""There is, however," he spoke suddenly.

"A way to get Taciturn back to his former state."


Rainbow Dash immediately rose from her bed, her ears perking up at those words. Another way to get Tassee back to her? No, that couldn't be possible!

"H-how...?" she protested. "He's so violent and so... so dangerous..... E-even if I go back to face him, he wouldn't believe everything I say! He doesn't believe in me anymore!"

"Which is why you need him to believe in you once again."

Doctor Martingale's words practically took her by surprise. To believe in her? Again?

"To be precise, you need to do what Valente did to Dove, and that is to comfort him, soothe his anger and calm his tempest spirit. Guide him back from the trenches of anger he was submerged in, and free him of his insecurity. He needs not the treatment of a doctor, but the solace of a friend."

Rainbow just glanced away, her doubts clear from her pouting face. It wasn't long before the doctor placed his hoof on her shoulder, mustering up the best smile he could.

"I understand what Taciturn did made you insecure about this," he replied.

"But you must remember who you were to him. Besides being his marefriend, do you remember what you first became to Taciturn after your first encounter together on Hearth's Warming?"

"I... I was his... g-guardian..."

"Correct. And what does a guardian do?"

The mare stopped in her actions, the question echoing again and again in her head, as if striving to force out an answer. Her face lit up suddenly when she stumbled upon the answer, voicing it aloud:

"A guardian protects and consoles, as well as entertain and understands. A guardian remains loyal and true to the pony they are assigned to, and sworn to keep them safe from harm, even if harm would come to them first."

That was it, a part of her mind told her. That was what she needed!

She agreed to take care of Taciturn ever since the day they met, and had been doing so not only as his guardian, but his marefriend for the last two months. He was happy being with her, and she with him. After all, they shared so many wondrous memories in such a short time; she was sure his wicked memory would've remembered whatever triumphs or tribulations they had been through!

"When can I see him?" Rainbow asked with new-found determination.

"Later, perhaps," Doctor Martingale said with a small grin.

"However, I cannot guarantee he might come back to you, nor that you'll be safe. Are you certain of your choice?"

Rainbow gave a firm nod. She was here to get Taciturn back, and even if he didn't love her anymore, she still must comfort him. It was the role of a guardian and, admittedly, might be one of the hardest to fulfill in her entire lifetime. Yet, she doesn't care.

What matters most is that Tassee returns to normal. That's all she wanted to see.

"I'm ready."

"You're completely sure about that?"

"You've been asking that the fourth time already, Twilight," Rainbow replied.

"And my answer would still be the same. Yes, I'm sure of it. Probably."

Her friends would've chuckled if they weren't disclosed on what she was about to do. She didn't want them to be involved, just like how she didn't want Tassee to be involved when she was snooping around, but Fidus had told her she might need some backup, just in case everything turns out horribly wrong.

They were trotting down a corridor which, although pure white, was drenched in fear and trepidation. Flickering lights were aligned in a small row down the hallway, and it would be a beautiful spectacle if it weren't for the spiderwebs dangling on its sides and trapped bugs flying helplessly or lying still in its interior. Around them were metallic doors bolted shut, with two panels that are designed to slide open: the top one for viewing, and the bottom one for delivering.

Their sights, however, were set to the door at the end of the hallway. Unlike the rest, it was open, awaiting for their arrival. Standing there was Fidus and Doctor Martingale, the two aged stallions quietly discussing before spotting their approach.

"You're sure she's fit to go?" Rainbow managed to pick up the lines of the butler, no doubt having seen her bandaged wings and forehead, as well as the few bruises on her face, body and hooves. Her friends would've asked the same question if it wouldn't challenge her perseverance; she assumed that with every passing day, Taciturn might descend further into the dark, downward spiral of madness, and the last thing she wanted was for him to completely lose touch of reality.

"We can't delay it," the doctor replied. Apparently, he came to the same conclusion as she did.

Both stallions soon ushered her into the room, which was plunged in darkness with the only source of light shining from a window. On the other side of it was another room, glaring a bright white, with only a small chair in the center of the room. Rainbow held her breath once she saw the figure sitting on it, with one of his hooves cuffed to the furniture's legs.

There was Taciturn Bleach, gazing coldly down at the marble floor, his mane frazzled with a few bruises slapped on the side of his face, no doubt from some violent struggle after she was knocked out. His eyes were still filled with the insane rage that he had wore on that night, though it seemed more... vulnerable, as if on the verge of escalating only when the time is right. Rainbow could've sworn she saw him gnawing at his single bind, struggling dementedly as he tried to free the single hoof from the shackles.

"Whenever you're ready," Fidus said, prompting her to give a nod.

Rainbow turned to her friends, the latter all trying to wear their most supportive smiles, even though she noticed them cracking with doubt. She gave one in return, before limping towards another door, slowly marching down a narrow hallway. Her eyes were glued to Taciturn sitting solemnly on the chair, her breath stilled when she reached another door, no doubt leading to the chamber that the colt was in.

This was it, she told herself, her hoof clenching on the door knob. This was the moment she was waiting for. Without another second thought, she turned the knob and gave it a push, letting confidence take over her strides.

The door creaked open, revealing Taciturn's back facing towards her as she stepped inside. Rainbow heard him growl suddenly, as if he had detected her presence, though she still remained her determination, her head held high as she stepped into his view.

The colt's black pupils flared once he spotted her, and would've pounced onto her if not for his shackled hoof. The cyan pegasus just held her breath, watching his wings unfurl in an intimidating manner, its size only adding to the sheer display. Cautiously, she crept closer, stopping only when he grunted suddenly, gritting his teeth.


Taciturn just snarled in response, though that only enticed her to go closer.

"I-It's me..." she stammered softly.

"It's D-Dashie...! Remember?"

Still, the colt retained his deadpanned stare. Rainbow could feel the tension starting to rise already, reminding her quietly of the little time she has left before he erupts into a fury. The fact that he was already starting to climb to the edge of his chair only served as a greater reminder, yet she only crept closer towards him.

"I...... I just wanted to say... a few things... about what happened, alright? I understand if you don't trust me or... l-lo...l-l-love me anymore... but if you can just hear me out..."

No response, which prompted her to continue:

"I know that what you did to your mother all those years ago," she paused briefly, going one step closer to him, "was an accident. I know you didn't mean to... to push her out of the window, and I.. I d-didn't realize it. To be honest, I w-was afraid of you."

That stopped Taciturn's erratic panting, though Rainbow could still see the hatred brimming in his pupils, threatening to crack at any minute.

"I was unsure," she continued, gazing to the side, "of what happened and... I couldn't understand why you did that. If... if I knew it was an accident, th-then I'll just forget about it. Hear that, Tassee? T-Tassee?"

The colt was staring blankly at the floor, a turmoil of emotions running across his face. Rainbow's breath halted, her worries growing at his internal feud. She could see the real him; the one that she fell in love with the first place, trying its best to break through his current, deranged state.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is..." she began.

"I'm sor-"

Pain seared through her cheek, cutting her sentence off as Taciturn suddenly swung his hoof against her face, the mare falling against a wall with a small cry. She could hear muffed gasps from the other room, no doubt from her friends, all shocked by his actions.

Her eyes widened, she glanced up in horror at the colt advancing towards her, literally dragging the chair with his shackled hoof. Rainbow started to crawl to the side, gritting her teeth once she felt her injured back started to spasm, leaving her vulnerable to what came next.

Taciturn suddenly gripped her wings, making her yelp in pain as he yanked her closer to him. Rainbow just glanced fearfully through the window and, despite seeing only her and Tassee's reflection, she could imagine the horrified expressions of each of her friends behind it.

"Tassee, please," she pleaded, turning around to meet his snarl.

"If you could just let me finish..."

She was suddenly thrown towards the door, screaming in agony when her battered body struck its bolted, metal surface. Her hooves were writhing, almost on the verge of giving away as she lifted herself up, finding support from the door knob.

The sound of hoofsteps hurrying towards the door whirled her back from her daze, the mare frantically reaching for the knob, though for an entirely different purpose. The moment she stepped back from the door to face the fury of the colt, the knob had started to rattle, her actions evident to everypony else when she heard Fidus's indistinct shout:

"She locked the blasted door!"

"WHAT?!" came her friends' voices in unison, the sound of it making Rainbow chuckle coldly with a smile. This would be the stupidest thing you had ever done, she told herself, even if it's necessary. She knew they could stop Tassee from breaking every rib in her body, yet he would never recover if she let it happen.

No, this was her fight, and she intends to fight it alone.

"I'm s-sorry, okay Tassee? That's all I wanted to say," she croaked, stumbling towards him.

"But... i-if... if you could just remember something... for me..."

Rainbow nearly tripped, and would've fallen onto the floor if her hooves hadn't caught Taciturn's shoulder in time. She tried to muster a weak smile as she craned her neck towards the colt's growling face, his hoof ready to slam into her body any second.

"Remember h-how we first met...?" she muttered, a small tear forming around her eyes.

"I... I gave you a paintbrush and... and watched you paint and paint... and p-paint-"

She suddenly felt a blow into her stomach, the staggering force making her retch, her pupils narrowed into the size of pinpricks, yet her grip on Taciturn's shoulders remained firm. I deserve it, she told herself despite how painful it sounded. I deserve all of it.

"Th-then..." she managed to gasp.

"R-remember I became y-your.... g-guardian, Tassee? R-remember that?"

Her heart start to cringe with guilt, thumping frantically in her chest from the intense pain. The first of many tears fell onto his shoulder once he gave the next blow, her mouth wide open in a silent scream at that, before she felt herself crumble, falling towards him.

"R-remember the hat I bought for you...?" she continued despite her pain.

"Or t-the gallery... where we had our... our f-first..."

Another blow stopped her, its immense power making her arch her back, yet her grip remained taut as she finished her sentence, not wanting to lose the chance:


Taciturn just growled, as if asking her if it really mattered now. Rainbow just clenched her eyes shut, gritting her teeth forcefully from both the pain and despair ravaging through her head. She wanted him back, just like how he wanted her since the day they met. All the punches he could give would never compare to that!

"R-remember how you saved me? H-how I fell into th-the..."

Almost following her words, Rainbow collapsed, her wriggling hooves losing their struggle against the overwhelming pain wracking from her chest. She just watched, with tear-filled eyes, at Taciturn Bleach; her former lover and friend, staring down coldly at her, remorseless and heartless still.

"Why...?" she asked, tugging pleadingly at his hoof, her tears forming a small puddle.

"W-why can't you remember? Why won't you remember...?!"

All the sounds she could register; the frantic banging of Fidus slamming the door with a fire extinguisher, the hefty panting of the colt standing over her, and the rapid thumping of her heartbeat, started to warp, fading into a screeching silence. She was losing, and she couldn't do anything about it.

To leave the world so soon... a cruel price to pay for her curiosity. She cried loudly, grieving for the loss of her friend, her companion and her one true love, cringing tighter on the floor as the room started to spin like a kaleidoscope; a dream left in pieces.

"T-Tasse-" she let out a cough, "T-T-Tassee..."

Rainbow rose on her four hooves once again, giddily stepping up to the colt. Before he could lash out another blow, she gripped his hooves, leaving him to struggle against her firm grip as she leaned closer towards him, slowly pushing him back down into the chair he was chained to.

There were many things she would miss: her experiences with her friends, her time with Taciturn, in particular. But of all the sensations running through her head that she promised to herself she wanted to relive, there was only a single, viable one right now, and she wouldn't ask for anything better, even if it means doing it in the last minutes of her life.

Without hesitation, Rainbow planted her lips on his, catching him by surprise as she did so. Her chest blossomed with warmth that reddened her cheeks as mind, body and soul flourished in the harem of their kiss, her hoof reaching up to sensually caress his face.

In that short moment, she felt no pain nor pleasure; to be accurate, she was completely numb. Taciturn's panting slowed to a halt once she plunged her lips deeper, gripping on his hooves tighter. She felt herself drifting, almost as if she was flying again in the freedom of the world. Funny, she thought to herself, how one kiss can contain so many different sensations of life.

The tormenting injuries were the only leash pulling her back from the kiss, breaking off immediately as Rainbow stared into the black, endless oblivion of his pupils, smiling sadly while she brushed his mane to the side.

"I love you..." she whispered weakly, hugging him tightly once she felt herself floating away.


She couldn't remember what happened next. All that she could see was white, as if she was going back to the realm betwixt of dimensions once again: the empty field of naught. This was it, she heard a voice say. This is where your journey ends.

The threads of her life starting to weaken and rot away, the solace of whatever that comes next embracing her. However, just when she was clinging on the last line, a small, echoing voice whirred her back to life.



Rainbow weakly opened her eyes, nearly gasping when she saw the visage of none other than Taciturn Bleach, pale as a ghost and speeding through stars... the night sky? Tears fell from his eyes, flying in the wind, with her only response being a small, quiet gasp once she heard his loud sniffles and whimpers.

Could it be, she asked herself. Is it really true...? Is he... is he...

"Ta-Tassee...?" she muttered, her ears perking up slightly after hearing a small, quiet whisper from him.

"D-Dashie," was what he managed to stammer, the translation she could render from his determined yet shivering voice quietly echoing in her head, making her smile with satisfaction before she slipped into the black of unconsciousness.

"He's going to save me...... again..."

Author's Note:

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