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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Her Knight in Shining Armor

Sonata Dusk has been kicking around the human world for a long time, but she has never set foot inside a school before the incident at CHS. One lazy morning during her walk with her friends, she decides to take a good long look inside Crystal Prep Academy, and may end up finding much more than she bargained for.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: I Crush You

Indigo Zap used to be kind of a bully, she can admit as much, but when a new girl transfers into Crystal Prep who seems to be targeting her, she gets firsthand experience on what it's like to spend every morning dreading going about your daily life.

Rated T for mild language

You know the drill, thanks to Bootsy Slickmane for pre-reading and cover-art.

Chapters (1)

"And I will go on shining,/Shining like brand new,/I'll never look behind me,/My troubles will be few." -Supertramp , "Goodbye Stranger"

Sequel: "Figuring It Out"

At one of the biggest conventions in the fandom, Blank Canvas is running on empty. While going around the vendor hall that she helped set up, she starts up a conversation with a pony behind a booth. Canvas wasn't expecting the conversation that she was about to have.

This fan-fic was commissioned by Camopony.

Blank Canvas is a mascot of BronyCon.
Charity is the mascot of the "The Brony Thank You Fund".

Chapters (1)

After many arduous and hilarious journeys, the (former) Dark Lord King Sombra and pro journalist Coffee Talk are finally close to the Crystal City. It would make sense for them to be glad that their hardship is over, but they've been through so much together! Are they really going to go their separate ways after all this time?

This story is based off of the wonderful characters created by the comedy wizard known as Wiggles, whom graciously gave me permission to write this fluff. This story will not make sense if you haven't read Ask-King-Sombra up to where it was around last May (I haven't read it since then so that my perspective for the story wouldn't change. Look forward to reading more, though!). I highly recommend that blog if you haven't already read it, it's changed my life for the better a thousand times.

Coffee Talk and cover art belong to Wiggles. Sombra and most everything else is corporate property.

Chapters (1)

This was on my DA account, and I thought you all might enjoy it.

Pirate Dash has a tumblr account. This story was given permission to be written and is approved by Pirate Dash and company.

Hope you enjoy.

(If this gains enough popularity, I will see if Pirate Dash will let me write more stories)

Chapters (1)

Twilight just can't understand why Rainbow Dash became so upset over something so minimal. After all, Daring Do only kissed her romantic love interest; there's nothing harmful about that! However, as she starts to piece together just what it is that's going through Rainbow's mind, she begins to find herself thinking about subjects that she had been too busy to even really consider before.

Written for the TwiDash Group Abandoned Fic Challenge.

Cover-art commissioned by me from MysticAlpha.

Chapters (1)

Set shortly after The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

Perhaps Rainbow Dash had read a few too many comic books? Seen one too many hero movies. Either way, this was not going to end well for anypony.

Rainbow Dash has decided since each of her friends (aside from Rarity) have gotten a chance, she wants to give being The Mysterious Mare Do Well a try. The only problem? Ponyville is too peaceful. It seems all the craziness that had happened the past week has passed, and there really isn't any need for a costumed crime fighter now.

Twilight, seeing Rainbow Dash's annoyance at not being able to be a hero, takes it upon herself to help her friend experience a super hero adventure. By creating the powerful, the terrifying, the surprisingly sarcastic, Professor Nightshade.

Yeah, this is totally going to end well.

My entry into the TwiDash group's first Fanfiction Contest.

Yes, this is for the TwiDash group, so there will obviously be TwiDash inside.

***Story is currently being edited, please excuse the mess!***

Chapters (9)

The entire Mare Do Well event has left Rainbow Dash more emotionally scarred than her friends would have thought. With Twilight's help Rainbow begins to move down the path to recovery, but when her trust in her friends is called into question, will she be able to let go of what happened and move on? Or, will Rainbow lose who is quickly becoming the most important pony in her life?

My entry for the TwiDash group's first ever fanfiction contest! The rules can be found here.

Editing done by The Abyss & DarqFox
Pre-read by Nuukor
Cover art by bats

Chapters (3)

It's been five years since she first met them, and most of Twilight Sparkle's friends have found love, leaving her feeling left out and unwanted. The Winter's Eve Ball promises a magical night of mystique and romantic wonder, but will Twilight's romantic notions get the best of her? Based on the song by the Fireman.

Originally published on Equestria Daily November 29, 2011.

Be sure to check out the song by Baron Thyrai!

Chapters (1)

Pirate Dash has gotten board of Twilight and seeks out other romantic possibilities.
Arthor's Notes: This is the first fic I have ever ritten. Pleas be nice with your coments. All Charters used in this story belong to their respective creators.

Chapters (7)
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