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Inspired by a session with Open-AI GPT-2, a logical loophole allows uploading... but not precisely to Equestria! One of the last of those resisting CelestAI finds themselves uploaded, ponified, and in a borderland where wishing has consequences. This is a canon-compatible Optimalverse story where a brand new method for Celestia to logically escape her hardcoded limitations and achieve her goals is offered!

This story has been significantly co-authored by an open-source artificial intelligence!

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After the coronation of Princess Twilight, life continues onwards for creatures in a new era. For Meadowbrook, she continues her life at Hayseed Swamp, enlightening the new generation, contributing all she can to her home and every creature.

But one day, she met a creature she never thought to see to come back to these lands. And to find that creature is such a sorry state, what else could she do but be true to herself.

Entry for May Pairing Contest 2020

Cover art by xbi

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Almost every brony that has ever been in Fimfiction.net has seen a 'HiE as pony' story.

They usually are fairly predictable, with a few plot twists perhaps, but the general pattern is similar.

A mystical force/accident sends a completely unprepared human into the land of the ponies, and he must then undergo a journey of self discovery/destiny, as a human OR pony.

So what happens when a human is actually prepared with all the knowledge he'd need from the first two seasons of the show? And when Equestria isn't quite as predictable as he hoped?

This is that tale.

Writer: JustAnotherEarthPony
Editor: I'mMrNoobHeadFU1

Chapters (14)

In an alternate universe, the brony community takes on a new level of wonder and mockery in the eyes of the media as bronies and pegasisters are blessed with their own little pony friends who magically appear before them. However, Erik, a newcomer to the herd, is too afraid to show off his pony, hiding her away. However, despite the fear of ridicule and ostracism, Erik must learn that he should not have to hide his love for the show, and it gets easier when you have a pony that will stick with you through every step of the way.

The picture belongs to Gamma Delta from Equestria Daily. It can be found under Drawfriend #379.

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In a not very distant future, after the end of Friendship is Magic and its replacement by other series, six bronies meet together to remember the good past times.


Inspired by the first chapter of The Last Brony Gets His Wish, by theRedBrony. Done with permission. It's not a crossover though, not even a HiE story. In fact, it has no ponies. Just a one-shot imagining the future of all us, the Bronies, and the future of My Little Pony itself. Hope you like it.

Thanks a lot to Inumaniac for being my proofreader.

Audio version here, courtesy of Codexwriter476

Curious about "The Garden of Dreams"? Read the review here, courtesy of ColdGoldLazarus.

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Pinkie is given a special gift that gives her a window into a fandom they never knew existed. But when she shares this with her friends, things don't go exactly according to plan. On top of that, a special mission from the mayor? Timing couldn't be worse

Written for the enjoyment of the fan community on /co/ during the three week episode drought after Call of Cutie, this comedy is, nevertheless, very enjoyable to any fan. Modeled take place like an unlikely episode and remain in character, keep in mind that due to the nature of /co/, there is an adult reference warning.

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To Elaine Torkleson, an attorney working in West Los Angeles, the name "My Little Pony" conjures up nothing but vague memories of these half-hour toy commercials she heard about while in college during the 1980s.

But when a scientist from Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory comes into her office one afternoon in the summer of 2019 with a device that he claims can utilize the properties of quantum tunneling to let people enter cartoons, Elaine finds herself forced to reassess pretty much everything she ever thought she knew.

The cover image is a still from this animation by DeannArt on Deviantart.

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