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Equestered Stash · 3:43pm Oct 3rd, 2019

So. This is happening. Full images of the cards below.

I knew this was a possibility; it's not the first time Hasbro's done an in-house crossover with Magic. But still, I have never felt so ridiculed and so validated at the same time.

If I don't encounter at least one set of these at the next convention I attend, I will be sorely disappointed. Also, I am pleased to see the Princess of Checklists is recognized as the born Azorius that she is. (Yes, Implicit Neighs Twilight is Izzet, but she and canon Twilight had very different mentors.)

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But still, I have never felt so ridiculed and so validated at the same time.

The feelings are complicated. But the artwork is so cute!

I may not play Magic, but even I find this most amusing.

This is great. Love that Twilight can be my WUBRG commander. Horse tribal go!

Edit: Oh my god, i didn't see there will be sleeves and playmats too!!!

My only thought when I found out about this.

Seriously, I don't play... but I still want to get this set. xD

Dangit, even the rare card foil patch is heart-shaped!

How can I acquire these?

You mean, other than your own set you'll bring? :)

Rarity's power ... man, if you've got a Shadowbolt RD, that's protection from all colors except white including white.

I have only the vaguest idea what any of this is about, but still I am amused. :pinkiehappy:

yer out of a job nao

Oh man, the transform indicator on Nightmare Moon / Princess Luna is perfect :pinkiegasp:

Arena sleeves no less! People can show their dedication to pony four different ways online.

And yes, building a Twilight Horse deck is dumb enough that I may have to do it.

They'll be available on Hasbro Pulse starting on the 22nd.

I was wondering how many colors you could cover with Rarity's ability. Unfortunately, my own toys can only provide protection from pink, grey, yellow, and various shades of purple. (Well, I suppose the Pinkie plush can give protection from blue. Bounce spells don't work on a mare made of rubber!)

Bah. Get back to me when they've made a full set on Equestria. :derpytongue2:

I know. Plus, we have every excuse to call her Moon Moon.

Oooh!:pinkiegasp: I'll get back into magic for these!

Since they count clothes, I might have something in my collection which would get all 5... I'd have to look at my EqG collection. I've also got Power Ponies, and that RD might have black and white in it, I can't remember.

Crossovers with pony can only make a thing better :pinkiehappy:

… Don't know a thing about Magic, but I love what they did for Rarity and Twilight's effect thingies.

I assume the other mane 6 would be legendary too, otherwise you could use Spy Kit to actually win off of Twilight's ability.

The thing is, the other mane six don't even exist as official cards at this point in time, it's only the three cards shown above...

Quoted from the article:

Princess Twilight Sparkle’s effect even makes reference to other cards that don’t actually exist, like Applejack and Rainbow Dash, though Mooney says this was always meant to be a three-card set. When asked if they’d ever make those cards, he explained that they have “nothing to share at the moment,” but that they have a lot of fans on the team and they “had a great time working with the My Little Pony team at Hasbro on this.”

So, rules question:

Because My Little Pony is copyrighted, does it need to be an officially liscensed toy? I assume you can't try and use a repainted one because that's a really heavy alter, kind of like how some card alters would be banned.

Does "coat" include the cutie mark? If so, a Dash toy has you covered for all except black. A NMM toy could cover blue/black.

How long is the friendship from NMM supposed to last? If a player leaves the game, are they no longer my friend? If the game ends via Twilight's ability, are the friendships ended (seems like a potential flavor fail)? Will I need to write a letter to Princess Celestia after every game that NMM's ability is activated?

>Luna explicitly uses friendships as a mechanic
>Twilight doesn't
I mean, they're both entertaining, but...
>Everypony wins the game
So it's a draw?

The skull on the uniform is white, isn't it?

Use one of the "Your Opponent Can't Win" cards.

Nah, I mean the players are unlikely to be ponies.

So the CARDS win the game not the players? Man that's meta...

The "they become your friend" doesn't literally mean that the two of you are friends now; it's actually just an indicator that lets them cast things you exiled with Princess Luna's on-transform ability. In fact, strictly speaking, this should actually work both ways; if they didn't help transform her, they don't get the spell access even if they're of the "with benefits" kind of friend. (Magic-ese is weird)

I came here immediately to check that you'd seen this. I'm so impressed at how similar Twilight's first line is to some things that feature your Alicorn keyword.

And it's just sweet and delightful that Rarity cares about card rarity. :raritywink:

I haven't bought any physical MtG for a couple of years, but I'm pretty sure I need to get this :pinkiehappy:

Yes, I believe it is. Didn't see it behind her mane.

5131839 5131844
I checked the Comprehensive Rules, and Spy Kit actually has a rule all to itself:

612.6. One card (Spy Kit) states that an object has “all names of nonlegendary creature cards.” This changes the text that represents the object’s name. That object has the name of each nonlegendary creature card in the Oracle card reference. (See rule 108.1.)

Since the rest of the Mane Six aren't in Gatherer (nor are Grimlock and Nerf War,) the Spy Kit can't make anything else fake their signatures. Indeed, you can't choose them as card names for any reason.

You'd have to ask Mark Rosewater for the official judgement—he is the silver-bordered rules manager, after all—but here's my interpretation:
• I would argue that the toy would need to be officially licensed, or at least unaltered from its original state. Making a plushie of an OC with a WUBRG-colored mane is just bad sportsmanship
• Coat definitely includes cutie mark.
• Friendship appears to be similar to monarchial status. You don't actually rule a nation when you become the monarch, and you don't have to like someone when you transform their Nightmare Moon. Game-mechanical friendships end with the end of the game. Whether actual friendships do so depends on what everyone's playing.

No, no, everypony wins. You all record a win for the game. Also, you all become ponies (or these are actually the Ponish translations of the cards.) I leave the finer details to tournament organizers to iron out.

Still not as bad as Floral Spuzzem, the self-aware Magic card.

Oh my God, it's finally happened...officially :pinkiegasp:

Who wants to start a petition to get the rest of the Mane 6 printed? :pinkiecrazy:

You could use ___________ from Unhinged with clone effects.

Ha! You know, as an inter mdimensional summoner, Planeswalkers make natural pony villains. There could be a whole sub mechanic about summoned ponies resisting your control and/or rainbow lasering you.

And yes, to do this properly, your cards have to be able to win instead of you. All hail Twilight!


I am sad that those are uncards.

Author Interviewer

Whoa! :O I mean, it's maybe not that surprising, Hasbro owns MTG don't they? But still.

Though, judging by the effects, this is very Unglued in tone, innit? :B

Oh good, you've seen this. I dusted off my old Fimfiction account just to check you hadn't somehow missed it.

I spoke to Andrea Radeck at an event, and she let it slip that she had, in addition to her Unstable cards, an unreleased promo card (likely a HasCon promo card). That gave me high hopes for a MLP promo, because her cute style is perfect for MLP.

Glad to have been proven right!

I came here to check if you’d seen this... not that I should’ve doubted it, in hindsight. :rainbowlaugh:

I dunno, it’s been probably 15 years since I’ve touched a Magic card and closer to 20 since I was deeply into it (I didn’t quit; everyone around me did)—but that’s a frickin’ Rarity card...

Been waiting for these since season 2. Gotta say, I am a bit disappointed and vastly prefer everything in your Friendship is Card Games series.

I don't know how to feel about this. I suppose I am glad that the usual price gouging for Magic premium products is going to a good cause? I'm skeptical I will purchase these, or be able to given the infamously bad Hasbro website. But their existence is amusing? Perplexing? Their existence exists, at any rate.

I don't get surprised very much by internet news, so well played Hasbro.

I supposed I shouldn't be surprised that best pony and second-best pony beat out the rest of main six and Princess Celestia for mascot tier inclusion. And of course they had to put Twilight in there.

Now that's vindication.

Take pride in that you were doing it before it was cool. :raritywink:

You actually can't, because The Card With No Name only lets you pick the names of real cards and they aren't real cards yet.
Only until the Giant Teddy Bear shows up. (Or an Avatar of Me, at least if "me" is the specific me that I am. The gold Dragon that the main blog linked to will start an argument that could go either way... and then there's all the robots and Eldrazi that don't care about fashion because colorless isn't a color at all much less one that figure possesses. Ugin and some of his friends too.)

But where is the rest of the mane 6 cards ?

I just sent this to you on Discord. God-dang. Horse commander! We've talked about it so long and yet here it is at last!

Oh, one should also note that even after the Rainbow Laser of Friendship, Luna is still considered monoblack. Says quite a lot about that particular slice of the color pie, doesn't it?

I approve of it. Magic needs more reasonable spooksters. I'd probably spread her out to ubr for effects, though.

>If you control Applejack, Fluttershy, et al
>If you control

Also, another problem
>Rarity assumes you're going to be inexact on the colors for functionality
>use ability
>produce 1× Applejack
>creature gains protection from (from the wiki) "Brilliant Gamboge and Light Grayish Olive" plus whatever color the hat is

And sold out already. Weeps

I knew you'd be all over this. Like boop on snoot.

Article says they’re not available until the 22nd?

Favourite's still Blazewatch Shimmanequin x)

It's too bad you can't activate Twi's ability, really. :twilightsmile:

Considering the silver borders they lost an amazing opportunity to give Rarity Fashionwalk :raritystarry:

See, this is why it's important to get to know the creatures you plan on summoning before actually doing so. Consent is no joke.

Yup, Hasbro does indeed own Wizards of the Coast. It's why I've wanted a reference to it in the show... though at least the comics gave us Shining and his friends playing Hocus Pocus: the Get-Together.

And yeah, the cross-promotional cards are always silly ones. If they weren't they'd be legal in some official formats. And canon in M:tG lore. I would be happy with that, but I don't think many people whose opinions matter would be.

Thanks for checking in! And yes, my immune system picked a very good day to punk out. This blog would only be going up around now if I hadn't taken a sick day today.

Regrettably, Limestone is a bit niche to make her way into a three-card special collection.

I'm flattered! (And I honestly can't say I disagree. :derpytongue2:)


What comic is the mtg reference in? I must read it.

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