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My real name is Kyle. I am 20 years old. Born and raised in a small town called Terre Haute, Indiana. I grew up in a family of motorheads and street racers and I love muscle cars. Questions? Ask away!

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He's gone. :( · 2:56am

Today is a sad day for rock n roll fans. Chuck Berry, the founding father of Rock an' Roll, was found dead in his home today. Many people consider Elvis Presely as the King of Rock, while he did make it popular and perfected it, Chuck Berry pretty much invented it in the late 40's and early 50's. He was 90 years old. He was still in a band too! 90 years old and he never retired from music! Dedication at its finest. Rest In Peace Chuck, you will be missed. :raritycry:

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No problem!

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>>2391609 oh. :facehoof: Right

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You published the "1 Year" thing.

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I was for about 3 but i had a BIG break from mlp untill season 6 was there. Aftersome time i heard of an amazing fanfic,10 minutes later i realized that i forgot my password to old auccont. So here i am! I dont even remember my old nickname... :raritydespair:

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A little about me

Name: Kyle Smith

Age: 20

DOB: 3/1/1997

Likes: American cars, trucks, guns, video games, racing, karaoke, swimming, rock n' roll, heavy metal, classic rock, country, rap, spending time with family

Dislikes: Pop, R&B, Reggae, screamo, most modern rock, most foreign cars, stupid people, school, needles, surgery

Bio: I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in a small-ish town called Terre Haute, Indiana. Ever since I was little I have loved anything to do with cars or drag racing. I was one week old when I went to the drag strip for the first time. My first car and the car I currently drive is a 1992 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback. I am a diehard Mustang fan. I am a speed freak which unfortunately disables my fear of being chased by the cops. I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida, which is a curvature in the spine. I was born folded over and I am paralyzed from the ankles down. I had to go through five years of physical therapy before I could walk upright. Now I am confined to crutches for life, but as I always say, “it could always be worse.” In the past 19 years I have had close to 35 surgeries in my lifetime. If anyone has any questions just send me a message!:rainbowdetermined2:

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