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My real name is Kyle. I am 21 years old. Born and raised in a small town called Terre Haute, Indiana. I grew up in a family of motorheads and street racers and I love muscle cars. Questions? Ask away!

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In honor of Veterans Day, here's a short story that hopefully describes how many people are truly effected by the demons of PTSD...

Thank you for your sacrifice....

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1,000 years ago, the Princesses have a disagreement. Luna fails to understand that the Sun is no greater than the Moon. She fails to realize that her role as the Lunar Princess is every bit as important as the role of the Solar Princess. What happens when Luna's jealousy gets the best of her?

Chapters (4)

After a shortage of men and women on the battlefield, the President of the United States issues a draft to bring in more people to fight for the nation. When Applejack and Rainbow Dash are drafted, it hits everyone hard. What will happen to two of the beloved Humane 7?

Chapters (13)

With the Apple Family Reunion happening in just mere hours, Fluttershy has volunteered to help. But every time she gets to be around Big Mac, she has these feelings arise from within. Will Big Mac return these feelings or will the timid Pegasus have a little surprise waiting for him?

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All Scootaloo wants for her birthday is to be able to celebrate it with somepony. But why is everypony ignoring her? What did she do to deserve it? Well...it looks like this year is going to be just like all the others. Lonely.

Or is it?

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Rainbow Dash is a cocky, egotistical, boastful Pegasus on the outside, but what happens when it's just her all by her lonesome? For the past ten years she has had to deal with the death of her parents. What happens when Mother's Day comes around but she has nopony to celebrate it with? Nopony to say Happy Mother's Day to?

Chapters (1)
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