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Spoilers for season 9 episode 14 · 10:44pm Jul 7th, 2019

Okay so... Cheese Sandwich is back.

Pinkie Pie is, as I've stated several times in the past, my favorite character. And I'm always super glad to see her star in an episode. But... I'm a bit disappointed. I was excited to hear Cheese was coming back and sure, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes so high, but after how amazing Pinkie Pride was (one of my all time favorites) It's hard not to be a little let down. Even if Pinkie Pride is a high bar.

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Why did you delete 'Fragile Flower'? :( I do love that one

Thanks for the fave!

Imma follow you just 'cause. You seem fun and cute. I hope we can grow closer someday.

But today is not that day!

Your descriptions of emotions and situations are adorable, especially in "Stiff Wings". Can't wait for more!


I've been writing some non-pony stuff lately. Which is why this next chapter is taking so long. Cause whenever I've felt like writing this past month or so I've been doing something other than mlp fanficiton. But I can still say it is coming. I don't know when, hopefully soon, but idk. Sorry I don't have a better excuse.

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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