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Ordinary guy who like to read, and listen to stories, history, or other kind of stuff. Greetings from Indonesia.

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Well, I lived at the beautiful island country named Indonesia, born at ██/██/████ Tangerang.

I'm a decent man from a normal family with the traditional culture still stuck onto them. Don't judge me because of my - rather traditional and harsh - family, and my culture. I'm proud to be Indonesian, because Indonesia housed many ethnic, culture, and tradition. You never heard of Indonesia? Well that's okay, you can check out the map right now and look at southeast Asia. You seen it? Okay, the Island country in the middle of the two continent, Asia and Australia. Should be easy to spot there, even on the world map. You should check out Indonesian history too :3

I live life normally really, there's nothing interesting going on. Except that one time that [Data Expunged] Pretty bad situation there, embarrassed the heck out of me. But anyway I'm just a normal introvert guy who like surfing the internet and meme finding stuff that interest me the most such as; Ponies, SCP's, and History.

Most people find me [Data Expunged] but i can't blame them, it's my personality after all. They can judge me whatever they want, I don't really care because they can [Redacted] and [Redacted] I don't tell them what they'll do with their live. I lived my own and theirs too

[Further Data are Redacted due to standard security protocol]

Current Status : Sitting around doing nothing [Data Redacted]


Fic That Contains Country Mascot · 7:59pm Aug 3rd, 2018

I am in a middle of creating a fic, but the main character was a Country Mascot.
And here's the question I wanted to ask.
Does this will be the first Country-Mascot-related fic?

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Many thanks for the watch!:rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the fave and welcome to Fimfic

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