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This story is a sequel to The Gathering Storm Part IV: The Continuing Struggle

As the war continues Whirlwind's action send the republic into disarray. New friendships will have to be made as others shatter. But be careful who you befriend, they could be your undoing.

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After the destruction of Stalliongrad Whirlwind thought the war couldn't get any worse. But he was wrong. Dark times lie ahead and Whirlwind will be pushed to his limit and so will his friends and even the Republic.

Sacrifices must be made.

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The war is heating up. Whirlwind looks for ways to bring the war to an end sooner rather than later and to ease the sufferings of citizens. The elements of harmony are the only thing that can end the war quickly but there is a problem. Twilight Sparkle the spirit of Magic is loyal to her mentor Princess Celestia who is corrupted by her dark side, Solar Flare.

Until a solution is found Whirlwind must find aid from a very unlikely source which could bring him and the NLR down but he has no choice.

(I'm looking for an editor, for this story and the one previous. PM if your interested)

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Five years have passed since Whirlwind, Princess Luna and the Republic of Equestria were banished to a remote island in the middle of the sea. Celestia still convinced that her sister and the RoE have been sent to the moon now tightens her grip on the world and her subjects. A storm is coming...

(I'm looking for an editor for this story. PM if your interested)

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Famine grips the world. Celestia has no choice but to take what the citizens of Equestria need to survive from other countries by force. She forms the Solar Empire. Whirlwind, a Pegasus from Cloudsdale and old friend of Rainbow Dash, decides to join the Solar Empire Air Force alongside Rainbow to fight for their country, friends and families.

But all does not go well. Whirlwind, now branded a traitor to the Empire and Equestria, finds himself on the run even though he was only following orders. Can he outrun the biggest and most powerful empire in the world's history, can he live with himself after what he had to do to his best and only friend and can he restore peace back to the world?

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