• Published 13th Feb 2013
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The Gathering Strom Part III: Cyclone - WiskeyMikeOne

The highly anticipated third part of The Oncoming Storm sires of fan fiction created by WiskeyMikeOne

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Chapter Four: Past becomes present

Chapter Four
Past becomes present

That night I was plagued by my usual nightmare but it was longer than usual. Instead of finishing when I was about to die a huge battle ensured. I was fighting my way through the army of the empire determined to get to the other side. When I had taken down my twentieth foe I saw Solar Flare on top of a cliff laughing. The ground beneath me started to rumble and split, lightning flashed from above. My head hit the floor of my bedroom and I woke up.

“And you call be lazy. C’mon Whirlwind time to get up!”

Rainbow Dash had taken the pleasure to wake me up by flipping me out of my bed. She flew above me just a few feet away from my ceiling.

“Whirl you don’t look so good, something wrong?”

“Well considering the fact that you pushed be out of my bed and on to the hard floor, nothing why?”

“You look terrible.”

“Ruff night - bad dream.”

I picked myself off of the floor and sat on my bed, I looked at my clock.

“11:45 am! Thank Faust I've got nothing planned for this morning.”

Dashie flew upside down next to me with a smile on her face.

“Err can I help you?” I asked.

“Why yes you can.”


“Introduce me to your sister!”

“Yeah about that...”

“Why what’s wrong?”

I looked at Dashie, she was right in my face I could see my reflection in her big red eyes.
“You know that obedient curse that Celestia put on you?”


“Well she hadn't put in on Spitfire.”


I got up and went to the bathroom and locked the door behind me, I need a shower. Dashie kept talking to me from the other side of the door. I told her about what happened last night.

“So what now?”

“Well Spitfire is gonna remained stunned for the time being until we can find a way to convince her not to attack Luna or myself.”

“Sounds like a big sibling rivalry to be. Thank Faust I don’t have any brothers for sisters.”

I laughed at her joke.

“Why did Spitfire run away from home anyway?” asked Dashie.

I paused before bushing my teeth and answering her question.

“Well... my dad wanted me and my sister to continue the family tradition of working in the Cloudsdale weather factory. But Spit wanted to fly and make a career of it. So when she was old enough, she left.”

“When was that?”

“Just before you and I graduated flight school.”

“So we were 12 when we graduated so how old was Spitfire?”



“Dashie you there?” I asked with a mouth full of toothpaste.

“Yeah I’m here. Sorry I never knew that she was older than us.”

I wrapped a towel around myself and opened the bathroom door, Dashie was sat on my bed and holding the framed photo of me and my family during our family holiday to Appaloosa than I had on my bed side cabinet.

“Wow now I see the age difference, by the way that cowpony hat is way too big for you. And I would never have thought that Spitfire was a Goth in her teens.”

I glanced at the photo, it was the same one I had when I was betrayed by the Solar Empire. I never left the cave without it, it was creased and torn but it was very personal. There I was with my big hat on and Spitfire dressed in black clothing and black massacre under her eyes and looking miserable. Two weeks later she left.

“How are your friends?” I asked.

“It might take them time to settle in.”

“Well Princess Luna is giving a speech at dusk to everypony who was rescued, hopefully that will clear things up.”

“So what are we gonna do now?” asked Dashie as she flew up into the air again.

I took a moment to collect my thoughts and courage, to this day the next two words still gave me chills.

“Twilight Sparkle.”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that. Do you want me to lead the-“

“No no, I have to do this.”

We both remained in silence for a few moments. It was broken by a knock at the door. I opened the door and a guard stood there.

“Yes?” I asked him.

“Sir I have a letter for you.”

With his mouth he pulled out the letter from underneath his breast plate, he handed it to me. It was dark blue, padded and sealed with Luna’s royal seal this was no ordinary letter. I looked at the guard; he was looking over my shoulder.

“Anything else?”

“No no sorry sir.” He saluted me then turned away to leave.

I opened the letter; Dashie hovered above me and was reading it over my shoulder.

“What does it say Whirl.”

“Not much. Well done, good job, the usual stuff.” I gave Dashie the letter then threw myself on the bed, Dashie read the letter.

“You forgot to mention that you’re being awarded a medal for your heroism.”

“Did I. It must have slipped my mind.”


“Thanks, but it don’t seem right.”


“Colonel Anchor and his marines did all the work, we had an easy job. He deserves the medal.” I got up from the bed then went to go and put on my equipment. I always wore combat gear, black ballistic vest, black BDU trousers, black and grey long sleeve shirt and of course my sword in its scabbier.

“Whirl will just accept a compliment for one in your life.”


“Remember flight camp, you’d always say that I helped you.”

“You did. We were a team then and we still are, only now that team has grown. Of cause I accept the medal Dashie but I need to repay Anchor and his men back…somehow.”


That afternoon was time for Spitfire's interrogation I walked into her cell but she was still asleep. 1 o’clock and still asleep, typical Spitfire I thought to myself. I asked one of the guards outside of the cell for a bottle of water then went back in, Dashie waited outside with the guards but she could still see me through the one way mirror. I took a few gulps of water then threw the rest over Spitfire.

“Ah good you’re awake” I said.

“What the buck was that for?!”

“To get your attention. And revenge for all those wake up pranks you pulled on me went I was young.”

If it hadn't been for the bars I think Spitfire might have tried to hit me again. I drank the last drops of water from the bottle then threw it into the corner. Spitfire shook herself dry.

“It’s been a long time.” I said.

“Not long enough.”

“Ooo that hurt.” I said sarcastically.


I nodded at the camera, the two guards that were outside came in, one opened Spitfires cell door the other conjured up two chairs and a table with his magic. Spitfire was cuffed to the table by the guards, then they left.

“Are these necessary?” she asked.

“Very. I never thought we would meet each other again after all of these years, like this.”

“Strange, I did.”


“Yes. But you were the one in cuffs.”

I gave her a sarcastic smile and she did the same to me.

“Has Solar Flare's lies blinded you so much that you cannot she what she has done to the world around you.”

“She gave me everything and more.”

“What, your and Sorins circus act?”

“How dare you! We are pilots just like you.”

“No you’re not like me. I've had military training and you haven’t.”

“Tell that to pilots we shot down the other night.”

I had a flashback to that night. Ribbon Heart’s last words were like poison to me, I’m surprised I didn't have nightmares about that. I stood up and walked around the table and Spitfire.

“You had technology on your side. Take that away and you wouldn't have lasted five minutes in the air with me.”

“Care to prove it.”

“I already have, why else would you be here.”

Spitfire looked puzzled.

“You fell for the oldest trick in the book.”

“What, all that pitching of your jet was a trick.”


I lent into her face.

“Never underestimate your opponent.” I lent back to see her reaction. I could tell she was angry. I had her.

“I wonder if Sorin is dumb enough to fall for that.”

“Buck you!”

“He should retire and coach in that place that you call an academy.”

“Stop it!”

“Or maybe he will come to his senses and defect, then you too can be together again!”

“I said stop it!”

“Or maybe Solar Flare will give him to us! Take this old stallion away; I have no use for him now.”

“She would never do that!”

“Then explain the hundreds of ponies that we rebels rescued last night. Why were they put their, why?”

“I don’t know.” she cringed and looked away.

“I know you know don’t lie to me!”

“Whirl that’s enough!” said Dashie down the radio. I took it out of my ear and threw it into the corner.

“Tell me why!”

“There a drain on resources.” Spitfire was close to tears.

“Obviously and?”

She shook her head.

“Tell me!” I slammed my hoof onto the table.

“The Suns of Celestia…there’s more of them.”

“How many more?” I lowered my voice.

“A lot…an army…like you said Whirl…no further use for us.”

The door flew open, Dashie was there and the guards. Spitfire started sobbing. Dashie went to console Spitfire.

“What did you do Whirl.”

“Just what I was trained to do, Get the information.” I walked out of the cell and made my way to Intel’s office to deliver the info.

I didn't enjoy making my sister cry but it wasn't my fault, interrogation training in the Royal Guard was all about exploiting your enemy’s weaknesses and I did just that. Did I take it a bit too far, yes I did, did I let my emotions get I the way, yes I did. Did I find out secret information that could help us in the future, yes I did.