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The war is heating up. Whirlwind looks for ways to bring the war to an end sooner rather than later and to ease the sufferings of citizens. The elements of harmony are the only thing that can end the war quickly but there is a problem. Twilight Sparkle the spirit of Magic is loyal to her mentor Princess Celestia who is corrupted by her dark side, Solar Flare.

Until a solution is found Whirlwind must find aid from a very unlikely source which could bring him and the NLR down but he has no choice.

(I'm looking for an editor, for this story and the one previous. PM if your interested)

<<< Cover art done by me

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Is this story completed or what? It says completed yet your still updating it :rainbowhuh:
If its isn't complete you need to put it as that,

2142765 Nah it is complete. I just upload a chapter a week. I like to keep my readers in suspense.

If you upload a chapter a week then it's not complete
(lol that ryhmed)

Wow. Somepony just done screwed the pooch.

Keep up the good work, I'm liking this story.

Why do people even dislike this story it's amazing

2312549 I think I've got a few Solar Empire buckers disliking my fics :applecry: Thanks for the positive comment btw /)

When are you going to upload chapter 10

you should add human involment in the war. It would be really epic if they came in. Just a suggestion, up to you to add them and how :)

2380844 Capital of Russhire
Moscow capital of Russia IRL . Moscolt get it?
Las Vagas /Las Pegasus

So the end is near and that's where celestial is ?

2452030 Sorry I've been busy. Work, life you know how it is. Can you wait a bit longer Monday perhaps?

so did staliongrad get blown up by the imperial forces

2468839 Yep. I took inspiration form the latest Ace Combat.

wow..... intense....... Is there going to be more?

2679920 I'm finishing off part four tonight. It should be out by the end of June or early July.

2684823 so is part 3 already over and your finishing part 4?

god!! I cant wait!!! so excited!!!

Not gonna lie, you end these stories on the best cliff hangers :raritystarry:

The palace was so quite all could be heard was the genital flapping of our wings as we made our way down the corridor.

Genital huh? I'm going to hope that was supposed to be gentle.

Great story BTW. Just a little rough around the edges.

3124210 Oh my.:derpyderp2: sorry about that, the next word in the sentence just made the whole thing into a clop fic :twilightblush: Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes it is ruff around the edges. English is not my first language plus I'm finding it hard to find editors.

The waves that hit the ship caused a genital rocking motion

funniest misspelling ever.:rainbowlaugh:

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