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Famine grips the world. Celestia has no choice but to take what the citizens of Equestria need to survive from other countries by force. She forms the Solar Empire. Whirlwind, a Pegasus from Cloudsdale and old friend of Rainbow Dash, decides to join the Solar Empire Air Force alongside Rainbow to fight for their country, friends and families.

But all does not go well. Whirlwind, now branded a traitor to the Empire and Equestria, finds himself on the run even though he was only following orders. Can he outrun the biggest and most powerful empire in the world's history, can he live with himself after what he had to do to his best and only friend and can he restore peace back to the world?

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I've been deceived! I most definitely thought this was a doc whooves fic.

Yeah I didn't realise until last week when someone told me. What do you think of it?

784241 It's pretty good, in general. some parts were unclear, like what happened with the turbine and her friendship with dash. Also, you mentioned pinkie as a filly when princess luna was around? that doesn't make seeense!

The turbine was destroyed
"The turbine was a smouldering wreck"
Whirlwind and Dash kept in touch when Dash was with Twilight and the mane 6 but it had long spaces between letters and calls (work)
["Dashie made new friends in Ponyville and made a good name for herself, she was known as one of the Protectors of Equestria after defeating Nightmare Moon and Discord with the Elements of Harmony. We would remain in contact but it was a long time between calls: work always got in my way."
"Also, you mentioned pinkie as a filly when princess luna was around"
Did I, damn I'll change it. Can you tell me where in story that I mentioned her as a filly, I would appreciate it thanks

786920 think it was chapter three. Anyway, only issue I have is how the heck did the turbine explode??


The turbine spins in one direction to suck in air, Whirlwind flew so fast ageist the air flow that the turbine span in the opposite direction and broke (the turbines are built for suction and not blow)

So though there arent many comments, let me say thank you for righting this. As a pilot i am finding it entertaining and am growing quite fond of this tale. Please keep it up and again thank you.

Thank you good sir. :pinkiehappy: Which country are you from and what service are you in? I've been wanting to join the RAF ever since I was a kid.

One of the greatest fan fiction stories I've ever read :rainbowkiss:

If you like the story please like it and leave a comment, it helps a lot. The squeal is nearly finished :yay:

hm..Dont exactly understand what happened in the end, just reads that he flew into the turbine..and that whole part seemed rushed to me, still good chapter.

I decided, you made I sequel, I shall give the original a second chance. Then it says I never read it. I saw forget whatever I said the first time I shall finish this. I wanna know what happened to the generator.


Okay an edit has been made, hopefully it should clear things up.

I'm not a person for war-related things, not at all. Maybe because I'm a girl. Anyways, this is kind of cool. I like it.

:raritystarry:Dude if you can I LOVED THE WHOLE STORY and when you make enough of these can you put them all into one book I WOULD SO LOVE IT PUBLISH IT AND EVERYTHING I WILL CERTAINLY BUY AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE WOULD TO.

2178909 Hay thanks very much. I've always wanted to get into publishing and make a career out of it. Publishing fanfiction? :twilightoops: nah its all free.

This kind of reminds me of one of the first fics I ever read. It was called 'Friendship is forever' and a bit of it involves something similar to this. I love this Fic on to the next :pinkiehappy:.

2344890 Thanks. FYI I've never read "Friendship is forever" but I'll have to now and see is there are any similarities. :twilightsmile:

Woo hoo 400 views! It might not be a big deal for some up it is for me. Thanks.

Comment posted by Canvas Stories deleted Jun 5th, 2013

2679207 There is indeed, look on my profile. There's also a part 3 and I'm nearly finished with part 4. I should put a link to the next part in the series at the end of each story. I'll do that now.

Yes I noticed that when I looked to my right. :twilightblush: Kinda feel stupid now. (also yes this is still me just had to use my brothers profile to find out about your fic. my explanation for that is simply youtube.)

Not gonna lie, I was hoping for more rainbow dash but you've got me hooked now :derpytongue2: onwards with part 2 :pinkiehappy:

Amazing cover art. Did you draw them all? Or did some one do it for you? :duck: And same with the title it's awesome.

3341304 I made them myself. I just used photoshop, I'm no artist but I'm quite proud of them. I just wish I could find or create a vector for male Whirlwind.

The title was series was originally called The Oncoming Storm but as you can see in the first comment a lot of people were expecting a Dr. Whooves fic.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

“There won`t be a next time!” shouted a little voice behind me.

(Rainbow Factory plays in distance)

“Whirl, you do realise that you are falling not flying, right?”

but is he falling with style?

I’ll never forget graduation day. The parade ground was full of spectators and high ranking officials of the Empire lined the booths. I, Dashie and another three ponies that passed the course were in the centre of the ground on top of a large golden and marble podium. We were told to wave at the crowd because it looks good for propaganda. Dashie was flying overhead, showing off her fancy flying moves.

Well, Although I prefer to be neutral on the whole SE/NLR conflict (Neutrality with favoring to NLR), So far you have managed to make the Solar Empire seem at least a sympathetic Autocracy, of course I haven't read that many fics of that type,.

Two masked Pegasi hovered in the air, five set out on foot and three stayed behind to guard the wreck. Not enough shots to take them all out plus they’re better trained than I am, the only option was to run. As I ran as fast as I could trying to dodge fallen tree branches, rocks and Poison Joke. It now dawned on me that my aircraft going into self-destruct mode was no accident. I thought maybe this was Rainbow getting her revenge; or was it Empire policy to silence ponies that used Protocol 6?

Ah, There's the empire I know and despise while still maintaining neutrality...

“Are you stupid or something? Six months ago when all ponies had had enough of Celestia and the Empire controlling us?” I was shocked. I’d been isolated from the outside world for only a short period of time and so much had happened. It was if the whole world went crazy in my absence.

(Wolfenstein-House of The Rising Sun plays in distance)

“Princess Cadence.”

Well, Thats new...

this is reminding me of the points of Legends of Galactic Heroes, an Efficiantly ran Dictatorship police state, vs an inefficiect Bueracratic Democracy.

“To all members of the Republic of Equestria your petition has been acknowledged, myself and the High Court of Canterlot have agreed to meet with your authorities. Royal chariots will arrive in your towns and cities tomorrow at noon, they will escort you to Canterlot castle to discuss terms and hopefully we all can lead Equestria to a better future. Her Royal Highness of Equestria, Princess Celestia.”

Seems Legit, I'm sure they totally won't get arrested...

“I’m not brave enough for politics”

Oh, now you're quoting Revenge of the Sith

I stared down at my plate, my vision was getting blurry. I looked around the table, some of the delegates had their heads on the table and some were in my state of dizziness. I looked towards the Mayor who was next to Celestia, she was staring at me, lifeless with cherry juice dribbling from her month and on to her shoulder. I turned to Celestia who was laughing. My eyes were getting heavy, if this was my last breath I would make it worthwhile.

Called it

I felt under my left wing for my blaster, it was still there. And the black box from my aeroplane was under my right wing, good thing I remembered it after all these years, the guards must have forgotten to search us. A bonus but not much use in a 4x4 prison cell. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of keys. The door to the cell room opened up, three figures cast a shadow onto the floor. The empty cell door glowed blue and flew open. Rarity was thrown into the cell and the door slammed behind her.

Wow, Some prison guards they are...

“Imagine it, a community where eveypony is free to live together in harmony and not threatened by the Empire. It’s exactly what we all wanted. Instead of trying to take on the Empire in Equestria we could live here in peace.”

A New Lunar Republic...

“All those in favour of changing the name of our origination from the Republic of Equestria to the New Lunar Republic. Raise their hooves”

Yay now I have a side with to descretely Ship arms to, While claiming neutrality

Marshal Silver Shield: Nah, I'll just send advisors, tons of weapons, and, perhaps, a full declaration of war on Celestia herself. But, whatever the case, I will not stand idly by and watch as the Soviets take advantage of their suffering.

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