• Published 13th Feb 2013
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The Gathering Strom Part III: Cyclone - WiskeyMikeOne

The highly anticipated third part of The Oncoming Storm sires of fan fiction created by WiskeyMikeOne

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Chapter Five: Flight of Shadows

Chapter Five
Flight of Shadows

When myself and Dashie arrived at our hangar to prepare for the Shadowbolts test later that evening we couldn't help but notice that there was a large crowd gathered outside hangar 12, we rushed over to investigate.

“What the hay is going on here? Make way coming through!” said Dashie.

“You heard the officer, MOVE!” said a pilot.

“Make way for the Sky Marshal.” said another.

When we made it to the front of the crowd we could see three purple and black painted SU 35’s with yellow lightning bolts running down the body. Tune Up and some of her engineers were examining them.

“Nice. Hay Tune Up tell the painters they did a good job” I said.

“Yeah they look awesome, I might have to get mine done as well.” said Dashie as she flew up and popped her head in the cockpit of the lead plane.

“Funny story Whirlwind, I spoke to the painters and they said that they never painted the jets.” Tune Up pointed to the corner of the hangar.

I looked at saw four painters wearing white overalls shaking their heads at me. As if to say "Not us."

“Well anyway whoever did a hell of a good job.” said Dashie from the cockpit.

“That’s the thing, nopony will admit to painting the jets.” said Tune Up.

“Well obviously they won’t admit to it.” Dashie flew up from the cockpit and over to the crowd.

“All right fess up, who broke in last night and painted these jets.”

“It wasn’t any of them.” I said.

“What? Then who was it then?” said Tune Up.

“Why it was us of course.”

“Who’s there?” said Dashie.

From the shadow of the furthest away jet came three figures. The engineers backed away and so did the crowd, I could hear some soldiers in the crowd preparing their blasters.

“Stand down everypony, there on our side. Everypony meet the Shadowbolts, they are gifts from Princess Luna.” I said.

“We are more than just gifts; we are the solution to all of your problems.” said Nightmare.

“We’ll see, but first you must have my approval. If you pass then we will put you up against the best the empire has to offer.”

“Ha! And if we don’t?” said Nightmare.

“Then you can crawl back into the shadows.” I replied.

“Take off in 30 minutes, get prepared.” I added.

Nightmare saluted then herself and the other Shadowbolts despaired back into the jets shadow. I turned to the crowd.

“That goes for the rest of you as well, move!”

“Right, you all hear the Sky Marshal get moving!” said a Sergeant.

Shamrock walked over to me and so did Dashie.

“They are a creepy bunch aren't they. Whirl do you trust them?"

"I want to but..."


“I can’t explain, I just get a bad vibe from them.”

“Me too. Nightmare Moon used them to tempt me away from helping my friends when we were searching for the elements of harmony.”

“Ah that was all in the past, besides Nightmare Moon is gone, there Luna’s creation now.” said Shamrock.

“I hope you’re right about that Shamrock. We better get ready we don’t want to set a bad example to our new recruits now do we.” Shamrock and Dashie laughed at my little joke as we left the hangar.


“Tower this is Night Furry requesting take off over.”

“Roger that Night Furry taxi to runway four over.”

“Wilco tower out.”

As I taxied down to the runway I could see all the planes lined up with their pilots in the cockpits. The ground crew were just finishing their checks on the jets. The Shadowbolts were sat in there jets at the back of the queue.

All fourteen fighter squadrons were taking part in this exercise, that a total of 275 fighters all ranging from Equine, Russian and Le Mareian planes, the Shadowbolts had no chance. An hour passed and we were now over the combat zone. It was behind the mountain as too remain out of view from Manechester's inhabitants.

“Night Furry to all call signs keep an eye out and report any movement in the sky.”

“Wilco sir.” said Shamrock.

“Roger.” said Dashie.

My head was on a swivel, I was constantly looking around. The Shadowbolts could strike from anywhere at any time. If they were smart they would aim for the squadron leaders, by taking out the veteran leaders the rookies in the squadron would be easy targets. I slid the sun shield down on my helmet; they might attack us with the sun behind them. I checked my radar, it was clear.

“Night Furry to Beast Hunter 1 anything to report over.”

“Negative sir. I’ll take my squadron down to 1000 feet over.”

“Roger. Keep your eyes open. Out.”

Another ten minutes passed and all was quiet, we had circled the combat zone then the island five times. I was thinking of scrapping the exercise then a voice came over on the radio.

“Tiger 5 here, bandit’s 10 o’clock low!”

“Acknowledge. Beast Hunter 1 they are right above you. Over”.


“Beast Hunter 1 report.”

“No answer Whirl, shall I go and check on them?” asked Dashie.

“No we will all go. Night Furry to all call sings engage hostiles at 2000 feet. Dragoon and Hell Fire squadron stay at this altitude and cover us. Distress call sign is Tempest over.”

“Yes sir.”

“Understood Whirl.”


“Let’s get em.”

I pointed my plane’s nose down and applied the afterburners. The numbers on the altitude gauge decreed. The cloud cover zipped past my cockpit, I flicked the weapon safety switch off and gripped the control stick. When I broke through the cloud cover I nearly flew into a fire ball, my aircraft shook as I pulled up to avoid it. I turned my head to see the wreckage of a MiG-29.

“What the buck!”

“Whirl our jets are being shot down!” said Shamrock.

“Nightmare come in, Nightmare respond.”

“Hello Whirlwind, what’s the matter?”

“You are only authorised to use soft munitions!”

“Well you said you wanted to see how good we are, and dummy rounds are so unrealistic. This way we show off our skill to and your pilots get some well needed experience.”

I shook with anger.

“Disengage from your attacks and report back to the airfield at once!”

“But we’re just getting started.”

I heard bullets zip passed my cockpit, I rolled to avoid them.

“Nightmare! You and your men a ignoring a direct order CEASE FIRE!”

“This a battle, there is no such thing as a cease fire.”

I heard the ping and zip of bullets hitting my plane, I was in trouble but I was more concerned about the other pilots.

“All call signs head back to the airfield. Tower; activate SAM defenses. Fire on all Shadowbolt aircraft and scramble SAR.”

“Understood sir.”

“I’m not going.” said Dashie.

“Either am I.” said Shamrock.

“Guys listen.“

“No you listen, Whirl there are three of them and only one of you. Shamrock and I will take care of the other two. You concentrate on Nightmare. I think you two have got something to settle."

“Fine but don’t get shot down” I replied to Dashie.

“Hay it’s me you’re talking to here.” she replied.

“Good, three times the pride three times the fall. Shadowbolts engage Whirlwind, Rainbow Dash and Shamrock ignore the other jets, there not worth the hassle.” said Nightmare.

“Understood ma’am.”


I couldn't tell which Shadowbolt was behind me, they countered my every move if I Dashie and Shamrock were going to survive we had to work together.

“Dashie let’s try manoeuvre 12.”

“Number 12 really?

“What’s number 12?” asked Shamrock.

“A move that me and Whirl made up in training for the SEAF. Shamrock I need you to fly level at round 500 mph.”

"Are you crazy!" he replied.

"Trust her Shamrock."

"Oh fine. But if I get shot down you owe me a pint."


I broke off from my attacker, Dashie pulled up next to me. We started rolling and turning, I span clockwise and Dashie span anti clock wise, we were about 300 feet apart but always passed at the peak and base of the circle at the same time. Shamrock was flying level and out in front of us, he was the bait. A Shadowbolt went for Shamrock.

“Dashie. Brake!” I said down the mike.

I and Dashie broke out of the spiral; Dashie fired at the Shadowbolt with her cannons and scored a direct hit. At the same time another Shadowbolts manoeuvred itself onto Dashie’s tail but I had her covered. I fired and scored a direct hit.
Both Shadowbolt aircraft became engulfed in blue lightning and descended to 200 feet and were guided back to the airfield, now for Nightmare. Myself Dashie and Shamrock flew back into formation.

“All right! That was so awesome.” said Dashie.

“Easy for you to say, you weren't the bait.” said Shamrock.

“Actually she was the bait when we created this move all those years ago.” I said.

“Yeah but it’s more effective with three pilots. Where is Nightmare?” asked Dashie.

“She’s properly on her way back to the airfield.” said Shamrock.

“I’ll contact tower and tell them not to fire on the returning Shadowbolts.”

Bullets whizzed up from underneath and hit Dashie’s aircraft. Nightmares plane shot upwards, I reacted instantly, I pulled up I fired my cannons. I hit Nightmares plane, it froze in mid-air. I flew passed her cockpit and looked at her, she did the same thing to me. Her aircraft had a mind of its own now and was flying back toward the airfield at speed.

"Dashie are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Slight damage to my planes right wing. Oil pressure good, controls good, engine good. Everything's fine."

"There not so good after all." said Shamrock.

"If they were that easy, then what about our pilots, how easy were they?"

I got no response from them and I didn't expect one.


My plane hadn't even powered down yet and I was out of the cockpit, the engines were still whinging. The ground crew at the airfield had to fly into my cockpit to turn off the engines otherwise she might have kept on going. I threw my flight helmet on to the tar mark along with my life preserver. I flew towards the Shadowbolts hangar. The two stallions were standing around a work beach and were laughing, Nightmare was sat on it. Crescent Moon clocked me coming into the hangar.

“So what do you think, are we good enough to be in the air force?” asked Crescent Moon.

I pulled out my blaster and shot Crescent. I hit him between the eyes; he fell stunned to the floor. New Moon went for me so I shot him. Nightmare went for the hangars side door. I fired and missed, my shot hit the door. She froze in her tracks. “Buck this!” I thought and pulled out my sword. I now had Nightmare trapped in a corner between the work beach and a locker, my sword was just underneath her chin. She smiled.

“I’m impressed.”

“Shut up!” I never shouted like that before, my voice echoed in the hangar.

I paused and panted, I could hear a crowd gathering at the main hanger doors.

“Whirlwind don’t do it!” It was Dashie; she pushed her way to the front of the crowd.

“Don’t worry Rainbow Dash he won’t, he’s too weak.”

“I am not weak.”

“Prove it.”

I shook with rage; my mind was going a mile a minute. Then a voice cleared everything.

“I promise I can make you strong. Do it, and you will be one step closer to victory over the Solar Empire.”

Nightmare’s mouth didn't move, her voice was now in my head. She smirked.

“Do it, your weak, the power the defeat the empire, do it, your nothing, do it, embrace your anger, do it, feel it flow through you, unleash the storm, DO IT!”

Nightmare’s stunned body fell to the floor, I stood there for what seemed like a life time. I turned my head to face the crowd; no pony spoke. Dashie looked horrified. I walked passed her and towards the crowd.

“Sergeant, have the Shadowbolts taken to the Princess immediately.“

“Yes...yes sir. But what shall I tell her highness?”

I sheathed my sword and made my way to my hangar