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The Gathering Strom Part III: Cyclone - WiskeyMikeOne

The highly anticipated third part of The Oncoming Storm sires of fan fiction created by WiskeyMikeOne

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Chapter Eleven: Titan

Chapter Eleven

Two long months hard fighting on both sides passed and we were now at the west coast of Russhire, Stalingrad to be precise. Those two months were filled with constant bombing missions, escort, offensive and defensive opps and urban fighting. The empire put up some resistance in the country side but it was the city that saw the most fighting, perceptually Moscolt. As this opp took place in Stalliongrad there was still fighting in Moscolt.

As I few above the smouldering city I could not help but think about the day that all this madness had started. Operation Phoenix seemed like a life time ago and so much had changed. My actions on that day haunted me for so long, but now was the time to bury that bad memory.

“Whirl you okay?”

“I’m fine Dashie. You?”

“A bit freaked out. You know, being back here again.”


Operation Iron Curtain was in full swing,if we took Stalliongrad then the remaining Imperial forces would be traped. Staliongrad was the only port that Imperial forces could escape to Le Mare from. Progress by our ground forces was slow, they had to clear out every building but they knew the lay out of the city our ground forces were all Russhian. We decided that Russhian forces should liberate the city and Russhia.

Every house was like a fortress. Ground forces were calling in artillery strikes and air strikes constantly. The Imperial air force was nowhere to be seen so Dashie and I were in a holding pattern above the city. I was uncomfortable, this was too similar to Operation Phoenix I think Dashie thought the same as me.

“Baseplate to Night Furry and Rainbow 6 come in over.”

“Night Furry and Rainbow 6 here over.”

“Night Furry we have several bogeys approaching Staliongrad from the west a 7000 feet.”

“Force estimates?” asked Dashie.

“30+ ma’am.”

“Roger Baseplate were moving to engage. Out.”

Blips appeared in my radar, exactly thirty enemy aircraft were approaching us. This was strange I would have thought the empire would have sent more forces to protect Staliongrad, maybe Solar Flare knew that it was lost cause.

The air battle lasted for some time, in a lull in the fighting I looked around. We were miles from Staliongrad and over the sea.

“Baseplate how goes the ground battle? Over.”

“It’s preceding well sir. Elements of Voil and Kineth battalion have captured the final bridge over the Red River, but progress is slow for Aesta battalion.”

“Roger. What about air resistance?”

“None existence sir.”

Then it hit me it hit me hard. The air battle was a distraction.

“All pilots, brake away from the fight. Head back to Staliongrad ASAP!”

“Whirl what’s wrong?”

“Everything. Now move!”

Myself and Dashie broke off from the fight and headed at full throttle towards Staliongrad.

“Whirl! Single contact behind us, surface level moving extremely fast towards the city.” said Dashie.

“I see it!”

It was a missile I couldn't catch up with it, it was moving so fast. It flew over the port and disappeared behind a skyscraper. The bright light of the explosion caused me to flip down the sun shield on my flight helmet but it did hardly anything to help. The mountains behind the city were all lit up, a large black cloud rose up into the sky then it came, the shock wave.

I was flipped over like a leaf in a tornado, my control panel buzzed, warning me of the altitude drop. The engines had stalled, the only way to start them was to point my nose down and apply full throttle. I did so and pulled up just before I hit the water. I leveled out, I was panting heavily. I turned my head to look at Staliongrad.

“Night Furry this is baseplate what the buck was that, was that an explosion?”


“It must have been huge.”


“Night Furry what’s wrong?”

“It’s Staliongrad…It’s gone.”

"What do you mean, gone?"

"It's gone...the missile...I...the whole city...gone."

"What the bucking hell was that thing!" said Dashie.

"I think we've angered the best and now it's showing us her claws."

"What are we gong too do?"

"I...I don't know Dashie, I just don't know."


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so did staliongrad get blown up by the imperial forces

2468839 Yep. I took inspiration form the latest Ace Combat.

wow..... intense....... Is there going to be more?

2679920 I'm finishing off part four tonight. It should be out by the end of June or early July.

2684823 so is part 3 already over and your finishing part 4?

god!! I cant wait!!! so excited!!!

2841238 Not too long to wait now :twilightsmile:

Not gonna lie, you end these stories on the best cliff hangers :raritystarry:

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