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Update · 11:20pm Aug 12th, 2014

The other day I was contacted by a fan. Emperor Artemis.

"Will you ever finish the series/"

This was my response.

I want to I really do. But the last fic took up so much of my time it was ridiculous. Plus the views. Part 1 has been out ofr 2 years and now it's just shy of 1000 views.

Plus I'm a bit out of sync with the fandom, it all started this time last year (god knows why)

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The Gathering Storm update · 12:34pm Dec 9th, 2013

Because of life, loss of heart and general things I'm pushing back the release date of part 5 to Spring of 2014.

I've only just started to wright chapter 3!!

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Fanfic update · 11:24am May 30th, 2013

I've changed the title of the sires to The Gathering Storm, why? Confusing with the doctor who fans within this community.

Part three is near completion but I had intend on it being twice as long, it's already over 22k words! It's just too much.

I hope it will be gold by early to mid June.

I lost heart a few weeks ago because EQD in all there wisdom don't like NLR fics so my stories remain on Fimfiction gathering dust.

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