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After the destruction of Stalliongrad Whirlwind thought the war couldn't get any worse. But he was wrong. Dark times lie ahead and Whirlwind will be pushed to his limit and so will his friends and even the Republic.

Sacrifices must be made.

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shamrock is dead.. btw Rainbow 6... i know what you did their!

And down the slippery slope we all go...

New chapter will be out every Monday. Nine in total but this is the longest fic I've wrote so far.

Im guessing that the missile sends people to the moon.

2888515 No. To a POW camp in Equestria. But Shamrock on the other hand...


I DON't get number 4's ending

2968179 Think about it. Unicorn gifted with magic, no friends.


For those of you who don't know, shooting an atomic bomb will not detonate it. It would just cause the charges inside to explode ruining the uranium.
In my opinion Shamrock didn't break the first order because he caused a normally harmless bomb to improperly detonate and the resulting blast killed him.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Well well well, this does make things interesting now

2993162 What...so....it wasn't interesting before? :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:


Oh no don't cry! :applecry: I ended up reading your entire series in less than a day I'm so addicted to it :twilightblush: I just like this cliff hanger the most out of all of them :pinkiehappy: can't wait for part 5 :twilightsmile:

2994289 Part 4 isn't over yet and you want part 5! :pinkiegasp:

I've got some writing to do!

(P.S Part 4 is finished and I've just started on part 5)


I want all of it :pinkiecrazy: and it says complete, that's why I thought it was finished :derpytongue2:

2994417 Nine chapters all together in this fic. I hope Part V will be up just before the season 4 premier.

Long chapters!! Really like where this part is going! XD

I've noticed that most of your chapters have the odd spelling and grammar errors. It of course doesn't affect the story negatively but if you wanted I could make a list of all of them with line references and stuff so you can zoom through and correct stuff. I repeat that's only if you'd like me to :twilightblush:

I like it better the old way because when i was reading i took breaks during it because it's so long and during those i went on youtube and did other things, but the i like the old way much better and i don't want to read long chapters because it's boring:facehoof:

3007298 that's an interesting perspective, I didn't see it that way, mainly because I cram read the other three instalments a couple of weeks ago. A mix could work, the regular short chapters but certain ones, like for examples chapters with important plot points such as if The Great and Power Trixie makes some friends for the first time ever, excluding Luna and somewhat Whirlwind (he's probably more of a close acquaintance but this is Trixie, we need to be generous), that would be important for the plot and it would make sense for it to be longer and more in detail. That's probably just how I see it though :twilightoops:

Anyway it's fine to take breaks in reading, that's why we have bookmarks :) :scootangel:

3007715 Try reading chapter once per week or when they come out and you've been reading the other chapters which were short and a long one pops up and it doesn't feel right for his style of writing:twistnerd:

3008971 fair enough, I don't really mind either way, I can enjoy a short chapter like a long one, a long chapter just means more story so.... Win! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice discussion going on here. I can see where KD Bankai is coming from but I also see Calden's point of view... ah what too do?! :derpytongue2:

Now for something completely different. Conventions: BUCK 2013 (23rd-25th of August. Bridgewater Hall Manchester England) I'm going to be there all weekend, anyone else going or am I (once again) the only Brit?

Thanks for all the comments guys they mean a lot :twilightsmile:

3011936 I would be interested but it's a long commute for me and i can't get the time off work. :twilightangry2:

And go with him, I'm happy either way :P

Like my new look:raritywink: anyways wiskey once you complete this whole series you could actually make this into one long real book you can purchase from stores like Barnes and nobles. I'm pretty sure you have enough information to make it like a 28 to 40 chapter long and with you being one of the only ones to write a full book about mlp fan fic than you should get a lot of money from doing it. I think an awesome name for it would be like The Gathering storm anthology because its all your stories mixed into one or you can make novels for each story your choice even if you want to do this crazy idea!

3038247 I don't know. I don't think ordinary people would wont to read about ponies. Not to mention Hasbro will come down on top of me like a tone of bricks. I might just change the names over and make it a fantasy adventure novel.

How hard can it be? Look at Fifty Shades of Gray...

BTW Thanks for the encouragement, comments like this make my day. New chapter out tomorrow.

I looked at the title of the chapter and thought skyrim definitely

Best and funniest chapter in a while! I guess I can get use to the over 5000!!! Word chapters easier now, if I don't then it's probably a chapter that's boring BUT your chapters are never boring wiskey! Also I wonder how whirl thought it was him that picked himself up and managed to wake up 3 miles from the black mountains my guess that it was either Rainbowdash or derpy:derpyderp1: or even a more wild guess scootaloo who finally managed to put her wings to use:scootangel:

Sorry for not posting a chapter last week i was too busy with work, life and getting ready for BUCK.

Keeping with the subject of BUCK:
It was amazing, better than last year. I recommend watching Eilemonty's performance at the Luna Eclipse if it's uploaded to youtube. Mind blowing.

Also. I submitted a story to the BUCK fanfic contest but I've heard nothing back :fluttercry: So I'll post it here as a lost chapter It's not canon to the Gathering Storm but it dose feature Whirlwind, Luna and the BUCK mascot Britannia which was one of the requirements.

Keep an eye out for that when this fic is over!

Aaaaaaand in a huge twist Shark Mouth is really... DINKY DOO!!!!

Nah my guess is Scoots :scootangel: gotta love scoots

And now the wait for the next chapter :ajsleepy:

3127471 And now the wait for the next and final chapter:ajsleepy:

* of this fic*


:pinkiegasp: final chapter?! Now I'm going to be so unfocused and air headed until it comes out :twilightoops:

3135854 Sorry You'll have to wait a bit longer now...


Disaster, the screen on my laptop caked (last time I ever clean it) In 1-2 weeks I'll have it back :raritycry: But as soon as I get it back the first thing I'll do is upload the last chapter. And download Aviators new remix album.


Hahaha, hopefully the last chapter is worth the extra wait :rainbowwild:


3158075 Dude...I've still got another two fics to go. If I kill off trollestia now then what will I write about.

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows?

3160912sorry I thought this was going to be the end of the entire fic:pinkiesad2:

I thought I uploaded the last chapter days ago :derpytongue2: sorry about that. And here I am working on part five and part four was incomplete :twilightblush:

Anyway I hope you like it, this last chapter was a hard one, a lot of re-writs and changes. I'm just glad it's out of the way...now the fun begins. Part five is my up most favorite so far I can't wait to show you guys what I've got in store for Whirlwind.

The storm is just beginning...

Also, If any of you are artist don't hesitate to draw fan art. Who know's your work might become the new cover art for the next parts. I would love to see what you guys create and how you see the story in your mind. Draw whatever, Whirlwind, one of the battles or even a scene form your favorite chapter. Go ahead be creative!

Yay! New chapter!

Of course Pinkie Pie is the most horrible form of torture there is... :pinkiecrazy:

Cliff hanger! Can't wait to see how you conclude it, it's an awesome series :pinkiehappy:

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3234244 I made a couple of pictures based on this fanfic. Here.

Why is Whirlwind wondering how
many kills he got when he's there is no killing involved in these wars? Because that seems a little odd to me.

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