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Everyone, I promise I will have my OC as my avatar soon, I swear I haven't forgotten about her.


Should I Disappear?... · 4:15am Last Tuesday

Hey guys and gals, it's Prism back with another update... I was in the middle of writing Prismatic Soul when I received the news that... My ex is dating someone else now... You might laugh and say "Prism, that's what happens when people break up, they see other people!" and I know that already... The thing that bothers me is that he promised he wouldn't start dating until my heart was healed enough to the point where I'd be comfortable... On top of that, I think he was hiding it from me...

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thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for joining Super Smash Ponies. I hope you have fun there.

933442 Yeah... I get used to it...:scootangel:

915639 lol... I get that a lot...:twilightsheepish::pinkiesmile:

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