• Published 6th Apr 2013
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Won't You Help Me Pull My Wagon? - KholdstareV

One lonely Nightmare Night, Twilight finds a derelict wagon on the side of the road. A mysterious entity inside begs her for a favor. However, she may find that this one good deed may be her last... (3rd place: EqD's 2012 horror fanfic contest)

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Author's Notes and Other Scary Tales

This story was originally written for Equestria Daily's 2012 Nightmare Night horror fanfic contest. Despite some excellent (and in my opinion, some superior) competition, it managed to win 3rd place. Pleasantly surprising, considering this was both my first ever one-shot, as well as my first attempt at the horror genre. I've made a few minor edits since its original version, but all in all, it is the same story.

If you enjoyed this tale and are in the mood for more spooks, here is a list of links to all of the other finalists' entries from the contest. I have fond memories of reading them all, so I wanted to share them with all of you so that you may have some, too. Just don't read them all before bed. 0.0

A Nightmare Night To Remember
by Syntactics (1st place winner):

How Everybody Loves Pinkie
by Azure-Spark (2nd place winner):

Body of Work
by TheGreyPotter:

by JMac

by Aquaman (my personal favorite)

Malus Maleficarum
by SaddlesoapOpera

by Dr Hammer

The Riverbed Village
by Mortimer Quill

Wicked Memory
by Calchexxis

Happy frights, all!

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Agreed 100%. I love short horror stories, so that would be awesome. As things are, though, I guess we'll just have to settle for the "Dark" tag. :/

But for real, if horror is what you're after, check out the links in the "Author's Notes and Other Scary Tales" chapter. Being the top ten finalists in a horror story contest, you can bet that they're all quality fics. And by quality, I mean they'll scare the piss out of you. :pinkiecrazy:


Thank you! If you get the chance, I recommend checking out some of the other stories I linked to in the second chapter (NIGEB is my personal favorite).


Thank you! Although this story didn't actually take the top prize last year (it placed 3rd; the 1st place winner was "A Nightmare Night to Remember" and 2nd place went to "Why Everybody Loves Pinkie"), still, I greatly appreciate the compliment. If Equestria Daily holds another Nightmare Night contest this year, I'll be there for sure!

Not bad. I liked it. :twilightsheepish:

Author Interviewer

Herp, I did read this for that event. I didn't review it, though, I wonder why. o.O

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