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It's Parents' Day in Ponyville, and Applejack is hosting it's first ever annual festival! She jumps at the opportunity to meet all of her best friends' parents. However, as bad histories and old grudges surface and threaten to ruin the occasion, Applejack must restore harmony and save the day. In the process, she may come to terms with her relationship with her own parents...

Author's Note to Readers:

First off, thank you for viewing this page. As a fellow fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I've developed a true adoration for these characters, and felt inspired to write a story about how they, in my imagination, came to be who they are. Therefore, I chose to center the story around the girls' relationships with their parents, for in more ways than one, we are all the products of what our parents or guardians have made us. As the old saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

To that end, please bear in mind that this is very much a character-driven drama, so there will be no action/adventure or anything of the sort here. Also know that I chose to depict the parent-child dynamic as very real, so expect controversial parental issues to be featured.

Make of this what you will. To those who continue reading, enjoy! C:

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i read this on fanfiction. i love it!

I like it so far! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

You know I wonder if Fluttershy's dad is the bully he looks (sounds) like or if he's just one of those immensely overwhelming personalities that naturally dominate his family and would be horrified if he was told that Fluttershy was actually afraid of him.

Of course, he might just be a nasty bit of work who needs to have his backside bucked over the Moon.

I'm hoping that the Pies aren't ostracising Pinkie. That would be unfair, no matter how much they may dislike her life choices. Choosing to be a party arranger rather than a rock farmer is hardly a crime by any version of morality of which I'm aware.

Now... Who thinks that, before today is out, one or more of the Mane Six will have had a screaming row with Aeroswift for reducing poor Rainbow to tears? :rainbowderp:

I'm eager to learn more about Fluttershy's father.:twilightsmile:

Applejack has parents?

Oh boy, here we go.

The problem parents often have is they too often want their (adult) children to be what they want them to be, not what their offspring wants themselves. I suddenly have this mental image of a faux-RariJack incident just to throw Rarity's parents off the track. :ajsmug::raritywink:

I think that AJ is getting a good idea why all her friends are so totally messed up. I would be too if I had parents like that (and believe you me, just having parents who divorced before I was even born is bad enough!).


Yes, she'll be visiting their resting places.

So... Flutterdad the thief? (negative connotation) Or even spy? Either way, he sounds a very nasty bit of work - the direct opposite to Fluttershy in every way.

What is happening, of course is that Twi's mother is right. The irony is she's also right about her own motives but doesn't know it. The problem is that all these ponies want their daughters to be what they want. They're so selfish and wrapped up in their own mental perception of what is a 'good' life and 'right' choices that they are making no attempt to understand or support their daughters' lives and choices.

The chapter title 'boiling point' was right because I think that these arguments were simmering and waiting to happen for a very, very long time.


No, Fluttershy's dad is a cop still. Maybe one who joined the force all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Just constant loopholes and legalities kept seeing his work amount to what seems like nothing so they build up this rage over years and when it does let loose(and they get away with it) they use the same target for their venting. Once upon a time they were the good guys but they keep wandering in this gray area and soon they are just another angry, destructive badge. I saw it too much years back so I've found something else.


Haha, lovin' the guesses you're throwing out there. Glad to see my story has you looking forward to what's coming next! Of course, I can't reveal anything here in the comments. Just know that much more about Fluttershy's dad will be revealed in the next chapter. :X

Thanks for being an avid reader and commenter, btw. Makes me curious, any stories of yours that I can give a read?


Oh yes, I know the "Applejack's parents are deceased" trope has been played out quite a bit already (especially since the episode "Apple Family Reunion" pretty much canonized that fact). While I don't want to give away the fate of her parents in this story here in the comments, I will at least say I did a variation of the trope. What that variation is, you'll have to see for yourself! (or you can head over to fanfiction.net, where the whole story is already published, lol).

Crack Prediction: "Uncle and Aunt Orange" are AJ's parents. They had a mid-life crisis and decided to live the high life in Manehattan rather than live a life slumming it on the farm.

DAMN IT! This fic sounds interesting but the tragedy tag makes me want to stay the buck away.

It's worth it. I'd think tragedy is too strong a tag for what's in here, but it's definitely strong emotions going on in here. Give it a look!

Am I the only one hoping Flutters's...ugh...father...suffers a horrible karmatic fate?

Is this really a tragedy or are you just adding sad moments. If it has a happy ending for the main characters then change it to a sad tag. Also pic makes aj look like a clan member.

He hurt Fluttershy. He shall pay. :flutterrage:

Fluttershy is the God of Chaos's best and only friend. I shudder to think what Discord might do to Brawn Bones but I doubt that the body would be identifiable as anything organic after Discord finally allows him to die.

If it weren't for you meddling ponies....! :ajsmug:


Is cotton candy organic?

Well sugar is an organic product and cotton candy is processes sugar... :derpytongue2:


Well, then there may be some organic matter left. But not much

This story is great! I really loved it.
"Well, uhh, the thing about my parents is..." She hesitated a moment before continuing. "...They're what you might call 'travelling salesponies'."
"Travelling salesponies?"
"That's right. You see, my parents are DEEAAAAAAD!!!"
Sorry, I just couldn't help myself :derpytongue2:

Personally, I would have told Twilight's mother that she should consider herself very fortunate if Twilight ever wants to talk to her again. Twilight is an adult and she has done things and been places that a stuck-up city-mare couldn't possibly imagine and the most she has the right to offer at this late stage is suggestions that Twilight is in no way bound to obey.

Now... how much of Aeroswift's attitude is due to Sweetgood's personal philosophy and how much of it is due to her heartbreak and sense of betrayal?

So Twilight's mother is unaware of the whole Elements of Harmony thing and just how upset she'll make Equestria's two rulers if she breaks up the set?

The last thing on that list should be:


All lists should end this way. :ajsmug:

I'd be curious as to Celestia's reaction if she heard what Twilight's mom did.

This is beginning to feel like an episode of 'My Name is Earl', quite frankly. That isn't a bad thing. The question is: Does that make Pinkie Pie the equivalent of Randy?

Twilight's parents are very shallow but they're a lot like many parents who aimed high and missed. They're so determined that their kids won't make their mistakes that they end up forcing a completely different set of mistakes upon them and they end up being miserable.

Now... as for Pinkie's folks...? I'm not sure exactly how reliable Pinkie's memories are. She seems on the verge of a total mental breakdown. It's pretty clear that, whatever it was that happened with them, it's left her mentally scarred and teetering on the brink of total insanity. (BTW, I'm thinking that 'Saddlem and Gomareah' are another name for Las Pegasus or some other casino city.)


Bible studies: Sodom and Gomorrah

Yes, thank you, I know what they are. I know what they are to the point where I suspect that Pinkie is using them allegorically to refer to some other place or possibly even a state of mind.


I doubt that. They may actually be places. Who says fanfiction has to be 100% canon? This isn't but I'm enjoying the snot out of it. Oh, Applejack and your crazy schemes. :ajsmug:

@BenRG @Aatxe360

Haha, you two are crackin' me up! Assuming you two didn't know one another already, I think this might be the start of a beautiful friendship. :pinkiehappy:
I would give some kind of clue as to what Saddlem and Gomareah really is/are, but it's too fun seeing you two debate about it, lol. Just know that, yes, it is absolutely a reference to the two Biblical cities. ;)

Some of you may have guessed, but I drew inspiration for this story from my own parental situation, as well as those of people that are close to me. Rainbow Dash's parents, who are wildly different and always arguing, are almost perfect mirrors of my own as they were when I was young. Naturally, they divorced when I was 6, but ay, that's the way of things sometimes.

Curious, do any readers out there relate to any of these parent-child dynamics?

Good job, Julius!
Applejack is a master planner, it seems. :ajsmug: Can't wait to see how she deals with :rainbowhuh: and :fluttershbad:

Wow! Someone is really working hard for her letter to the Princess about the Magic of Friendship today, isn't she?


About how she was right all along. :ajsmug:

The list is something more Twilight's style though. :applejackunsure:

That'd be really good. Of course, at first they pretend to be lesbian lovers (with very shocked expressions from Rarity's parents. Her mother covering Sweetie Belle's eyes are optional) but then as the deception continues, it feels more and more real. (Why yes, I DO ship Rarijack! However did you guess?)

Are ANYPONY'S parents actually good parents? Yeesh.


Very gripping indeed! :pinkiegasp: This is by far one of the best character driven fics I've read :yay:

Hate leads to suffering. The hate that seems to have consumed Brawn Bones from within has caused his family suffering... it has caused him suffering too, although he isn't the sort of pony to really understand that. Now, that suffering is about to get worse and he is just one decision away from irrevocable ruin (What can you do to a cop who's lost his badge and is in jail? Whatever you like!). I wonder if he has enough sanity left to realise that he's at the final tipping point in his life?

Twilight's Parents: "Oh dear, we're so proud of you! A princess now! Aren't you glad we got you in close with Princess Celestia now? So, when is the official coronation?"

Twilight: "It's soon. But you're not invited."

Parents: "Excuse me, young lady? Not invited? We are your parents!"

Twilight: "That's right. But as Princess of the Realm, I am free to choose whom I wish to invite. And do you want to know WHY I was crowned Princess? Because I saved Equestria. Twice. With the help of my FRIENDS. Friends I made with NO HELP FROM EITHER OF YOU. Money and status are great things, to be sure, but to be truly wealthy, to be truly happy, you need friendship! Where two ponies do things for each other not because of a paid contract, or favors being cashed in, but because they enjoy each other's company! I've lived twenty years under your delusion that money can buy happiness, but no more! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a party I must attend."


Haha, I like the way you think, man! Although I don't think I've insinuated anywhere in my story that Applejack has a dick. :applejackunsure:


It'd be awfully satisfying to see Twilight stand up to her mom like that, huh? Unfortunately, I began writing this story before season 3 even began, so Twilight wouldn't have been able to pull the "fuck you mom, I'm a princess" card. Bummer. :facehoof:

There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal and, right now, Brawn Bones is a wounded animal. I'm not talking about the physical injury that Applejack inflicted, although I'm pretty sure he has a shattered jaw and is probably half-insane with pain. I'm talking about the injury to his self-image of this all-conquering monster that can control anyone through fear and violence. That failed him tonight and that might be enough to drive him the rest of the way through the insanity barrier. There is literally no way of predicting what he will do next; I think he is capable of killing right now, although he'd regret it almost immediately afterwards and take his own life. However, that doesn't make him any less dangerous right now.

The way Applejack played the Sparkles' self-images and self-delusions was lovely. They'd be a great family as soon as they got over their own inferiority complex!

AJ seems really determined to be the Guardian Angel for the other five today, doesn't she? I hope that she doesn't alienate her own family in the process!

AJ is doing good helping her freinds and as much she thinks of them as family, I hope she doesn't forget about her family.

Well, she at least broke his jaw. Good enough for me! :ajsmug:


Haha, reading your excellent comments alone makes my posting this story here all worth it, brother. :twilightsmile:

Curious, do you have any stories you've written? You're very articulate and seem pretty intelligent, so if you have, I bet they'd be good. If so, shoot me a link!

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