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I'm beginning to think there is seriously something wrong with me.

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I love it so far good job keep going

O_o Not bad actually. When I saw my OC, Velvet Star, as the cover image for this fic, I was a bit annoyed to be honest. But I read it, and found your writing to be fairly good, aside from a few spelling and grammar mistakes (I make those too, so no worries.) After reading, I don't mind that you used it. I'll follow this fic, because it has potential. :trollestia:

"She was an alicorn, which means she could be as powerful as a god"

Ohohoh, let's see about that, shall we? Pride goes before a fall, after all... It wouldn't be the first alicorn Rainbow Dash herself takes down- with the help of her friends, of course.

Fylo's actions were enjoyable. Good, clear, perverted villain! T'will make her eventual downfall very sweet; assuming, of course, she does fail. I hope she does.

Also: Fimfiction needs a damn Anthro tag, already!

Oops, sorry. I found this in a folder of pony images I downloaded and tried to track it down, but couldn't seem too. Had I known it was yours I would have asked, but the image was the inspiration for Fylo.

Fun. A sex crazed alicorn makes a different kind of villian then normal.

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That's probably why I couldn't find it. I'll put it as the source.

this was great, until futa

You know, the idea of a sadistic mind-controlling alicorn is actually pretty cool.

Now only if this weren't clop. Le sigh

It's not *control* per say...merely suggestion :raritywink:

Yeah...I'm gonna suggest you don't read this. There's a ton of it.

2254025 Well still the idea has merit.

Make a great dark fic.

I read this earlier but forgot to comment, so I'll go ahead and just say that I love this a lot. Not only is the idea of an evil dominitrix alicorn totally badass, but the clop seems very well written so far and your depiction of the mind-control suggestion is excellent.

Can't wait for more.

Can't wait for the next chapter

Well, this is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. :twilightblush:

But, as for the way you've began the story...

So far, this has been very entertaining and I'm curious to find out more about this mysterious new sexual deviant of an Alicorn.

False-Orgasm, I can't imagine the pain. :applecry:

Sorry, been having problems with my e-mail and account. I should probably have the next one tomorrow.

Woah, that got way hotter than the first chapter.

Can't wait for more.

Ohoho, very sexy! I can't wait to see what fetishes she'll inject into Rainbow next!

Especially since they'll be irreversible. So, even once they've finally defeated Fylo, Rainbow Dash and her friends will retain something to remember her by..!

I did.
Of course, there's no telling what's actually going to happen, so I can only repeat my earlier statement: That it would be satisfying to me if Fylo was defeated in the end- preferably after having inflicted permanent mental and physical damage to one or more of Twilight's friends via sexual torture and instilling them with shameful, humiliating fetishes (both of which happen to me mine).

Dude:pinkiegasp:! This is very well done. I can tell a lot of careful thought went into this.:twilightsmile:

Damn Fylo certainly is going to have to step up her game when it comes to the others. Can't have her break them all the same way after all ^,.,^

Piercings that give a pony fetishes? Have you been playing a certain game?
Ignoring that, I love this story. The way you describe everything is pretty nice, and it's very creative.

...................................................................Maybe. :scootangel:

This story slightly disturbs me........i love it :pinkiecrazy:

rings that give ponies fetishes...... is there any way I can get those online?

2329265 what game, cause I want it. S&M is my fav past time. Is there flyo art?

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I do have another account where I write normal stuff, but I didn't want to write normal stuff on one hand and then completely debauched and deranged stuff on the other. I was afraid that if I did anti-clopping people would flame my regular stuff. Plus, it's much easier for me just to keep them separate, but the picture used for this isn't mine. The source for the picture is on here.

Since somepony forgot, CoC can be found here:


Although, SweetAJ, I will warn you that you should watch what you eat.

2381599 now you've got me exited. :rainbowdetermined2: And ive got a stomach of steel. Thanks

An upset stomach is the least of your worries. Some of the things you may find will go right to your rear, or chest[1], or feetpaws. Not to mention that some things are rather addictive. There is even something that will make all your hair fall out, (for fun, try two large ones).

[1] What's that? You're male? Have some B-cups anyway.

"Twilight and Luna must save the town before it becomes completely corrupted by her power. · HAHAHAHAHA_no "
Juxtaposition win!

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