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When Rainbow ends up stuck in a hospital bed after flying through an unschedualed, violent storm, she gets to know the mare in the bed next to hers. A light grey pegasus named Derpy. A pony who tries so hard to learn, so hard to understand the world but has difficulty remembering and processing new skills. A pony who's wanted nothing more all her life than to be smart, accepted, normal.

When news of a new experimental spell said to increase intelligence begins to spread, Derpy is the first to jump at the idea. Rainbow does everything in her power to help her friend, and with some encouragement from Twilight, the wall-eyed mare is chosen for the experiment.

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Ooh good start.
Please continue ^^,

It seems like your doing a story molded from a the story Flowers for Algernon but told from the perspective of Rainbow Dash instead of Derpy.

I say this because of similar scenario and the diary-esque writing style.

I say this not to dicourage, because I like what your doing, but if it was inspiration.

My only concern is for this being from the diary perspective she is remembering very percise dialouge...unless your gonna toss in some Catcher in the Rye 'That is what Rainbow Dash thought she said' problems which would be epic!

Hmm... from the story summary, someone's been reading "Flowers for Algernon"? :D

And here I was hoping to be the first to ask if the inspiration was Flowers for Algernon. Ah, well. You have my interest.

Ah, yes, Flowers for Algernon was my inspiration, though the story will be different, I assure you.
Aso for her remembering the dialogue, like any journal, she's ony remembering the gist. Pretty much just what she's sure she heard. I'll meantion that in the future to give a better idea.

And to anyone who knows me, knows I like multiple perspectives. RD isn't the only one you get.

2245016 Well, you have my attention!

Hmmm.....let's see where this leads us.

If something doesn't happen soon, I swear I'm going to break out of here.


*shows room full of small children* I will kill one a day until you post the next chapter *grabs a small filly and holds gun to her head* you better hurry it up *gunshot*

Dude, that's overkill. And unnecessary.

2332391 everything is necessary in the name of updates :rainbowdetermined2: *shoots another colt*

2333329 Ahhh! I'm writing as fast as I can!

2334187 well ya better hurry up * shoots another for the fun of it, kids are crying in the background*

Hey, sorry for the wait. The reason I'm not updating as frequently is because I'm waiting on a review and I'm not supposed to edit or add things while they're reviewing. So the second the review's done, I'll have a new chapter up for y'all. Promise.

This has been reviewed by the Equestrian Critics Society

Story:The Art of Falling
Reviewed by:Quillbit Marelor

Stories that involve background ponies from the show, especially the more popular ones, are usually hit and miss. One reason that may be the cause of this is that each fan has their own interpretation of a background ponies’ character that might not be shared by the author. This could lead the reader to become dissatisfied with the story and not finish what they have started. A character that is usually the most popular in these kind of stories is everyone’s favorite clumsy mare, Derpy or Ditzy Doo. This free spirited pony has stumbled across many fan fictions, sometimes making a cameo role to please the masses or starring in her own story, though mainly serving as a comic relief character. The number of stories that show her in a bright light and showcase her positive attitude easily outnumber the ones that try to reveal a hidden tragedy behind her character, which is a shame. The opportunity to make her grow as a character is out there, though few choose to accept it. Fire-Dash, author of the story The Art of Falling, is one who chose to accept that challenge.

Full Review

Score: 8.1/10

Please don't be dead.

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