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  • TThe Art Of Falling
    Derpy has wanted nothing more all her life than to be normal. When news of a new spell designed to increase intelligence begins to spread, Derpy is chosen for the experiment. With the support of her new friend Rainbow, she undergoes the procedure.
    Fire-Dash · 8k words  ·  34  1 · 852 views
  • TWhispers
    The whispers come during times of weakness. They penetrate my mind with promises of friendship. I'm dreaming but I'm wide awake. I feel hollow. Empty. And there's this terrifying coldness welling up deep in my heart. Growing stronger e
    Fire-Dash · 6.5k words  ·  17  2 · 794 views
  • TOne More Day
    When Twilight awakes in a strange, unknown and terrifying place she struggles to find answers nopony seems to be able to give. She is told she has been chosen but for what, she cannot say.
    Fire-Dash · 18k words · 561 views
  • TJust Smile
    A beast is seen over Ponyville, mares are going missing, could rainbow's fillyhood story be true?
    Fire-Dash · 11k words  ·  14  3 · 1k views